Life goes on and we


Life goes on and we all get older,
But while my classmates just laugh and enjoy their years, I had to face all my childhood fears.
And the biggest, independence.
Girls tell stories of time spent with their moms,
Best story I could tell is how her life went wrong.
"Don't end up like me" "do better with yourself"
Such an independent women all gone south.
The other girls got love stories and happily silent nights, while I covered my ears at that independent women lost the fight.
Never had the courage to stop all the tears, as the fake smiles in the mornings filled her years.
What if I end up the same?
Already in fear now I feel insane, was I also set up to fail?
Even now I feel the ongoing pressure to prevail.

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It was supposed to say stop all the Tears




Thanks sorry about the spelling I was a little emotional

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