Life = Death - volume 3 - Poems on Life , Death

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About The Poetry Book

This Book which has 50 differently titled Poems , is actually volume 3 of the Book titled – Life = Death – Poems on Life , Death ( 1200 pages ) . This enigmatic collection of poems explores and equates the boundless possibilities of life and death and delves into each intricate inexplicability of survival. Parekh's roving philosophical eye brings the unconquerable richness of life to the fore and yet at the same time explicitly highlights the veracity of 'death' as the absolute certainty of every existence. The poet joyously celebrates the occasions of both life and death with equal panache in each poetic stanza sewn with the uncanny mysteries of this Universe. The poems within immortalize both life and death as the ultimate victories and the two most contrastingly amazing and divine sides of creation. Catapulting the reader to the threshold of ultimate ecstasy; they bring about an impromptu twist with the closure of breath and what lies beyond. This charismatically woven collection of poetic verse would equally enamor the narcissist as well as the simple humanitarian to the core.

This book is a humble attempt to enlighten the readers with the equality of life and death-and to live in both of them to the most unparalleled fullest. Embracing only the religion of humanity, as the Lord has commanded every living being on earth. You cant die in life and cant live in death-each of these components are irrefutably equal in every respect and should be worshipped with due obeisance.




The same legs which I once considered supremely bohemian and useless; an incorrigible weight dragging on my body all the time,
Now proved to be my best cars transporting me at swashbuckling speeds to my destination; when the ferocious lion was chasing me; and I was stranded disdainfully in the wilderness of the night.

The same fingers which I once considered be an insipid burden to my hands; bothering me all throughout the tenure of the acerbic day with squalid pools of sweat
that dribbled painstakingly down their periphery,
Now proved like angels having descended freshly from the heavens; as they indefatigably answered the bulky sheets of examination paper; saving me the tyranny of doing murderous college all over again.

The same muscles which I once considered as ostentatious pieces of meat bulging bombastically from beneath my shirt; interfering pertinently when I tried to slip through slim space,
Now proved to be equivalent to the entire army of Herculean strength; protecting me invincibly when I was attacked by the fleet of diabolical demons.

The same stomach which I once considered to be bizarrely obese; extruding out pretentiously beyond the realms of synchronized control; being smirked by every girl who trespassed me in vicinity,
Now proved to be greater than the most qualified of doctor; as it was the sole tool which was able to make the orphan smile; when all other medicines in the world had utterly failed.

The same eyelashes which I once considered to be a gravely cumbersome bother; intractably transgressing across my immaculate vision countless times in a single day,
Now proved to be the greatest ointment existing in the Universe; as they massaged my eye with remarkable rejuvenation in the midst of the tumultuous sandstorm.

The same saliva which I once considered as horrendously cheap; incessantly circulating in my mouth; rendering it sometimes with a disgusting odor unbearable to inhale,
Now proved to be the greatest appetizer generating insurmountable pangs of hunger in my stomach; assisted me overwhelmingly to masticate my morsels of food; gulp them down delectably with untamed relish.

The same lines on my palms which I once considered to be despicably condemning; for rendering me disastrously penurious; without even a penny in my pocket while other's dwellings overflowed with pompous diamonds and glittering gold,
Now proved to be the greatest destiny; as I escaped without the most minuscule of scratch on my body; even as boundless others of my kind uncouthly perished in the swirl of the ear-shattering earthquake.

The same voice which I once considered to be profoundly detestable; wanted to abscond fathomless miles away as I heard the disgruntling cadence in its sound; felt like dying a tortured death every moment when I cognized the hoarseness it was impregnated with,
Now proved to be the greatest life saver; as my screams brought in the rescue workers; saved me from drowning to the bottom of the mercilessly deep ocean.

The same nails which I once considered ugly and contemptuously dirty; protruding unnecessarily from my rubicund skin; making me the object of cynical ridicule in the heart of the plush conference room,
Now proved to be the greatest weapons in fomenting me to fight with the menacing burglars; preventing them from stealing the possessions that I had sparingly managed to accumulate in all my life.

And the same heart which I once considered to be throbbing without sagacious control; palpitating incoherently in my chest without respite; acting as a perilous impediment; irately disturbing my blissful nights sleep,
Now proved to be the greatest life; beating violently after witnessing the love of its dreams; besieged by a cloud of unfathomable passion and romance; eventually discovering a new purpose to live; discovering a whole new purpose to continue the chapter of love; the chapter of life.


Above the soil the cars appeared to be like royal emperors; traversing majestically on the silken coat of long road,
While beneath the soil the same cars seemed to be squalidly coated with mud; painstakingly labored to trudge merrily forward.

Above the soil the matchsticks appeared to be burning in passionate fire; profoundly illuminating the darkness of the wretched night,
While beneath the soil the same matchsticks seemed to be gasping for breath; relinquishing their boisterous flames in wholesome entirety.

Above the soil the conglomerate of clouds appeared to be a silken carpet; inundating barren kilometers of mud on earth with robust sheets of sparkling water,
While beneath the soil the same clouds seemed to be dingy little bellows of obnoxious gas; brutally entrapped and blended with dark chunks of purple earth.

Above the soil the crops in the farm appeared to be salubrious and ingratiatingly fresh; swaying delectably with every draught of amicable wind,
While beneath the soil the same crops seemed to be completely corroded; squelched to barbaric roots hanging flimsily under the ground.

Above the soil the bucket of milk appeared frosty and supremely scintillating; inevitably enticing cats from the midst of their celestial sleep to gather around
in unison and sip,
While beneath the soil the same milk seemed horrendously dirty; perseveringly inching its way downwards towards the deep belly.

Above the soil the eggs hatched into scores of immaculate fledglings; harmoniously puncturing the atmosphere with their lovely rambunctious sounds and noises,
While beneath the soil the same eggs got overwhelmingly burdened with bulky mud; strangulated miserably to even spread their legs.

Above the soil the cluster of hideous snakes enjoyed unparalleled privilege in hunting for their succulent prey; easily sighting it in austerely brilliant rays of Sunlight,
While beneath the soil the same snakes slithered in gloomy mysticism; having only to content with dead worms and a festoon of inconspicuous bodied ant.

Above the soil the pages of the book seemed a treat to read and intricately decipher; with the battalion of words prudently embossed inside capturing the true essence of life under silvery rays of moonlight,
While beneath the soil the same book became simply inaudible to read; and the termites attacked it pathetically from all sides of its hard bound periphery.

Above the soil the fleet of butterflies danced and frolicked euphorically generating ebullient draughts of fresh air; hardly sat for a minute besieged by the ardor of their activity,
While beneath the soil the same butterflies lost their petite wings; had monstrous difficulty to even open their eyes.

And above the soil I lived in blissful tandem with the Universe; wandering and exploring; conquering and relishing; romancing and procreating,
While beneath the soil the same me; found my place to rest for centuries unprecedented; as a matter of fact; found my own corpse.


Every writer is starved for a publisher; the indispensable channel to propagate his work ubiquitously into the entire world,

Every granule of desert sand is starved for cloudbursts of rain; those glistening globules of water to impart it with new life,

Every eye is starved for beauty; those ravishing forms of mysticism which grant unsurpassable pleasure and a glint to its exhausted persona,

Every valley is starved for an echo; that voluptuously resonating sound that clashes delectably against the gloominess of the still atmosphere,

Every scorpion is starved for a sting; those robust globs of innocuous flesh; which grace it the astronomical privilege of piercing its ominous tentacles,

Every sports car is starved for a driver; who can grip its steering wheel with insurmountable machismo; speed it at whirlwind speeds; with its nozzle handsomely permeating through majestic carpets of air,

Every dog is starved for a bone; the tantalizing slices of red meat to appease its gluttony till unprecedented limits,

Every mosquito is starved for immaculate entities; on whose impeccable flesh it could sit all day; and satanically suck blood all throughout the savage night,

Every lip is starved for a kiss; that volatile inferno of unimaginable passion it stirred at the tiniest of caress,

Every armpit is starved for sweat; that fountain of shimmering juice which made it feel all the more stupendously exotic,

Every ear is starved for the voice of the nightingale; that ingratiating fantasy which it inevitably fomented; as it slowly drifted before blending with the senses,

Every knuckle is starved for a punch; that astounding feeling of bravado which irrefutably descended; as it pounded through loose balls of open space,

Every soul is starved for childhood; those profusely mischievous moments which divinely tickled it to rise higher above the angels,

Every barren pond is starved for the royal lotus; the magnanimously alluring odor that profoundly illuminated each second of its unfurling life,

Every telephone is starved for a melodious ring; that inexorably tinkling sound that made all around it rise with unanimous solidarity,

Every butterfly was starved for sunlight; those fiery beams of the Sun God which filtered optimistic rays of hope in its miserably cloistered existence; engendered
it to dance and fly,

Every mind was starved for ravishing fantasy; fathomlessly fabulous dreams which incessantly kept it in a state of perpetual bliss,

Every heart was starved for its beloved; the incomprehensible ardor she generated to unrelentingly accelerate its each beat,

And every life was starved for love; that immortal affinity it solely desired since the time it took its first breath; the very reason it was still breathing and alive.


A bucket of stones; to built and resurrect my gruesomely broken dwelling,

A bucket of sparkling water; to clean my unwashed body; annihilate the last iota of dirt incorrigibly adhering to remote corner of my skin,

A bucket of food; to wholesomely appease the overwhelming pangs of hunger in my famished stomach; my volcanic desire to chew,

A bucket of flocculent cotton fluff; to impart me with compassionate warmth in the heart of frozen winter,

A bucket of intractable glue; to coalesce the shattered fragments of distorted glass in which I sighted my heavenly reflection,

A bucket of scintillating pearls; to sustain the vagaries of day to day and uncouthly monotonous life,

A bucket of feather tipped pens; to emboss and evolve infinite lines of spell binding literature,

A bucket of ominously black clouds; showering thunderbolts of tantalizing rain on the trajectory of this scorched planet,

A bucket of antiseptic detergent; to decimate those inconspicuous germs lingering round my immaculate persona,

A bucket of sizzling tea; to profusely reinvigorate and stimulate my every languidly dreary morning,

A bucket of appetizing brown chocolate; to stringently awaken the dormant dormitories of my brain,

A bucket of fortified sticks; granting me that impregnable prowess of defending myself against the most heinously hostile of enemy,

A bucket of dead and stupendously lifeless bones; to make me realize the value of harmoniously precious life,

A bucket of incomprehensibly enigmatic enigmas; to prolifically rekindle my dying imagination,

A bucket of flabby caps; to wholesomely sequester me from acerbic rays of the flaming Sun,

A bucket of looming watches; to accurately depict to me every unleashing minute of the day,

A bucket of crisp bonded paper; to facilitate me to compile a grandiloquent book harnessed with my very own blood,

A bucket of freshly extracted poignant ocean salt; to deluge my lackadaisical life with loads of seductive vibrancy,

A bucket of uncontrollable love; to flood my impoverished visage with the
ecstatic fire to leap; the turbulent urge to exist amongst a pack of savage wolves on this planet,

And a bucket of breath to inundate my jacket of fragile brown lungs with freshly reinvigorating air; granting me the unprecedented tenacity to survive; granting me an indomitable urge to live my complete quota of destined years.

