Life is Fickle

Thu, 11/21/2013 - 21:45 -- b_duhon


Life is fickle
Just like one's mind.
Just a tiny trickle
Can upset time.
So live your life
To its fullest extent.
To save from strife
And remain content.
So if you choose
To fulfill this invitation,
Just remember those
Who fall for life's imitation
Of warmth and safety.
For do be warned, life is a thief,
Who won't hesitate to inhumanely 
Steal from you your belief
Of a life in which you can prosper.
So try to refrain from being trite.
Shoot for the stars 
And beware of life's bite,
For it leaves scars
Of which remind
Of the rout
Of humankind
In the eternal bout
That we know as life.


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