Life Isn’t Fair


Everybody says, “Life isn’t fair.”

Governor Quinn & other politians, shout, “We should all go to school, go to college!”

They act like hypocrites, slashing our state grants like a horror movie villain slashes through the Box Office ratings.

Our books are so pricey alone that we have to pay over a $100 for a copy of our textbook that’s highlighted, falling apart, and underlined.

 And that’s if we don’t rent out a worse copy then that.

Some of us get loans and credit card debt.

We have to have a Bachelor’s Degree just to work as a Walgreens Manager, office assistant, or Mailroom member, if our jobs aren’t stolen away from us.

We may spend our lives paying our government and banks back, when they’re the ones that crushed our future like a bug against a kitchen table.

They play the business men and politics, while we’re expected to pay for our education at minimum wage, part-time, if we’re lucky enough to have a job.

I’ll be the first to admit life isn’t fair, but I doubt that’s what Ex-president Jimmy Carter meant when he said it.

And why not make life a little fairer? It couldn’t hurt.

We’re only students. We’re only human. We’re only able to do so much to help ourselves.

We’re not perfect. We can’t all get sports scholarships or be part of Phi Theta Kappa.

I would like to make our futures decent, not to be the leeches that suck out the money of previous generations just to survive.

Not to be jobless, useless piles of trash that the government doesn’t want to admit are American citizens.

I’m not a prophet to save our college age generation.

I don’t know how to fix this, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to.

But I can’t do this alone. One person can’t change a problem this big.

So, I urge you through this poem, as unusual and non-rhyming as it is, to do something to help yourself,

Help your roommate,

Help your generation.

And create a better future for yourself through helping your generation.

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This is a poem I made to describe modern times, the real costs, and the expectations of society on education. As a citizen of Illinios, I chose Governer Quinn to show the expections of government on us in general.

This poem is meant in a way to be a slam on society's expections and inaction, but it's also meant to make a point to all of us, the students, who are trying to get jobs, or just be able to afford college.

I hope this poem gets chosen as a winning for the Slam Scholarship, not just because I need money to be able to continue in college, but also to give other students a voice through my poem.

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