Life Figured Out ..... Don’t shout :(

Life Figured  Out


Yea ... I’m the first to admit.

How’d I wind up in El Segundo?

It wasn’t my Quest.

It’s not for the best .

I can’t leave .

There’s no trick up my sleeve .

Should have worn that Jimmy.

Did that all on purpose .

So now ....

I just re-found that purpose .

I like to pretend it’s biding time .

It’s easy to rhyme.

For all the wrong reasons.

Way out of season .

So let me figure it out .

I’m old and white .

Filled with doubt .

This isn’t my world or made by me .

I can’t see that far up the family tree .

Dad died young .

Never new a real grandpa.

One was dead .

The other a cheating drunk .

I’m getting a little bored .

Treat me like a punk .

There’s nothing to get out of the trunk .

I don’t have an Ak .

Maybe two people care about

My day .

So let’s put these thoughts out and hope for success .

The cancel culture ...

I thought a real judge knew the best .

If y’all can’t figure it out .

Both sides with permanent doubt.

Let’s start a third party .

Let’s fill it with reason .

Let’s stop the treason.

So fucking close to the line .

If it happens one more time !!

Who knows if we’ll live .

Someone needs to break down and forgive .


Life figured-out NOT .... I’m a gonna tell you how it’s gonna be .

Nothing is easy and nothing is free.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it Major Burns .


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


Here is the truth ...

It is exhilarating to post a poem.

Love seeing who it matches with .

Im working at this craft and learning through this site and it has helped me through some dark time .

writing is a tonic for the soul .

writers Re all just a bunch of good alcoholics.

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