Life Goes On


My thoughts were once clouds

Scattered and blocking out a lucid view

I used to let the cold rattle my aching bones

As I sat and waited for the skies to clear


But now the shadows are at my back

I face the sun, embracing the heat

And allow its light to illuminate a brighter world

One that I am eager to be a part of


Now even when the night engulfs me

I do not fear what I cannot see

And I do not hesitate at the return of the sun

For I am prepared to meet another day


I do not hide like tears in rain

I grab the sky along with the trees

I stand my ground with the mountains

And sing with the birds of the morning


And even when the faces will change

I find the initiative to adapt

Because under my feet I feel the world turn

And I do not falter because I know life goes on


I have stood on the shoulders of giants

Better men who have allowed my eyes to see

I walk with their ghosts along contorted paths

I carry their lessons and their stories


And now I know all my wrongs provide a second chance to be right

Increments of time expose virtues to an open mind

And now on mountain tops where I combat the cold breeze

I strike the wind with sighs of relief



This is a great poem! It can be interpreted many ways, making it relatable for many people.


very nice poem this is so true nice strong  begining to start if off I really like it. But if you can do m,e a fav check some of my poems out when ever get a chance thank you


Write Right

Totally amazing. That last line blew me away (pardon my pun there ;). Powerful.


Just...WOW. So very true :) Thank you.


It is a really good poem with nice imagery. And is also relatable.

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