The Life I Give to the Face in the Mirror


The twinkle in her eyes

As she stares in the mirror

Those magazines depict

Beautiful women

She once felt inferior


She stands tall and smiles

Because to her she uplifts

She knows she is stunning

With not

a drop 





She makes her self happy

As she walks threw the halls

Humming to her self quietly

as the haters slowly fall


One by one she hears those big evil words

But to her they mean nothing

Because she is only hers


And at night when she gets home

And started in the mirror

Ahe gives it no power

And feels entirely superior


For she is the alfa, and the omega of her life

She knows her true beauty

And sits down to write


A short little poem

About her striving little life


She wants to advice 

To all those who listen

Let your self be uplifting

Let your smile and life glisten!


Your all beautiful 

men and women alike

I bid thee adieu 

to all those goodnight <3


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