There was no richness born ever greater; than uninhibitedly dispensing richness itself; to all those despicably besieged with whirlwinds of penurious gloom and
maudlin malice,

There was no miracle born ever greater; than Omnisciently disseminating miracles themselves; to all those disastrously orphaned and tyrannically lambasted with whiplashes of indiscriminately ominous despair,

There was no philanthopism born ever greater; than benevolently diffusing grandiloquent philanthropism itself; to even the most fathomless quarters of this
enchantingly colossal Universe; uniting with one and all synergistically; in the true spirit of eternal mankind,

There was no compassion born ever greater; than unrelentingly spreading gregarious compassion itself; to all those brutally bereft of the quintessential spirit to live; those heartlessly dithering towards a gruesomely torturous extinction,

There was no happiness born ever greater; than ubiquitously sprinkling the flavor of happiness itself; to each dwelling horrendously submerged with despondently murderous doom; profoundly enlightening the bizarre darkness with optimistic rays of desire,

There was no mysticism born ever greater; than ravishingly wafting the majestic aroma of mysticism itself; to all those obsoletely infirm entities; ludicrously entangled in the miserable web of manipulatively monotonous and sinister prejudice,

There was no enthusiasm born ever greater; than showering the melody of exuberant enthusiasm itself; to all those drearily divested; and lackadaisically stumbling like a pack of soggy matchsticks; even before alighting a single stride,

There was no patriotism born ever greater; than unitedly bequeathing the magnificent splendor of righteous patriotism itself; to all those dastardly countrymen; who sadistically sold their motherland just to augment the stuffing of gold in the foundation; of their spuriously bombastic abodes,

There was no charisma born ever greater; than resplendently distributing voluptuously enamoring charisma itself; to every lip horrifically enveloped with; pathetically dwindling sadness,

There was no strength born ever greater; than fearlessly impregnating formidable strength itself; embedding unflinching fortitude in all those torturously maim and devastatingly crippled; becoming the vibrant tornado of ebullience in each of their bones,

There was no titillation born ever greater; than the triggering the seductive thunderbolt of divine titillation itself; incinerating cloudbursts of unrelenting yearning in all those organisms; encapsulated with murderously ghastly remorse,

There was no prayer born ever greater; than unequivocally preaching the prayer for togetherness itself; Omnipotently coalescing all caste; creed; color and religion; in the fabric of humanity; and alike,

There was no flamboyance born ever greater; than relentlessly disposing the stupendously passionate wave of flamboyance itself; to all those shattered hutment’s of depravation; all those nonchalant entities dying every instant in deserts of diffidence; all the time,

There was no charity born ever greater; than altruistically radiating the most regale rays of charity itself; to all those underprivileged orphaned and haplessly destitute; replenishing their tottered lives with the ointment of; unequivocal sharing,

There was no innocence born ever greater; than splendidly bestowing the Omnipresent virtue of innocence itself; to all those derogatorily heinous devils; ruthlessly bent upon beheading all princely goodness; from living kind,

There was no rhapsody born ever greater; than intractably endowing the unconquerable paradise of rhapsody itself; to all those unfortunately wandering
without their loved ones; lighting the flame of jubilation in their lives; once again,

There was no innovation born ever greater; than magnificently dispersing the spirit of innovation itself; to all those being unsparingly lambasted; by whirlpools of disdainful monotony and salacious greed,

There was no life born ever greater; than bountifully gifting the chapter of vivaciously unassailable life itself; to all those immaculate creations of Almighty Lord; painfully creeping in agonizing trauma; towards their gory corpse,

And there was no love born ever greater; than unendingly transmitting the immortal essence of love itself; to all those despairingly broken hearts; rekindling their bountiful treasury of beats once again; with the unsurpassably sweet fragrance of kingly existence.


I meticulously counted the number of waves; rising and falling in the majestically undulating sea, I sang occasionally with the birds; humming a myriad of spell binding tunes,
I tore a sheet of lanky dilapidated paper; into measly bits of orphaned fragments,
I nonchalantly kicked each stone that confronted me in my way; hurling it high and handsome towards mystical puffs of sky,
O ! yes the overwhelming burden on my shoulders seemed to be augmenting each minute; the hour incorrigibly refrained to fly; and for me at the current moment
life was nothing but a big time pass.

I shooed the birds sitting tranquilly on the jaded rocks; chasing them till the point I wholesomely collapsed in a bedraggled heap on cold ground,
I made boundless sandcastles in insurmountably slippery sand; dismantling them as they gathered the slightest of solid proportion,
I held my ear abysmally close to the hollow walls; awaiting for the tiniest of sound that simply wasn’t there,
I indefatigably kept chanting a silly tune; giving it the pompously pretentious status of being the astronomical best,
O ! yes the overwhelming burden on my shoulders seemed to be augmenting each minute; the hour incorrigibly refrained to fly; and for me at the current moment life was nothing but a big time pass.

I voraciously rubbed my glasses till the time they shone vivaciously bright; although they were already sparkling more than the mid-day Sun,
I tied my handkerchief into unfathomable number of folds; spent countless moments thereafter in entangling the disdainful mess of my insane creation,
I washed my body vigorously all throughout the night; evacuating the last bit of superficial dirt that just wasn’t to be seen,
I flipped through pages of the bulky history book; browsing through an unending labyrinth of dates; with beads of exasperating sweat trickling feverishly down my nape,
O ! yes the overwhelming burden on my shoulders seemed to be augmenting each minute; the hour incorrigibly refrained to fly; and for me at the current moment life was nothing but a big time pass.

I yawned like a maniacally fanatic; although the bones incarcerated in my body rared to surge forward with spurts of exuberant enthusiasm,
I chewed slices of tangy gum for times immemorial; evolving a cocoon of bubbles only to obnoxiously burst them,
I incoherently scribbled gargantuan tons of literature on barren paper; expending Herculean loads of my lazy frustration on my tiny little fountain pen,
I relentlessly kept tapping my nimble feet; scowling in inexplicable disdain at whomsoever who encountered me in my way.
O ! yes the overwhelming burden on my shoulders seemed to be augmenting each minute; the hour incorrigibly refrained to fly; and for me at the current moment life was nothing but a big time pass.


If I were a formidable mountain; towering way above the clouds with my wonderfully enigmatic peaks,
The first thing that I would have done; was to stand like an invincible wall; for all my comrades shivering in despicably inexplicable pain.

If I were a turbulently cascading waterfall; culminating into a blanket of mesmerizing froth after clashing against the festoon of piquantly shimmering rocks,
The first thing that I would have done; was to pacify the insatiable agony of the uncouthly blistering deserts; enveloping pathetically aggrieved entities in my rejuvenating swirl.

If I were ravishingly charismatic pearl; diffusing into a cloudburst of Omnipotent shine; even in the most acrimoniously ghastly night,
The first thing that I would have done; was to profoundly illuminate the lives of all orphans submerged in a dungeon of despair; enlighten their innocently dreary eyes with my perennial glow.

If I were lethally terrorizing bullet; pulverizing everything to inconspicuous ash; the instant somebody released the trigger,
The first thing that I would have done; was to decimate even the most diminutive trace of evil from the trajectory of this earth; ensuring that it breathed an air of holistic freedom; an air without disgustingly corrupt malice.

If I were a seductively alluring shadow; magnetically extending my caress to the most fantastically panoramic places; far and wide,
The first thing that I would have done; was to encompass all those tyrannically intimidated and enslaved; in the ingratiatingly welcome shelter; that lay embedded in my heavenly arms.

If I were a robustly eternal fruit; blooming into a fountain of sparkling health; as every minute tantalizingly unfurled,
The first thing that I would have done; was to appease the bizarrely disastrous hunger; of all those innocuously philanthropic; tottering towards the brink
of horrifically ruthless extinction.

If I were the richest man on this Universe; with my treasury perpetually overflowing with more wealth; than what the entire planet could ever perceive,
The first thing that I would have done; was to scrap even the most infinitesimal speck of poverty from impoverished soil; ensuring that the strong and weak; existed in threads of irrefutable equality; alike.

If I were a hive enshrouded with sacredly oozing honey; melodiously spawning into a cloud of astoundingly benevolent newness; as resplendently milky moonlight fell celestially from the skies,
The first thing that I would have done; was to deluge every prejudiced life with stupendously uniting harmony; substituting each cold-blooded wound; with a
gloriously enchanting fortress of mystical romance.

And if I were an immortal heartbeat; existing since countless births in waves
of insatiably impregnable passion,
The first thing that I would have done; was to grant every devastatingly bereaved heart the ultimate wish of its survival; witnessing it blossom into unconquerable happiness; as I granted it the blissfully lost love of its life.


Leave me alone; to battle my loneliness till the time I emerged irrevocably triumphant; sprinted forward in untamed exhilaration to bask in the full fervor of life,

Leave me alone; to experience each unfurling moment as it painstakingly unveiled; retrospect my cherished moments of the past; when I innocuously bounced on the sacrosanct lap of my mother,

Leave me alone; to uninhibitedly free each of my despairingly frazzled senses; incessantly fantasize in the aisles of augmenting desire; yearning for all the
bountifully ravishing beauty on this planet,

Leave me alone; to do what I was stupendously best in; pave a blazing path of my own; far away from the interruptions of the monotonously lackadaisical society,

Leave me alone; to explore the more intricate nuances of life; frolick with orphaned children through the mushy meadows; bringing back a smile to their impoverished lives,

Leave me alone; to express the most inner most voices of my conscience; indefatigably meditate to search for that righteousness that had so miserably eluded me all my life,

Leave me alone; to wholeheartedly embrace my fellow comrades in inexplicable agony; philander with whomsoever I desired; irrespective of caste; creed and
indiscriminate racial malice,

Leave me alone; to fanatically pursue the art profusely embodied in my blood; intransigently drowning myself into an ocean of unfathomable enthrallment,

Leave me alone; to wander like a prince under the milky beams of moonlight; languidly doze dreaming about paradise in profoundly sweltering sunshine that
illuminated the day,

Leave me alone; to passionately follow the holistic ideals of humanity; wholesomely freeing myself from the tyrannically dictatorial norms of the spurious world outside,

Leave me alone; to elope to the astronomical summits of longing whenever I liked; then crawl back lamely on mundane soil for hours immemorial,

Leave me alone; to construct my dwelling in the most exact way I liked; stuffing each of its walls with the spirit of unprecedented brotherhood and harmony; alike,

Leave me alone; to vivaciously evolve every unearthing second; create incredulously magnificent wonders; from the esoterically enigmatic imagery that turbulently revolved in my mind,

Leave me alone; to dance with the voluptuously divine angel of my dreams; eternalize my every blossoming tomorrow with the poignantly charismatic empathy; in my mates eyes,

Leave me alone; to melodiously sing the rhymes of vibrantly flowering nature; be profoundly mesmerized by the chirping of the nightingale; the roaring of the royal lion; alike,

Leave me alone; to perpetually inscribe in my soul the names that I profusely cherished; ubiquitously disseminate the message of immortal peace and solidarity; to every parasite sucking innocent blood outside,

Leave me alone; to pen down countless lines of philanthropic literature in a single day; incorrigibly blend with the tunes that flowed from each of my senses; for infinite more births yet to come,

Leave me alone; to forever bond with the love of my life; breaking free from the satanically hostile chains of contemporary tradition and bombastic imprisonment,

Leave me alone; to romance; to dream; to share; to imbibe; more importantly to live life the way I wanted it to unfold; the way God had made me and beautifully endowed me to be.


Why should the desert metamorphose itself into an ocean; just because the acrimoniously slithering cactus; wanted it to ?

Why should the clouds metamorphose themselves into glittering gold; just because the lecherously manipulative wandering aimlessly; wanted them to ?

Why should the patriotic battlefield metamorphose itself into a shivering cocoon; just because the diminutively cowardly scared of leading life; wanted it to ?

Why should the pungently intrepid thorn metamorphose itself into overwhelmingly glistening silk; just because the dastardly demons desirous for luxury; wanted it to ?

Why should poignant blood fulminating ecstatically through the veins metamorphose itself into frozen ice; just because the worthlessly vindictive ghost; wanted it to ?

