The Life of a True Scholar

Trudging to a hole

You've dreaded this all summer long

The smell of cleaning supplies

The ever familiar squeak of some ridiculously loud sneakers

When all this began we smiled

Posed for pictures

Now that it's time

Now that it's here...?


The nerves of being the big fish in a little pond have yet to phase you

High School afterall is simplistic

You go from class to class

Acing tests

Filling your brain with useless bits of fluff


Semester exams

Block classes for two days

I just want some turkey at this point.

Christmas break is here and we are all but gone

No focus to be found anywhere in the halls at BHS


Back to class

Back to teachers

To CAPstone

And to tests

No nerves 

Just summer-ready


May 15



Fearing nothing but the future 

And possibly falling off stage...


As you sit through the ceremony

Think back to pictures

To poses

Family and Friends

All the things that change today

One more piece of paper



You are a high school graduate.


This is not only the life of a true scholar

But merely a metamorphasis



Teengage Years


The end of a beginning

The beginning of something with beautiful wings...

Pose and smile for a picture pretty butterfly.

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