LIfe outside these walls

Fri, 06/07/2013 - 22:19 -- adreyer


United States
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Outside these walls there is a world
Full of crime, peace, intelligence, love, laughter
I may be no word crafter
but inspiration comes
from Life outside these walls

Freshmen year
Veterans' Day all learned about the war
and the soldiers to with memories to store
and spared their lives for us
Life outside these walls

My grandpa was a World War 2 veteran
Strong and tough, made of muscle and blood
but on the ranch did not make the kids chew cud
I write for the life outside these walls

Nature is all around us
The world is a magnificent place
To take on at your own pace
I write for those who
Live outside these walls

Inside these walls
blood and guts, brains and brawn
an emotional system to let us yawn
at the boring stuff and bring in the exciting
Life outside these walls

Life outside these walls
consist of war and tragedy, family and hope
But living in a shell will not let you cope
for outside these walls
there is a wild thing to explore
Outside these walls there is life
A place for every person
as well as a time to remember and mourn

Life outside these walls
outside my mind
the process to be in more than one place
with imagination and memory is
why I write

The walls outside may stop up
but conquer it by climbing and see that there is a world to explore

Life outside these walls


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