Why should the dog metamorphose its unruly bark into a melodiously sacrosanct song; just because some fanatics of spuriously sanctimonious religion; wanted it to ?

Why should the inconspicuously irascible ant metamorphose itself into a succulent deer; just because the tumultuously roaring lion; wanted it to ?

Why should the overwhelmingly slushy swamp metamorphose itself into a road of formidably gripping concrete; just because those disastrously unable to find their foot; wanted it to ?

Why should the preposterously gigantic shark metamorphose itself into an immaculately shimmering pearl; just because the baselessly petrified passengers on the shores; wanted it to ?

Why should the boisterously bustling baby metamorphose itself into a symmetrically trimmed angel; just because the ostentatiously threadbare party; wanted it to ?

Why should the lethally venomous snake metamorphose itself into hives replenishing with golden honey; just because the pretentiously philosophizing; wanted it to ?

Why should the infinitesimally fluttering mosquito metamorphose itself into a paradise of unending fantasy; just because the treacherously snoring terrorist; wanted it to ?

Why should the divinely smiling girl metamorphose itself into a puristic boy; just because the traditionally uncouth parents; wanted it to ?

Why should the avalanches; earthquakes; tornadoes; metamorphose themselves into sparkling diamonds; just because ruthlessly penalizing mankind; wanted them to ?

Why should the despicably ailing old man metamorphose himself into a ghastly corpse; just because the manipulatively parasitic sons; wanted him to ?

Why should the invincibly secure lock metamorphose itself into an articulate key; just because the hideous battalion of burglars; wanted it to ?

Why should the celestially placid stones metamorphose themselves into appetizing morsels of tangible food; just because horrendously lazy urchins; wanted them to ?

Why should each beam of darkness metamorphose itself into the flamboyantly dazzling Sun; just because the satanically barbaric yearning for an eternal day; wanted them to ?

Why should immortal love metamorphose itself into invidiously sinister betrayal; just because the rigidly extraneous world; wanted it to ?

Why should sacred life metamorphose itself into pathetically gruesome death; just because some power hungry leaders; wanted it to ?

And why should I; writing; breathing; fantasizing; poetry from the inner most realms of my heart; metamorphose myself into deplorably stinking office; just because the uncouthly unforgiving society around; wanted me to ?


It was only when I disastrously stumbled to taste threadbare mud; that I truly realized the mesmerizing value of standing straight upon my own feet,

It was only when I was gruesomely blinded with pugnacious chili powder in my eyes; that I truly realized the scintillating value of vibrantly bountiful and scintillating sight,

It was only when I was surreptitiously administered abominable gutter water; that I truly realized the celestially ravishing value of the majestically sparkling streams,

It was only when I was brutally incarcerated in the traumatically devastating dungeons; that I truly realized the optimistically brilliant value of the Omnisciently dazzling Sun,

It was only when I was ruthlessly stuffed into the horrifically air tight coffins; that I truly realized the melodiously vivacious value of regally enlightening and seductively spell binding sound,

It was only when the walls of disparagingly disgusting boredom asphyxiated me from all sides; that I truly realized the irrefutably incredulous value of honestly Omnipotent sweat,

It was only when maelstroms of swelteringly scorching dust slapped me left; right and acrid center; that I truly realized the miraculously rejuvenating value of resplendently heavenly rain,

It was only when jailhouses of murderous monotony pulverized me like inconspicuously criminal mincemeat; that I truly realized the gloriously Omnipresent value of ubiquitously sensuous and timelessly proliferating fantasy,

It was only when lethally venomous snakes savagely strangulated me like a frigid mosquito; that I truly realized the ingratiatingly ebullient value of ubiquitously godly innocence,

It was only when an unfathomable whirlpool of inexplicable tears rolled in insatiable agony down my cheeks; that I truly realized the gorgeously exuberant value of everlasting smiles,

It was only when a graveyard of solitariness tightened its grip upon my soul every unfurling minute; that I truly realized the boisterously enthralling value
of rambunctiously vivid liveliness,

It was only when each of my finger was barbarically nailed to the ground; that I truly realized the stupendously embellished value of sketching exquisitely panoramic landscape upon barren canvas,

It was only when the diabolical demons chopped my tongue into an infinite pieces; that I truly realized the marvelously emphatic value of poignantly effusive sound,

It was only when I had to inevitably transgress past the bed of acrimoniously ominous thorns; that I truly realized the enchantingly satiny value of royally aristocratic silk,

It was only when I was savagely lambasted by unsparing whiplashes of blatantly insidious lies; that I truly realized the eternally unassailable value of patriotically blazing truth,

It was only when there was nothing in vicinity but invidiously sordid stones and mud to chew; that I truly realized the salubriously jubilant and sacrosanct value of life-yielding food,

It was only when a satanically ghastly accident ghoulishly snatched my beloved; that I truly realized the triumphantly ardent value of pricelessly inimitable togetherness,

It was only when my nostrils menacingly decided to gruesomely squelch even the most infinitesimal iota of breath; that I truly realized the bountifully Omnipotent value of unshakably iridescent life,

And it was only when every beat of my heart uncouthly leapt out to be the devil’s uxorious breakfast; that I truly realized the immortally unconquerable value of
eternal love.


The clouds in the voluptuously fathomless sky were a poet’s eternal dream; enveloping boundless bits of barren space with tinges of profusely unending crimson,
While torrential tumblers of enchanting rain cascading down till times beyond bountiful eternity; were his immortally poignant and exuberant poetry.

The seductively titillating roses in the garden were a poet’s everlasting dream; perpetuating colossal bits of lackadaisical atmosphere with vividly blossoming color,
While the stupendously Omnipotent fragrance that they emanated; the romantic swirl in which they swished; was his immortally unassailable and wonderful poetry.

The ravishingly undulating waves of the gigantically handsome ocean were a poet’s cherished dream; perennially smiling under golden rays of the majestically Omniscient Sun,
While the resplendently tantalizing froth into which they diffused after clashing against the regale rocks; was his immortally profound and Godly poetry.

The rambunctiously uninhibited hives swarming with chattering bees were a poet’s fantastic dream; deluging even the most infinitesimal cranny of the Universe with the poignant elixir of life,
While the beautifully ebullient cisterns of titillating honey that relentlessly oozed from them; was his immortally melodious and exquisitely embellished poetry.

The panoramically animated meadows of green grass were a poet’s prized dream; harmoniously rustling with the unbelievably exultating breeze,
While the gregarious festoon of dew drops that they exuded at ethereally mystical dawn; was his immortally fabulous and Omnipotent poetry.

The optimistically divine fireball of Sun was a poet’s priceless dream; casting a spell of astoundingly miraculous hope; even in the most drearily beleaguered and diminishing abode,
While the enamoring fountain of blazing rays that it compassionately emanated; was his immortally triumphant and patriotic poetry.

The unshakable shadows of the impeccable conscience were a poet’s euphoric dream; metamorphosing even the most devilishly inebriated organism into an apostle of mesmerizing peace,
While the path of irrefutably sparkling righteousness that it philanthropically wafted; was his immortally ingratiating and kingly poetry.

The ecstatically flapping feathers of the spell bindingly amiable nightingale were a poet’s charismatic dream; flooding even the most insipidly lugubrious of spaces around with astronomically rejuvenating energy,
While the unfathomably glorious river of tunes that unveiled from her shimmering beak; was his immortally ever-pervading and holistic poetry.

The piquantly rubicund nostrils of the freshly adorned bride were a poet’s insatiable dream; inevitably engendering every other thing in the atmosphere to remorsefully wither down,
While the unconquerable inferno of magnificently bedazzling breath that unleashed from them; was his immortally invincible and fascinating poetry.

And the passionately throbbing heart in innocently volatile chest was a poet’s unrelenting dream; irrevocably transcending above every other richness on the trajectory of this limitless earth,
While the superbly rhythmic sky of beats that it fulminated into every unfurling instant; was his immortally ubiquitous and priceless poetry.


For the ravishingly undulating and fathomless oceans; a majestically gliding shark a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the swelteringly impoverished and blistering deserts; a gloriously rejuvenating rainshower a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the mystically ingratiating and voluptuous forests; a royal royally overpowering roar of the lion a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the boundlessly Omnipotent and limitless skies; a regally soaring cloud a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the gorgeously shimmering and immaculate seashores; a magnificently resplendent oyster a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the freshly rain drenched and boisterously bubbling stray ponds; a discordantly croaking frog a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the despicably wailing and disastrously beleaguered beggar; a handsomely robust meal a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the eternally enchanting and enchantingly sweet hive; a rambunctiously frolicking bee a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the ingratiatingly chirping and profusely vivacious sparrow; a marvelously sparkling berry a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the frigidly trembling and brutally frozen avalanches; a ray of unassailably celestial sunshine a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the patriotically blazing and fearlessly unflinching battlefields; a ray of irrefutably unconquerable triumph a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the sagaciously philanthropic and devoutly meditating saint; an entrenchment of spell binding peace a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the manipulatively shrewd and ruthlessly dexterous business tycoon; a succulently appetizing client a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the exuberantly sleazy and seductively raving model; a euphorically tantalizing catwalk a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the morbidly forlorn and ghoulishly derogatory graveyard; an obsolete ghost a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the impeccably glistening and rustically sprawled pebbles; a splendidly cascading waterfall a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the romantically sensuous and poignantly flirtatious philanderer; a charismatically nubile maiden a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the aridly scorched and preposterously singed blades of grass; a bountifully scintillating dewdrop a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the horrendously dithering and despicably sagging nostrils; a puff of ecstatically vibrant breath a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

For the treacherously betrayed and ominously lambasted heart; a beat of immortal love a day; keeps the doctor forever away,

And for my nimbly penurious and diminutively groping persona; an unfathomably enlightening poem a day; keeps the doctor forever away.


Unstoppable was the crimson blood circulating ecstatically through the veins; indefatigably pumping the most stupendously vivacious elements of existence
in the every organisms body; symbiotically alike,

Unstoppable was the rain euphorically pelting down from fathomless sky; relentlessly inundating impoverished territories of destitute land; with globules of spell binding enchantment,

Unstoppable were the rays of the ferociously blazing Sun; fearlessly disseminating its Omnipotent shine; to even the most obfuscated cranny of this gigantically enthralling Universe,

Unstoppable was the intransigently unending tick-tocking of time; gloriously throbbing with palpable life; meticulously synchronizing the entire planet; and for infinite more births yet to unveil,

Unstoppable was the swirl of the majestically undulating ocean; fulminating into a fountain of unfathomably priceless froth; even in the heart of the perilously blackened night,

Unstoppable was the flame of unassailable desire; uncontrollably proliferating till realms beyond infinite infinity; tantalizing every breathing entity in its magically compassionate incantation,

Unstoppable was the attraction between two opposite sexes; inevitably drawing all humanity close; irrespective of the barriers of caste; creed and worthless color,

Unstoppable was the thunderously volatile prowl of the famished lion; as he royally paraded through the undercurrents of the inscrutable forests; with fires of unparalleled superiority blazing in his eyes,

Unstoppable was the dream of benevolent goodness; miraculously healing even the most traumatically bereaved; with the Omniscient ointment of eternally righteous mankind,

Unstoppable was silken flight of the regally charismatic bird; as it handsomely soared through the clouds of fantastic titillation and vibrancy; magnificently kissing the mists of perennial yearning on its odyssey down towards mother earth,

Unstoppable was the song of the impregnably princely nightingale; perpetuating even the most sordidly dreary of spaces on this colossal Universe; with triumphantly exuberant melody,

Unstoppable was the leap of irrefutably sparkling truth; as it reigned supreme as the most invincible idol alive; harmoniously transpiring the endless planet to take birth profoundly; for centuries unprecedented,

Unstoppable was the marvelously ubiquitous innocence of the newly born infant; irrefutably transcending over all richness of this unfathomable planet; bountifully embracing the spirit of uninhibitedly immaculate freedom,

Unstoppable was the wind of ebulliently unconquerable passion; metamorphosing even the most impossibly intractable of circumstances; into a celestially scintillating paradise,

Unstoppable was the cry of timeless liberation; the unbelievably resurgent force with which countless galloped forward to bond in threads of amiable friendship; far away from the dungeons of retributory malice,

Unstoppable was the jubilantly blazing patriotism of the soldier; who lived immortally in the hearts of the nation; even after relinquishing his very last breath for his sacrosanct motherland,

Unstoppable was path of fabulously victorious conscience; which unsparingly annihilated even the most capricious trace of salaciously heinous evil and lies; with the swords of truth divine,

Unstoppable was sensuously ravenous breath in the body; expunging out with a tumultuous fervor; that made even the most treacherous of devils to blend with
the chords of synergistic existence,

Unstoppable was the magically Omnipotent rhythm of the passionate heart; with each of its wonderfully burgeoning beats; eternally coalescing with all love and resplendent congeniality; on this unending planet,

And unstoppable was my ardor to write poetry; flood every bit of barren space on this incomprehensibly vivid planet with the fragrance of love and humanity; spawning into an entrenchment of perpetual bliss; even after I abdicated my last droplet of blood; even after I forever shed my last breath.


