Life in its Wonder


I love my life and all its wonder.

With your support

I will never go down under.

I love my friends who cheer me on,

who make me laugh

even when my face gets long.

I love my pets, they make me smile,

and they keep me going,

 reminding me it’s all worthwhile.


There are times I just need to get my mind off of school,

Since the stress can mount,

so I spend time with my friends,

their support is worth more than I can count.

I love my friends, they’re a bunch of dorks.

But we can all have fun together,

making lame puns about forks.


We all need that one friend who will let you be you

who will be encouraging,

and tell you there is nothing you can’t do.

Sometimes that friend is one you’ve known for years

or it could be your parents, who listen to your every victory

and give you sweet cheers.


I celebrate my life and all the things I’ve done.

I celebrate the time I spend working

to be able to cry ‘I’ve won!’

I love myself.

Because I put my skill to the test.

But sometimes you have to give yourself a break.

And love yourself just for getting dressed.

And times can be hard, times can be fun,

but it’s always important

just to get things done.

So I work hard and I do my best.

But every now and then, I allow myself to rest.

Because in the end, I know if I try

I can look back on my life and smile, satisfied

and be surrounded by the people I love when I die.



I hope you enjoy the poem! The picture is of me and the photo was taken by my talented father.

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