I could wink exactly when I wanted to; shutting one of my lid with astoundingly articulate dexterity; and in wholesome entirety to the lugubriously manipulative
planet outside,

I could yawn exactly when I wanted to; thunderously stretching the contours of my lips to the most unprecedented limits; blissfully resonating into an unfathomably rampant valley of sounds soon thereafter,

I could walk exactly when I wanted to; uninhibitedly alighting my nimble foot from obdurate ground; paving an intrepidly sensuous path of my own; as the world disdainfully entangled in bizarrely disparaging business outside,

I could dance exactly when I wanted to; bountifully synchronizing the movements of my impoverished visage; to majestically blend with the tunes of the seductively tantalizing and milky night,

I could cry exactly when I wanted to; profusely squeezing the sockets of my beleaguered eyes; discordantly inundating even the most infinitesimal particle of the atmosphere; with an unsurpassable ocean of cacophonic wails,

I could whisper exactly when I wanted to; amiably rustling through the partially obfuscated periphery of my wandering lips; enshrouding every bit of belligerent retribution with ravishing enchantment,

I could write exactly when I wanted to; blissfully embellishing fathomless bits of barren paper; with poetry that poignantly diffused from the inner most soul and the Gods,

I could fantasize exactly when I wanted to; unequivocally unveiling the chords of diminutive brain to the stupendously ingratiating melody of this timeless earth; exotically delving into inscrutably titillating territories beyond the obsoletely unknown,

I could smile exactly when I wanted to; exuberantly puffing my enthrallingly rubicund cheeks; wholeheartedly letting the scintillating whites of my teeth harmoniously coalesce with all benign goodness outside,

I could philander exactly when I wanted to; flirtatiously elope behind the hills with the companion of my choice; handsomely allowing the golden rays of the Omnipotent Sun; to envelop me in impregnable entirety,

I could roll exactly when I wanted to; rampantly cascading down the gigantic mountains; regally caressing the veils of intrepidly exhilarating adventure; as I rhapsodically made my way down,

I could bathe exactly when I wanted to; rejuvenate the disastrously gruesome conglomerate of my nerves under the sparkling waterfalls; even after the heart of unbelievably dark midnight,

I could fight exactly when I wanted to; mustering all mighty muscle in a just a single swirl; endeavoring my ultimate best to save my kin; philanthropically save my treacherously devastated motherland,

I could chatter exactly when I wanted to; clatter the piquant buds of my teeth umpteenth number of times in a single minute; shivering in uncontrollably nervous waves of dithering skepticism,

I could eat exactly when I wanted to; celestially assimilating all salubrious fruits of this earth in my penurious palette; astonishingly replenishing each ingredient of my blood with nutrition divine,

I could sleep exactly when I wanted to; wholesomely obscuring my eyes with knots of perennially heavenly silk; irrefutably sequestering myself way beneath in the boundless dungeons; without even the most inconspicuous trace of sound or vibrant light,

I could evolve exactly when I wanted to; fascinatingly gathering all eclectically resplendent assets of the Almighty Lord; to stunningly metamorphose the complexion of this delinquently frazzled Universe,

I could breathe exactly when I wanted to; ebulliently permeating the dolorously remorseful atmosphere with fireballs of vivacious glory; igniting an inferno of
untamed celebration even in the center of the despicably deadened night,

O! yes; I could do this; and I could do that; and by the Grace of God I was a majestic master of my own destiny; symbiotically bonding with the eternally transcending  and divine,

But I had absolutely not the slightest control on my heart; as its passionately triumphant beats ecstatically wandered without my commands; bonding with all immortal love on this colossal planet; bonding with the spell binding spirit to lead  an infinite more lifetimes.


To procreate countless more of your kind was inherently natural; but to instill in them the irrefutably invincible principles of mankind; was a majestically
impeccable art,

To replenish your stomach with all tantalizingly piquant food on this Universe was inevitably natural; but to scrupulously digest them and yet sparkle into an ocean of celestially rubicund health; was a perseveringly magical art,

To transit into a heavenly slumber and fantasize uninhibitedly about all ingratiating exoticism on this planet was blissfully natural; but to manifest all those spell binding dreams into an eternal reality; was an unassailably enduring art,

To listen to the fulminating voices of your intrepid soul was poignantly natural; but to invincibly march forward in united patriotism to annihilate the last iota of evil from your sacrosanct motherland; was an indefatigably resplendent art,

To euphorically bathe at the commencement of brilliant Sunshine was iridescently natural; but to utilize every bit of your marvelously sparkling freshness to enlighten all despicably bereaved humanity; was an ebulliently gutsy art,

To dance till eternity in times of ecstatic jubilation was exuberantly natural; but to ubiquitously disseminate the same unending happiness in every dwelling besieged with horrifically remorseful despair; was a handsomely philanthropic art,

To wholeheartedly immerse yourself in your very own religion was holistically natural; but to unequivocally preach the religion of humanity till the last breath of your existing life; was a grandiloquently benign art,

To encapsulate your entire persona with ravishing petals of rose and insatiably overwhelming scent was scintillatingly natural; but to waft the Omnipotent
scent of coalesced mankind; on every murderously manipulative cranny of this earth; was a timelessly mesmerizing art,

To profoundly enjoy the divinely melody in the atmosphere was quintessentially natural; but to tirelessly propagate every element of your ebullience to all those miserably crippled and penurious destitute; was a glitteringly humanitarian art,

To sight umpteenth galleries of wonderfully serene objects around you was instinctively natural; but to altruistically become the walking stick of all those
horrendously penalized and gruesomely blind; was a miraculously Omniscient art,

To sagaciously invest all your fathomless treasuries of wealth in the best possible gains was prudently natural; but to chivalrously dissipate even a minuscule fraction of your opulence to the service of the devastatingly deprived; was a perpetually  sacred art,

To joyously gallop through fields of flirtatiously sensuous freedom was flamboyantly natural; but to hoist all those bereft of hands and feet to destinations transcending the land of paradise; was a benevolently bequeathing art,

To cling to the lap of your mother whenever you felt gorily shattered was incomprehensibly natural; but to perennially ensure that the entire planet irrevocably clung to the strings of enchanting humanity; was a gloriously princely art,

To harmoniously augment the granaries of crimson blood in your countenance was poignantly natural; but to selflessly shed the same for your countrymen incarcerated with treacherous despair; was a glitteringly Omnipresent art,

To decorate your pristinely barren skin with royal pearls and ornaments was splendidly natural; but to stupendously embellish the fabric of all despicably dithering mankind with untamed cloudbursts of love; was a ubiquitously charismatic art,

To act candidly and in synergy with the voice of your intransigently righteous conscience was intrinsically natural; but to wholesomely decimate the salacious web of lies from every corner of this earth with the voice of unconquerably impeccable truth; was a royally regale art,

To tranquilly inhale air all round the clock and with the most prolific of intensity was indispensably natural; but to aristocratically placate the brutally traumatized agony of all those miserably divested with each of your breath; was a passionately Almighty art,

To relentlessly love and bountifully adore the girl of your every dream was tumultuously natural; but dedicating every single beat of your heart to all those orphaned and acrimoniously betrayed; was an unfathomably heavenly art,

And to rhapsodically live this birth and intransigently perceive to survive for an infinite more births yet to come was incredulously natural; but sacrificing each instant of your life to astoundingly spawn a countless new tomorrows of optimistic hope and vibrant courage; was an immortally living art.


My mind was like the fulminating volcano; which kept on passionately erupting; even after the entire earth had blissfully slept,

My mind was like an uninhibitedly philandering panther; which thunderously roared each unfurling second of the day,

My mind was like a turbulently swirling ocean; which culminated each instant into a flurry of violent waves,

My mind was like the poignant whirlpool of sand; which evolved at cyclonic speeds; sweeping across the fathomless deserts inevitably every afternoon,

My mind was like the blazing inferno; which kept augmenting to astronomical heights with each nimble stroke of the brazen wind,

My mind was like the hideously savage vulture; whose hunger arose the very next moment; after it had just devoured its previous bit of robust carrion,

My mind was like the indefatigably running spider; which didn’t rest for even a minuscule minute; entrenched and wavering amidst the silvery strands of its web,

My mind was like streaks of white lightening which profusely enveloped the sky; creating insanely havoc on the whatever space they fell,

My mind was like infinite clouds sprawled vindictively in the cosmos; creeping up every day to try and camouflage vivacious rays of brilliant light,

My mind was like the unstoppably perennial stream; which leapt and swelled; irrespective of the acrimonious battalion of barricades that confronted it in its celestial way,

My mind was like the plane which inexorably kept flying all its life; without stooping down a fraction; or caressing the tarmac with its spongy sheath of wheels,

My mind was like the mystical echo which reverberated countless number of times; after ephemerally clashing against the formidably boundless valley,

My mind was like the lethally bouncing striped shark; which unrelentingly surged forward with hostile euphoria even in the middle of the perilously gloomy night,

My mind was like the centuries old grandfather clock; which continued to tirelessly tick; irrespective of the most deadliest of holocaust or rain,

My mind was like the deafening thud of the dinosaurs foot; which kept going on and on for times immemorial; even after the monster had become remotely obsolete and wholesomely extinct,

My mind was like the globules golden sweat; which kept incorrigibly trickling down the arms; even after applying the most profound balm of stupendously redolent scent,

My mind was like the unfathomably deep well; which indeed did have an opening; but there simply seemed no end,

My mind was like the tangible population; which perpetually kept increasing as each second unveiled into a full fledged minute

In the end it is my humble plea to you; O! Almighty Creator; not to give people a mind like mine; for although I had developed an intrinsic bondage with its vagaries over a period of time; for others it could very well prove to a veritable death mine.


Not just an inconspicuous droplet; but an unlimited measure of my unabashedly vivacious sensuality; which was the very source of every ounce of ardor wondrously running through each of my veins,

Not just an infinitesimal droplet; but an unlimited measure of my inimitably unparalleled virility; the inferno of untamed desire that sprouted bounteously from every pore of my skin,

Not just an invisible droplet; but an unlimited measure of my profound amiability; my infinite longing to blissfully mélange and embrace every symbiotic form of God's living kind,

Not just a mercurial droplet; but an unlimited measure of my pricelessly invincible truth; the gloriously impeccable reflection of my soul; which was as pristine as the melting of the first snow,

Not just an insipid droplet; but an unlimited measure of my extremely poignant sensitivity; as the color of my skin and soul dramatically changed; to even the most obfuscated of whisper and tune,

Not just a disappearing droplet; but an unlimited measure of my ardently unexplored energy; which proliferated like an undying volcano of compassion; at every single stage of the vibrantly unfurling day,

Not just an impoverished droplet; but an unlimited measure of my fearless honesty; the righteous fulmination of every element of goodness that lingered left; right and center; in my body and in my soul,

Not just a fugitive droplet; but an unlimited measure of my peerless conviction; the unrelenting desire to reach the absolute zenith of goodness; overtopping every ingredient of devil that dared came my way,

Not just a orphaned droplet; but an unlimited measure of my fragrant perseverance; the untiring hours of my life under the fiercest of Sun; that had been spent in order to corroborate my identity,

Not just a senseless droplet; but an unlimited measure of my unbridled poetic imagery; those infinite moments of angst that had so royally brought out the purest imagination from the innermost realms of my soul,

Not just a maimed droplet; but an unlimited measure of my never-dying spirit towards the chapter of existence; as each instant rolled forward to give birth to a triumphantly godly dawn of newness,

Not just a nonsensical droplet; but an unlimited measure of my true potential to conquer every obstacle in my life; the unflinching tenacity in my bones to trample over a corpse of lies; in my eternal quest for truth,

Not just a wastrel droplet; but an unlimited measure of my unshakable effervescence; the intrinsic urge to gallop forward in inscrutable life; even under the most atrocious whiplash of jinxed destiny,

Not just a fetid droplet; but an unlimited measure of my ability to righteously and symbiotically survive; even when brutally enshrouded by the most hideously devouring pack of wolves,

Not just an amorphous droplet; but an unlimited measure of my tireless imagination; which undyingly kept the mystical turbulence alive; in even the most dormant pores of my skin,

Not just an evanescent droplet; but an unlimited measure of my intricate personality; the boundless vacillations of moods that even the tiniest of my nerves; inevitably underwent,

Not just an imperturbable droplet; but an unlimited measure of my inborn artistry; the uncanniness galore in every organ of my body; to evolve a paradise of beauty; out of barbarously lame nothingness,

Not just a miserly droplet; but an unlimited measure of my rivers of everlasting love; which delectably oozed out every unveiling instant of the day and night; at the sight of my immortal beloved, Was my wonderfully enamoring; and forever
single; droplet of sweat.


In order to crack the enigmatic puzzle; I used the most stupendously intricate
arenas of my brain,

In order to crack the obdurate nut; I used the astronomical tenacity of my teeth,

In order to crack the astoundingly gloomy silence; I used my stringently
piercing voice,

In order to crack the insurmountably hazy night; I used my twin paired crystalline eyesight,

In order to crack spurious sadness ominously hovering around; I used my amicably compassionate smile,

In order to crack the incorrigibly bellicose brick; I used my fists plummeting like a thunderbolt; on its wretched periphery,

In order to crack the astutely austere corporate tycoon; I used frugal amounts of sly wit; circulating more mystically than the clouds in my blood,

In order to crack the diabolically freezing evening; I used my palms voraciously against the rocks; to generate unsurpassable loads of seductive heat,

In order to crack utter hopelessness; I used the invincible muscle impregnated euphorically in my bones,

In order to crack the ingenious idea; I used my inherent skill of profusely intense concentration,

In order to crack the yawn; I used my unfathomable treasury of will power to rise up to the occasion of pragmatic survival,

In order to crack inexplicably treacherous destiny; I used my spirit of fathomless adventure to confront the acrimonious world,

In order to crack pain; I used my lids to drink back my prolifically dribbling river of traumatized tears,

In order to crack the bottle; I used my nails to adroitly unleash the
insurmountably serrated steel cap,

In order to crack the pathway of horrendous dirt; I used my royally sparkling pool of saliva,

In order to crack the majestically enchanting painting; I used my adroitly slender conglomerate of fingers,

In order to crack dismally mind boggling poverty; I used all the wealth I had assimilated till date; in the tenure of my short life,

In order to crack the chapter of inevitably precious existence; I used my exuberant mountain of Omnipotent breath,

And in order to crack the love of my ultimate dreams; I used the inner most realms of my passionately thundering heart; which shot its beats infinite kilometers above the sky; as each second unfurled itself into the fabulously blossoming spectrum called romance.


A needle is never soft; pierces the elastic periphery of the bombastically inflated balloon with a thunderous bang,

A tree is never symmetrical; has branches of all dimensions and sizes dangling from its severely corrugated body,

A fire is never cold; sizzles the mockingly cold night with its festoon of hostile of rays,

An ice is never solid; metamorphoses itself at astounding speeds into a stream of cold water when caressed by the slightest of heat,

A rose is never stinking; inundates the barren and profoundly gloomy surrounding with the tantalizing aroma wafting unequivocally from its crimson body,

A bird is never walking for long miles on the ground; leans overwhelmingly on its pair of flamboyant wings to impart it with that delectable flight,

A diamond is never dull; punctures the eyes of even the blind with its glitter and scintillating shine,

A mushroom is never clean; extrudes disdainfully from the jungle with tufts of incorrigible dirt; loose specks of worm and deplorable soil,

A demon is never sweet; devours millions of innocent in the swirl of its insatiable desire which never dies or subsides,

A potbellied tortoise is never fast; crawls painstakingly through the leafy meadows chewing grass; while its counterparts execute several rounds of the finishing line,

A man eater leopard is never vegetarian; has an unrelenting zeal for flesh engulfing him every minute; after once relishing the taste of human blood,

A frog is never beautiful; spending its entire life in boundlessly deep interiors of the sordid well; having its coat enveloped with garbage and obnoxious slime,

A scorpion is never innocuous; ardently awaiting to strike its venomous fangs any minute into impetuously innocent flesh wandering unsuspectingly,

A fired bullet is never harmless; as even though it might miss its intended target; it nevertheless ricochets against impeccable wildlife,

A Kangaroo is never slow; bounces several strides at a time; even while harboring clusters of immaculate babies in its bulging belly,

A cow is never unholy; generates new life in all those who consume its supremely sacrosanct and salubrious milk,

A heart is never silent while it lives; palpitates tumultuously inside the chest; increasing its pace to unsurpassable limits after sighting the love of its life,

A breath is never dry; besieges the atmosphere around with Herculean loads of compassionate fervor; triggers the body every minute to run and live,

A life is never disciplined; replete with ups and downs that encompass an entity unsparingly every second; irrespective of the color he possesses or the religion he believes in,

A mother is never cruel to her child; no matter how much the infant cries and kicks her incessantly with its feet,

And a writer is never unemployed; although he might not go to conventional office from 9 in the morning to an exact 10 in the night; yet the fantasies he evolved impregnated new hope and charm; in millions others who monotonously survived.


The color of his eyes was exactly the same as mine; tawny brown fluttering mischievously towards the majestic Moon,

The strength in his arms was exactly the same as in mine; Herculean muscle bulging prominently from beneath ruffled cloth,

The number of teeth in his mouth were exactly the same as mine; with the hideous assembly of molars and canines ready to masticate food within split seconds of time,

The scent of his perspiration was exactly the same as mine; tantalizingly obnoxious under austerely acerbic rays of the Sun,

The shape of his nose was exactly the same as mine; protruding like a pecking falcon straight as an arrow towards the ceiling,

The height which he possessed was exactly the same as mine; having to slouch a trifle as much as I did; when he tried to enter the nocturnal bedroom,

The weight he had on his visage was exactly the same as mine; blessed with an insatiable urge to gobble the same food items as I did with stupendous taste
and relish,

The shades of his hair were exactly the same as mine; streaks of pugnacious red nictitating somberly with the dainty draughts of wind; captivating the attention
of every damsel wandering in town,

The periphery of his lips was exactly the same as mine; voluptuously luscious pink; emanating the same spurts of raunchy laughter as I did,

The armory of his eyelashes were exactly the same as mine; drooping down to the same angle; flirtatiously winking at every maiden; as much as mine did,

The cadence in his voice was exactly the same as mine; delectably rising and falling with every word that he uttered; every song that he melodiously sang,

The size of his shoe was exactly the same as mine; occupying the same diminutive amount of space on earth; as much as mine did,

The alignment of his backbone was exactly the same as mine; experiencing the same agony as I did after a tumultuously onerous days work; running like a bull to the masters commands,

The clothes that he wore were exactly the same as mine; with his overwhelming fancy of adorning sleazy silver chains; bizarrely tattooing his chest; as much as mine,

The number of hair that grew on his body were exactly the same as mine; with a slightly more density on the back of the palm than on the entire skeleton,

The speed at which blood gushed through his veins was exactly the same as mine; generating the same euphoria and exultation; as mine did every midnight,

The habits which he executed were exactly the same as mine; with his penchant for staring relentlessly into azure bits of sky; as poignant as mine,

Even the texture of his palm were exactly the same as mine; with innumerable bifurcations and handsome forks replicating my hand in astonishing similarity,

Infact we were born the same second on this earth as identical twins; with 99% of the people having difficulties recognizing us scattered in the crowd,

And yet today he was the President who ruled the entire nation on his fingertips; while I was an abysmally impoverished beggar screaming discordantly on the shivering streets for alms; because of the simple reason that we were similar to each other in every respect from big head to tiny toe; but inevitably had different destinies.


If you starved me to unprecedented limits; then I would inadvertently attempt to pilfer morsels of food from my neighbor's plate,

If you kept scorched me beyond the point of no control; then I would poke out my tongue unknowingly in the mayor's tap; which was leaking water,

If you created me as black as charcoal; with disdainful boils of infection creeping on every inch of my skin; then I would stretch my palms ominously; in an attempt to snatch fair flesh from the princess,

If you made me squint eyed; then I would stare unrelentingly at all plebeians passing; with fantasies revolving rampantly in my mind to grab their eyes,

If you threw me on the street naked in the freezing cold; then I would run helter-skelter in desperation to steal every business tycoon's clothes,

If you crippled me in an accident; rendering me to spend the remainder of my life on a dilapidated wheelchair; then I would greedily slaver in my tongue; the instants I saw robust complexioned legs marching towards victory,

If you caused me to stammer; stuttering at virtually every word that diffused from my mouth; then I would be engulfed by hideous thoughts of switching my tongue with a professional singer; all day,

If you made me stone deaf; with the most tumultuous of volcano's failing to make any impact on my sleep; then I would try and hamper every single individual from opening his mouth,

If you made me mentally retarded; with my brain not even being able to distinguish between a dog and a man; then I would pelt stones at every car I encountered; smashing the windshield glass into infinite pieces,

If you forced me to sleep on a bed of hostile thorns; then I would stealthily enter the King's palace; to take away his golden pillow,

If you made me walk barefoot on a road strewn with abhorrent filth and dirt; then I would steal every shoe loitering aimlessly outside the Temple; to protect my bleeding toes,

If you inundated my nose with a fetid stench of blood the entire day; then I would ruthlessly chop every rose from the soil; to appease my senses with its
enamoring scent,

If you deprived me of education; leaving me to bear the taunts of the acrimonious society; then I would resort to illegitimate means of earning money; simply to show the world that they were wrong; silencing their mouths forever,

If you orphaned me in my childhood; never giving me the comfort of nestling in my mothers arms; then I would become a prey to bad habits; with nobody to prudently guide me and illuminate the path of my life,

If you didn’t give me space to dig the grave of my cherished ones; then I would extricate the coffin of the pretentious priest; to bury my uncle instead,

If you didn’t let me consolidate a single of my dreams; then I would philander without any purpose; simply being a nuisance to the society,

If you didn’t give me a right to live; blissfully exist on this earth lost in the world of my passionate fantasy; then I would fight valiantly for my existence; to enjoy the source of my moist breath trickle down my nostrils,

If you uncouthly snatched away my beloved from my life; leaving me deserted with lifeless tears of blood dribbling down my cheek; then I would go mentally insane; perhaps assassinate everyone whom I came in proximity; before
meeting my own end,

Therefore O! lord; this is my humble plea to you; for today and for several more years of my life to unveil; bless me with whatever I want so that I can lead life
helping other humans; or let me instead pray to you to, keep me satisfied


Tell me why do we sneeze saliva,
Walk fast when young with life?

Tell me why do we ooze scarlet blood,
Laugh inevitably when tickled with hand?

Tell me why do we desire mineral water,
Shiver with goose bumps in bitter winter cold?

Tell why does tongue oscillate in mouth chamber,
Pools of desperation get formed in the bones?

Tell me why is hair black, lips luscious red,
People round the world crazy for dollar note?

Tell me why are grass blades parrot green,
Cloud mass hindered by skyscrapers in street?

Tell me why is bread coated with peanut butter,
Cow slaughtered in abattoirs for beef?

Tell me why do rich sip black cocktail drink,
Unclothed urchins breathe in dilapidated garbage?

Tell me why are curved shells on sand beaches,
Innocent heads get beheaded in car crash?

Tell me why do we perceive stabs of pain,
Fall deep in sleep at the onset of night?

Tell me why do we transit from youth to old,
Collapse in a heap when hungry for food?

Tell me why does heart throb fast,
There is a purpose in life when we love?

Tell me why did God create man,
Only to snatch him away from realms of earth?


Yogic exercise with heavy breathing,
drenching of self with tepid water,
chanting of prayers in murky light,
complete visualization of tasks performed,
cup of frosty scalding tea at dawn,
sizzling breakfast at peak of sunrise,
a glass of crushed carrot juice,
with few milligrams of vitamin extract,
followed by a game of long tennis in evergreen lawns,
fast rides in bullet proof sports car,
zipping across snowy landscapes at inches from ground,
few hours of concentrated work at office,
pure vegetable meal at noontime,
packed warm in hi tech aluminum foil,
succeeded by perpetual sound doze,
on cushioned chair overlooking a stream,
attentive discourse evening sessions,
equally speedy return to place of dwelling,
a game of chess with multi-chipped computer,
wiping of sweat with moist cologne tissue,
a ravishing night meal of mixed steak and red wine,
few hours watching television,
followed by rigorous walk in lush green grass,
accompanied by solving crossword puzzles,
and a thunderous collapse on the foam mattress,
with all energy converted to loud snores,
is how I would like to live a single day.


When I boiled squalid mushroom and glittering diamonds together in a cauldron;
placing it above crackling flames of the fire,
The residue obtained contained profound traces of radiating yellow; annihilating even the most minuscule trace of the black vegetable.

When I boiled fetid sewage along with fragrant petals of crimson rose; above
the naked flames of the stove,
The residue obtained had no sight of dirt; all It emanated was an Omnipotent
essence of the flower.

When I boiled ominous scorpion sting with innocuous butter; roasting the same
over long rods of blistering iron,
The residue obtained looked as brilliant as the sacerdotal body of Sun; and there were simply no signs of the lethal poison.

When I boiled extracts of the tarnished politicians speech with the martyrs blood; simmering it on the smoke rising from the cooking range,
The residue obtained had an overwhelming aroma of the valiant soldier; with
every scrap of the leader's notes dying an instantaneous death.

When I boiled acrimonious thorns along with velvety blades of grass; shaking
the mixture profusely over the chimney fire,
The residue obtained had stringently acquired an accentuated olive color of grass; and the pointed shoots were now converted into soft sponge as an aftermath.

When I boiled obnoxious petrol along with gallons of fresh liquid; placing the
same above a conflagration of seasoned timber sticks,
The residue obtained was as impeccable as spring water; with the pugnacious
odor of the gasoline drowning a ghastly death.

When I boiled parasitic leech along with the succulent cherry; placing them on
a conglomerate of scorching leaves,
The residue obtained was as scarlet as evanescent dawn; with a mesmerizing
smell of the fruit wafting in the air; and all signs of the worm disappearing into slim oblivion.

When I boiled frozen cubes of ice along with repugnant green chili; placing the same in boiler room of a ship,
The residue obtained contained bountiful rivulets of water; with the animosity of the hostile weed melting inevitably with the ice.

When I boiled omnipresent God along with the diabolical devil; placing them
under fiery rays of the rising Sun,
The residue in store was the omniscient Creator standing tall and domineering
emitting his perpetual scent; with the satanic monster pulverized to
inconspicuous ash.

And when I boiled love with prejudiced hatred; keeping the same to burn in sweltering heat of the desert,
The residue obtained had fathomless waves of perennial love; naturally overshadowing anecdotes of baseless abhorrence.


If ever I had the privilege of being a sandstone castle; with palatial walls overlooking the flowing river,
I would make sure that all urchins residing on the street; would get adequate shelter from uncouth winter and inclement rain.

If ever I had the privilege of being a star in the sky; with Black wisps of
clouds ominously hovering around,
I would make sure that I shone tenaciously all night; illuminating the lives of the impoverished with gargantuan rays of hope.

If ever I had the privilege of being a mammoth elephant; with majestic white
tusks protruding prominently from my trunk,
I would make sure that I transported all monkeys to escalating treetops; fight vehemently against savage hunters to protect the jungle.

If ever I had the privilege of being the fathomless ocean; with swirling waves
colliding vociferously against the rocks,
I would make sure that all the aquatic life impregnated remained intact; the waters were completely bereft of the slightest of adulteration.

If ever I had the privilege of being an inflated balloon; with a plethora of gaudy strings dangling merrily from my belly,
I would make sure that I tossed and bounced boisterously amidst crippled infants; lighting their faces with an everlasting smile.

If ever I had the privilege of being an incoherent lump of rock salt; with a piquant odor emanating from my persona,
I would make sure that I inundate all those dishes of bland food; with sumptuous amounts of taste.

If ever I had the privilege of being a long beaked bird; with clawed feet protruding from my slender skinned legs,
I would make sure that I chirped melodiously to placate starved eardrums; guard my eggs against nefarious evil all throughout the chilly night.

If ever I had the privilege of being a conglomerate of clouds in the sky; possessing a tinge of hideous black,
I would make sure that I rained when it mattered the most; ensuring that all animate on earth were saved from the onslaught of drought.

If ever I had the privilege of being a foliated tree; with infinite branches extruding from my tapered trunk,
I would make sure that I sprinkled currency and fruits in commensurate proportions; so that no one in vicinity died of savage starvation.

And if ever by stroke of benevolent fortune I had the privilege of being a man; with the virtue to perceive embedded in my soul,
I would make sure that I unrelentingly loved the person of my dreams; and instill the same with equanimity in every human traversing on mother earth.


Nothing in this world can substitute the Sun; its fiery rays wholesomely
sizzling cloistered portions of Earth,
Man tried hard to invent electricity; but languid beams of the bulb miserably failed to make an impact in front of the celestial body.

Nothing in this world can substitute the river; its mesmerizing flow between the pathway of cobbled stones,
Man tried hard to bathe in luke warm pond of distilled water; but it pathetically floundered to provide him the rejuvenation he badly needed; the tingling sensations he desired to entrench him entirety.

Nothing in this world can substitute the bird; its vivacious flight in an ambience of silken complexioned clouds,
Man tried hard to evolve the aircraft; but its discordantly whirring noise; the overwhelming commotion it produced while cruising through air; was simply unable to match the flight of the feathered monster.

Nothing in this world can substitute the rose; its ravishing redolence that stimulated infinite scores of nostrils trespassing in vicinity,
Man tried hard to blend exotic perfumes; bottle the concentrates in Swanky bottles for display; but their essence gruesomely failed to make an impression; and their odor subsided with an intensity faster than it had arisen.

Nothing in this world can substitute the mountains; the stupendously panoramic
view of the cascading waterfalls and steep gorges,
Man tried hard to construct palatial resorts; embellishing the same with a host of contemporary amenities; but the garish concrete appeared as a speck of inconspicuous dust in the backdrop of the mystical valley.

Nothing in this world can substitute snow; the immaculate globules of white crystals embedded splendidly on the jagged rocks,
Man tried hard to form ice in meticulous trays; but the monotonously molded cubes; looked utterly disparaging when compared with the undulating bedsheets of frozen water sprawled in tandem on the hills.

Nothing in this world can substitute the Neem tree; its herbal branches dangling holistically; its myriad of corrugated sticks used for scrupulously cleaning teeth,
Man tried hard to use the toothbrush; but its insipid bristles dithered from evacuating dirt; displayed abashing signs of collapse after being used just for a few number of times.

Nothing in this world can substitute the pearl; its immortal ramifications that besiege the atmosphere after popping out from the slimy oyster,
Man tried hard to chisel intricate jewelry; polish it tenaciously till it sparkled; but its glow perished gradually with the fading of time; and the lackadaisical ornament refrained to incarcerate attention a month after wearing.

Nothing in this world can substitute truth; the omnipotent power in its voice; the everlasting spirit it succeeds in portraying,
Man tried hard to speak lies; dexterously hide his fallacies by leaning towards malice; but in the end he was completely devoured in the radiance of righteousness; the perennial brilliance of truth.

And nothing in this world can substitute love; the fervor generated by its mere caress; the unfathomable pleasure of being imprisoned by the same,
Man tried hard to but it superfluously with fat wads of currency; baselessly threw exorbitant opulence to experience the same; but in the end realized that a single passionate beat of his heart was enough to evoke; what his entire treasury of wealth had failed to purchase.


The joints in my body ached and groaned; my head pulsated like a volcano about to fulminate,
The shrill ringing of the alarm clock had disrupted all signs of blissful sleep; caused an uncanny panic to circulate through my veins,
As I stretched my shoulders disdainfully; took the acrimonious rays of the Sun directly in my eyes; tread my feet nonchalantly on the ground to get ready for
the office on MONDAY.

The lids of my eye felt as if they would inevitably shut; the skin encompassing my ankles looked bruised and swollen,
The chords of my heart were throbbing turbulently; every draught of breath cascaded down my nostrils agonizingly,
As I got dressed at the brink of the hour; to drop the kids to school; present my spurious smiles to the outside world on the TUESDAY.

The strands of my hair appeared ruffled; an incongruous stubble extruded from
my cheeks,
The exteriors of my lips were mercilessly chapped; pangs of hunger leapt animatedly in my stomach as an aftermath of indigestion,
As I kissed my wife disparagingly on her cheek; made a beeline for the conference; with my socks worn upside down; on the WEDNESDAY.

The armpits in my body emanated a horrendous stench; earth shattering dreams
resonated vibrantly through my mind,
My body tossed and turned wildly before awakening; the rings engulfing my neck
had transited into an ungainly black,
As I feverishly brushed my teeth with brackish toothpaste sped to the airport
in my silver Mercedes, and my tie nearly strangulating my breath on the THURSDAY.

The nerves in my ears had become numb to sound; people in vicinity struck my
eyes as an obfuscated blur,
The stairs I descended down seemed like colossal mountains; deafening sneezes
occurring sporadically made me feel inherently weak,
As I sat down like a bombastic demon; pale smoke of the cigarette wafting from
my mouth striking my adversary; in the breakfast meeting on the FRIDAY.

The rays of hope were silently stirring in my soul; tinges of exuberance seemed to be taking partial control of my speech,
The images of surreal fantasy were painstakingly enveloping my mind; an insatiable nervousness was boisterously bursting through my knuckles,
As nostalgic memories of my family profoundly lingered in my heart; and the
plane prepared to caress the tarmac of my country on the SATURDAY.

The hour of my freedom had eventually arrived; the ticking of the clock miserably floundered to make the slightest of impact on my thunderous snores,
The beams of dawn had never seemed so pleasant before; the voice of my wife had never seemed so enchanting,
As I got up languidly from my sleep; executed a yawn larger than my dwelling;
embraced my children; my new found freedom; ebulliently on the SUNDAY.


No complications; not even the slightest trace of mystery engulfing it,

No glamour; not even the most minuscule essence of salacious lechery embedded in it,

No discrimination; not even an infinitesimal feeling of racism encompassing it,

No hatred; not even a whisker of deceitful sound emanating from it,

No flattery; not even the tiniest space of sanctimonious thought enveloping it,

No artificiality; not even the most inconspicuous iota of debauchery penetrating it,

No revenge; not even a diminutive particle of vindictive belligerence embodied in it,

No lies; not even the remotest sign of manipulation lingering close to it,

No pompousness; not even the thinnest cloud of formality entrapped in it,

No hostility; not even the most obsolete form of rampant massacre encapsulating it,

No stardom; not even the spurious feeling of worthlessly being something encircling it,

No frigidity; not even the most bizarre sign of perilous old age permeating it,

No infidelity; not even the most ethereal insinuations of betrayal puncturing it,

No makeup; not even the most nascent forms of glitterati hovering around it,

No sadness; not even the most microscopic bits of deplorable gloom circulating around it,

No color; not even the most insipid tinge of haughty design circumventing it,

No cowardice; not even the faintest shadow of fear and retreat entrenching it,

No age; not even the most dreadful dwindling of bones affecting it,

No rest; not even the most thunderous sleep at nightfall ceasing or having any impact on it,

No price; not even the entire wealth amalgamated together in this world able to purchase it,

Only love, desire, an overwhelmingly stupendous ardor to live; an immortal spirit of nostalgia; was how I would; and am sure all of you would choose to describe the violently palpitating and volatile HUMAN HEART.


Full of ecstatic adventure; overwhelmed with exuberant happiness,

Full of unfathomable zeal; an insatiable desire to explore to the most
unprecedented limits,

Full of boisterous euphoria; an uncanny sense of adventure blended profusely with streams of scarlet blood,

Full of tangy spice; an ocean of passionate sweat trickling ferociously with the unleashing second,

Full of mystical tunes; inundated with a flurry of fabulously enchanting scent,

Full of untamed escalating spirits; the desire to love and philander lingering astronomically in the soul,

Full of inexplicable punch; deluged with doughty charisma from all possible and conceivable sides,

Full of mesmerizing beauty; replete with vivacious colors to fathomlessly imagine,

Full of an unsurpassable ability to conquer; trespassing over a blanket of acrid
thorns on naked foot,

Full of tingling smiles; a tumultuously vibrant shiver that crept down nimbly through the spine,

Full of insurmountably daunting courage; an unflinching will to confront
the mightiest of disaster,

Full of rustic simplicity; with the rudiments of existence replicating primordial life of the jungles,

Full of unrelenting buoyancy; always transgressing a couple of inches above soil,

Full of irresistible attraction; a relentless urge to fully explore the most voluptuous tantalizing form,

Full of blazing dynamism; an incorrigible ardor to march ahead with a perpetual longing to survive,

Full of flamboyant muscle; an incomprehensible urgency to dash forward at the slightest of provocation,

Full of marvelous memories; reminiscing incessantly about innocuously mischievous childhood,

Full of cheek and perennially augmenting spice; rampantly caressing the infinite fruits of gorgeous nature,

Full of blood-curling suspense; a thunderous virtue to swirl as high and handsome as the stormy waves,

Full of boundless enthusiasm; a voice that indefatigably blurted out never say die ,
And I don’t know what I was or how I might have livedin my past life; but bless me O! Almighty Lord with an existence such as this in my present life.


More invincible than the colossal mountains; virtually impregnable from all sides,
More unfathomable than the blue skies; prevalent in billions of entities transgressing upon the trajectory of this planet,
More mesmerizing than the voice of the nightingale; illuminating a path of dazzling optimism in an atmosphere encroached viciously with ominous light,
More transparent than the rays of the heavenly Sun; stringently annihilating the most minuscule trace of evil forever from this Universe,
Sadly O! Lord why has truth disappeared from earth today; why has its immortal essence been trampled more indiscriminately than the flies ?

More poignant than the crimson streams of blood in body; irrefutably silencing the web of salacious lies with the power of its divinely voice,
More cherished than any ornament in the world; not procurable for even the entire wealth assimilated on the planet,
More unsurpassable than the golden horizons; tenaciously standing tall engulfed with a blanket of its own convictions,
More grandiloquent than any sight decipherable by the eye; escalating incessantly in a majestic aura that encompassed the divine,
Sadly O! Lord why has truth disappeared from earth today; why has its immortal essence been trampled more indiscriminately than the flies ?

More piquant than the profusely salty ocean; fumigating the most inconspicuous trace of devilish energy; with the celestial antiseptic in its persona,
More persevering than the infinite tons of sweat shed under sweltering winds of the day; laboring all the way to repay Almighty Creator in the best possible way,
More natural than the wail of a freshly born organism; worshipped by even the most Omnipotent for its ubiquitously sacrosanct grace,
More passionate than the handsomely amber flames; incarcerating boundless in the swirl of its innocuous sincerity,
Sadly O! Lord why has truth disappeared from earth today; why has its immortal essence been trampled more indiscriminately than the flies ?

More straighter than the arrow; embedding the virtue of righteousness even countless feet beneath soil,
More revered than the footsteps of the amicable mother; holding the most supreme spot in each heart palpitating under the firmament of sky,
More enchanting than the best of ingratiating perfume; instilling its perpetually benevolent fragrance in whosoever who even nimbly desired it,
More ancient than even the earth on which we're living on was created; infact the only treasure with which any palpable entity was born,
Sadly O! Lord why has truth disappeared from earth today; why has its immortal essence been trampled more indiscriminately than the flies ?


The blood which flowed incessantly through my body; was that of my revered mother,
While the entity who propelled it to circulate more passionately than flamboyant sunshine; was the girl whom I called my beloved.

The color that profusely engulfed my rubicund lips; was that of my loving mother,
While the entity who triggered it to blossom into a festoon of gregarious smiles; was the girl whom I called my beloved.

The bones impregnated bountifully in my supple body; were that of my sacrosanct mother,
While the entity who engendered them to audaciously confront the most acrimonious expeditions of life; was the girl whom I called my beloved.

The brain encapsulated blissfully beneath my skull; was that of my divinely mother,
While the entity who punctuated it to perceive beyond the most unfathomable limits; was the girl whom I called my beloved.

The contours of my intricately molded persona; were that of my heavenly mother,
While the entity who embedded in them poignant traces of vivacious boisterousness; was the girl whom I called my beloved.

The shades of my fabulously glistening eyes; were that of my irrefutably celestial mother,
While the entity who perpetuated them to discriminate between the prudently good and diabolically bad; was the girl whom I called my beloved.

The conglomerate of articulate fingers on my hands; were that of my adorable mother,
While the entity who instigated them to evolve the most ingratiating verse in this world; was the girl whom I called my beloved.

The voluptuously soft palms protruding from my skeleton; were that of my stupendously amicablemother,
While the entity who harnessed each stage of my destiny to unfurl; was the girl whom I called my beloved.

The breath that lingered with unsurpassable equanimity in my nostrils; was that of my Omnipotent mother,
While the entity who caused it to cascade with exuberantly ecstatic compassion; was the girl whom I called my beloved.

And the heart that lay invincibly incarcerated beneath my chest; was that of my immortally cherishable mother,
While the entity who facilitated it to ardently palpitate all night and day; commence on a whole new chapter of love with each of its beat; was the girl whom I called my beloved.


Life means imagination; the ability to perceive and dream beyond the absolutely extraordinary,
Life means observation; the magical prowess to imbibe the maximum out of the stupendously magnificent surroundings,
Life means seduction; the uncanny desire of being tantalized every second to the most unprecedented limits,
Life means devotion; the immortal virtue of being obsessed with the entity you uninhibitedly cherish and love,
Life means fascination; the incessant entrenchment perpetuated by all the mesmerizing beauty wandering on this planet,
Life means God; Life means perennially unending; Life means more.

Life means grandiloquent; the royally majestic sights embedded on the trajectory of this boundless planet,
Life means benevolent; the philanthropic element to help all those fellow compatriots in inexplicable misery and tumultuous pain,
Life means turbulent; the vivacious swirl of rampant thoughts and emotions; that engulf one's countenance by storm,
Life means fragrant; the profusely redolent aroma; which emanated from the voluptuous conglomerate of lotus in the pond,
Life means prudent; the incomprehensible ability of the human brain to act the most sagaciously in every situation,
Life means God; Life means perennially unending; Life means more.

Life means unfathomable; the paradise existing beyond unprecedented corridors of perception,
Life means unconquerable; the aura of invincible love encompassing the soul; which never could die,
Life means unbelievable; the astoundingly amazing string of incidents which sporadically intruded; simply beyond any power of comprehension,
Life means unimaginable; the land which unfurled afresh; after each ounce of perceivable perception had completely exhausted,
Life means God; Life means perennially unending; Life means more.

Life means fabulous; more insurmountably enchanting than the silken puffs of voluptuously crimson clouds,
Life means mysterious; deluged with a myriad of baffling puzzles at every step you alighted,
Life means mischievous; as boisterously vivacious as the grin of a newly born infant; as poignant as the tear drop gushing from his eyes,
Life means adventurous; inundated with exuberant spice as each second unleashed; plunging into the valley of ravishing excitement,
Life means perilous; sandwiched mystically with dangerous impediments; which made a person rise from the ashes; in his fight for holistic survival,
Life means incredulous; the greatest gift for every tangible organism to be bestowed upon with; exist in unison till the Almighty Lord commanded,
Life means God; Life means perennially unending; Life means more.


Don’t blame the overwhelmingly blistering rays of the sweltering Sun; for the mind boggling proportions of heat it ruthlessly generated,
Try and see instead the beams of optimistic light it profoundly illuminated; in the lives of infinite souls completely deluged with hopeless despair.

Don’t blame the horrendously rotting apple for emanating an obnoxious scent; corrupting the spurious bliss of the grandiloquent atmosphere,
Try and see instead the ingratiatingly blossoming effect it had on the dwindling crop; when embedded in soil as pinches of raw manure.

Don’t blame the profusely spike studded shoe for abrading your dainty feet; acting as a gruesome barricade to fresh spurts of air; from seeping inside,
Try and see instead; the astronomical tenacity it offered to your nimble soles; to transgress undaunted; even through the most acrimoniously swirling fires.

Don’t blame the earthquake for treacherously devastating empty buildings; engendering the waves of the fabulous ocean to escalate taller than the skies,
Try and see instead; the celestial rivulets of water it perpetuated; in the heart
of miserably arid land.

Don’t blame the silvery sea shores for inhabiting a battalion of venomously lethal spiders; raring to feast on immaculate chunks of innocent flesh,
Try and see instead; the unfathomable amounts of relaxation they provided to dreary adventurers; the perpetually mystical avenue they proved for lovers before tying the nuptial knot.

Don’t blame the clouds in the cosmos for fomenting a thunderously cacophonic noise; clashing mercilessly against each other to produce streaks of frightening lightening,
Try and see instead; the mesmerizing droplets of rain they showered; the life yielding streams of vivacious liquid which poured in ferocious torrents on pathetically groaning soil.

Don’t blame the kettle for fulminating in tumultuous heat; scalding innocuous bits of skin with hostile droplets of sizzling liquid,
Try and see instead the heavenly rejuvenation it imparted; with only infinitesimal sips of it; gently dribbling into the gloomy persona.

Don’t blame the conscience for being blatantly candid; blurting out things which could have been well camouflaged in realms of astute manipulation and malice,
Try and see instead the stupendously comforting bliss that it provided to the countenance; the most explicit identity it endeavored to reveal of a man dying in
embarrassing despair.

And don’t blame life for being tyrannical and satanically cruel; whipping you every unfurling second with the sword of inexplicable disease compounded with treacherous pain,
Try and see instead its irrefutably sacred virtue; the infinite buckets of voluptuously passionate breath you inhaled to be living this very moment; survive at your unprecedented best in the most horrific of times.


Ordinarily the boy would have lazed all day on the grassy slopes; emanating huge yawns every other unfurling minute,
But today he ran faster than the most supreme athlete; as the spotted panther was chasing him; ready to rip him apart from the last bone down his spine.

Ordinarily the youngster would have played cards all day; merrily frolicking about teasing girls strolling on the road,
But today he perspired unrelentingly under the Sun; worked like a bull to appease his employer and earn money; as his father was no longer alive to feed him; ensure that he fantasized and slept to his hearts content.

Ordinarily the King would have purchased all that he wanted on this earth; with the unprecedented power of his flamboyant jewels and wealth,
But today he prayed diligently in front of the deity to bless him with a child; a virtue that the entire treasury of his opulence had miserably failed to purchase.

Ordinarily the varied conglomerate of human beings intractably refrained from talking to each other; were supremely nonchalant of even knowing the name of
who lived beside them,
But today they slept together under the open sky; conversed amicably with each other irrespective of their inherent hatred; as the devastating earthquake struck the entire city at midnight.

Ordinarily the manipulative minister would have ruined the whole nation; replenishing his personal resources with innocent people's money; demonstrating his theory of "Survival of the Fittest"; without even knowing the tiny alphabets that constituted life,
But today he ruled the country with overwhelming harmony and justice; as his life was under threat from God's messiah who had descended from the sky; and if
the reins slipped while governing the province; the reins of his life would slip forever in just fractions of seconds.

Ordinarily every fisherman would have sat on the shores masticating red meat and wine; as their warehouses were inundated and overflowing with surplus grain and honey,
But today he ventured out into the heart of swirling ocean; audaciously leapt in the midst of the tumultuous storm; laid his net confronting freezing cold and a battalion of shark; as his village and kin were starving; inevitably reeling under the aftermath of vicious drought.

Ordinarily the housewife would have thrown the pack of nondescript candles with utter contempt as it occupied unnecessary space in her kitchen; replacing it with an array of shimmering silver chains and robust cherries,
But today she incessantly prayed to God for the same; wildly groped through the interiors of the dwelling for that inconspicuous and condensed bundle of wax; as
the vast town was abruptly engulfed with perpetual darkness; the stringent beams of brilliant electricity that were once the pride of her house had snapped off without prior notice.

Ordinarily the diminutive chick would never have learnt to fly; feeling invincibly secure under the compassionate warmth of her mothers belly,
But today it soared up high and handsome in the air; kissing the cocoon of clouds as it whistled by; as its mother hadn't returned till late evening; and the pangs of hunger in its stomach were far more effusive than its fear to shut its eyes and hide.

Ordinarily I would have dismissed the idea of going 9 to 9 in the office with sheer contempt and malicious abuse; drowned in the aisles of poetic fantasy and tantalizing desire; penning down infinite lines of poetry sitting as a recluse in the corridors of my cozy home,
But today I found myself smiling pretentiously in front of my employer; obeying even the most infinitesimal of his command; with my head sunk under a mountain of bulky paper and chequebook; as the kicks of the sardonic society and the paucity of funds through the words I evolved; had driven me out of my rosy dreamland to bear the brunt of monotonous Business.

And ordinarily Man wouldn’t have done anything on this earth; would have grown older just staring at the moon; if God had given him everything on a platter; satisfied his every need the instant he uttered them as a faint whisper,
But today he was seen running in all quarters of the globe; sweating and toiling under the acerbic rays of the Sun; onerously studying under the horrendously dim light of the night bulb; conquering astronomical peaks with the ingenious thoughts circulating in his brain; as his necessity to exist was his only mother of beginning; infact the only thing that could have metamorphosed him from a sleeping saint into one who meditated continuously.


I couldn’t hit the earth in my bouts of anger; as it was the one which grew the food necessary for my survival,

I couldn’t hit the wall in my bouts of anger; as it was the one which sequestered my scalp against tumultuous storm and rain; it was the one which constituted and fortified my dwelling,

I couldn't hit the tree in my bouts of anger; as it was laden with the fruits I nibbled in my times of relish; imparted me with velvety breeze in the sweltering night,

I couldn’t hit the mirror in my bouts of anger; as it magnificently portrayed to me my pellucid and candid reflection; and doing so I knew would exacerbate the situation further; would make my own hand bleed,

I couldn’t hit mothers stomach in my bouts of anger; for it was the singular pouch which had bore me for 9 months unrelentingly; the very sacred sac which was responsible for my existence today,

I couldn’t hit the snake in my bouts of anger; for it guarded my treasury of wealth unflinchingly all night and day; and would viciously retort back the instant I raised my fingers to strike,

I couldn’t hit the Sun in my bouts of anger; for it was the sole source of light which maneuvered me in the day; lit up my every morning with an enchanting smile,

I couldn’t hit the child in my bouts of anger; for it was all the energy I possessed; was the sweetest little form of God running gleefully on this earth,

I couldn’t hit the waters in my bouts of anger; for they were the ones who pacified my thirst several times a day; blended my life with loads of mesmerizing cool and shade,

I couldn’t hit the silver plate in my bouts of anger; for it was the one in which I actually consumed my food three times in a day; and insulting it could probably result in not getting food even three times a year,

I couldn’t hit the car in my bouts of anger; for it was the one which transported me marathon distances; saw to it that I my feet rested in luxury; as I reached the summit at whirlwind speeds,

I couldn’t hit my beloved in my bouts of anger; as she was the one who transpired me to live every second; she was the one who took upon herself every affliction to save me from the tiniest of wound today,

I couldn’t hit my sister in my bouts of anger; as she was the one whom I played with irrespective of my augmenting age; with whom I shared all my secrets of life; sometimes woke her even in the middle of the night,

I couldn’t hit my pet dog in my bouts of anger; as he was the one who was the first to welcome me at ethereal dawn; wag his tail incessantly until the time I took him in my arms,

I couldn’t hit my eye in my bouts of anger; for it was the only instrument whom I relied upon to sight this world; and also it would incorrigibly shut tight; as I tried and approached it with my fist,

I couldn’t hit the century old boat in my bouts of anger; as it was the one on which my ancestors sailed; the one where my rudimentary roots lay profoundly embedded,

I couldn’t hit the cow in my bouts of anger; as it was the only animal which gave me sacrosanct milk; impregnated my bones with Herculean strength to take on the mantle of this entire world,

I couldn’t hit the idol of God in my bouts of anger; as it was the one who had evolved me and my kin in the first place; would burn me to inconspicuous ash the moment I irritably hurled my fingers towards his Omnipotent form,

And I couldn’t hit a single thing on this earth; for whatever I hit was something sacred or something which was intimately dear; something which I possessed or
something which had possessed me for infinite years,

That’s when I decided to wholesomely drink my own anger; whenever I was infuriated and my body reverberated beyond the point of no control; rather
than unnecessarily victimizing somebody, taking it out on the innocent world.


Every mouse's boss was the tawny cat; ready to pounce upon its diminutive demeanor each instant; pulverize it to mincemeat with its knife like jaws,

Every river's boss was the colossal ocean; ready to gobble its inconspicuous visage in the gargantuan swirl of its turbulent waves,

Every stone's boss was the lanky mountain; overshadowing its frigid body with its towering shadow; the avalanche of ice descending gathering unprecedented speed it sped down the slope,

Every egg's boss was the enchanting bird; flooding the dreary ambience in vicinity with the mystical tunes that emanated from its beak,

Every infant's boss was its caring mother; who sequestered it from the most non-existent of evil; ensured that it slept while she incessantly stroked its scalp,

Every insect's boss was the disdainfully grizzly lizard; viciously swishing its slender tongue; anticipating them to tantalizingly creep directly into its greedy mouth,

Every web's boss was the silver spider; having the supreme power of dismantling and weaving it all over again; whenever she desired it,

Every ornament's boss was the majestically hooded serpent; hideously hissing sitting over the same; judiciously observing that it refrained to fall into diabolical hands,

Every soil's boss was the indefatigably pelting globules of rain; which inundated its surface with incredulous fertility; conjuring it to blossom into a voluptuous array of fruit and scarlet rose,

Every blank paper's boss was the feather tipped pen; possessing the royal prowess of embossing its barren surface with boundless lines of oligarchic literature,

Every car's boss was its twin pair of brakes; enabling it and imparting it with bountiful resilience to stop and boisterously speed whenever it liked,

Every night's boss was the stringently blazing day; illuminating and metamorphosing its gloomy atmosphere into one with radiant light and fiery rays,

Every star's boss was the resplendent moon; wholesomely trespassing its inconspicuous body with the unfathomable tenacity in its shine,

Every snake's boss was the long toothed mongoose; furtively capsizing it by the slippery neck; making it eventually surrender as it sucked the last drop of blood from its body,

Every tadpole's boss was the preposterously huge whale; eating it at regular intervals in countless clusters; yet not able to fully appease its incomprehensible hunger,

Every wind's boss was the tumultuous storm; sweeping across like thunderbolts of lightening in the world; swallowing every draught of placid breeze that meekly confronted it in its path; and not even wasting time to burp in relishing its robust meal,

Every ghost's boss was the invincibly closed corpse; ensuring that it stayed secured tight within; didn’t get even the remotest chance to escape and spread terror on this globe,

Every land's boss was the unending sky; providing a roof to shelter it; proving it a respectable entity to hold its head high,

Every man's boss was the Omniscient Creator; commanding him every second to satisfy the mission which he taken birth on this earth for,

And every writer's boss was his flamboyant fantasy; his spell binding perceptions that unrelentingly dictated him to keep writing every instant of the chilly night; and all throughout the sunny day.


As I alighted my scooter in the morning; it felt as soft as the fluffy feather of the flamingo; speeded at lightening speeds towards the Sun; with a mere caress to the accelerator,
While at present the same felt like a thousand bags inundated with sharp stones; simply refraining to budge a single inch from its original position; however onerously I tried to push it.

As I alighted my scooter in the morning; it felt like the gentle stream of placid water; mesmerizing all scattered in vicinity with its stupendous charisma and flamboyant grace,
While at present the same thrusted me violently on thefloor; slithered like an untamed freezing lizard; crying incessantly to move a centimeter forward.

As I alighted my scooter in the morning; it voluptuously kissed me as I sat down on the seat; whizzed me past the enamoring sights of the city like a molten volcano fulminating from the trajectory of moist earth,
While at present the same emanated a horrendously charred stench of burnt rubber; choked; coughed and stuttered infinite number of times as I switched on the ignition.

As I alighted my scooter in the morning; it felt like the satiny cocoon of clouds having just descended from the sky; pacifying my insurmountably frazzled senses; with the rhythmic music of its synchronized stirring,
While at present the same seemed as cumbersome to handle as the incredulously slippery granules of desert sand; with the exhaust pipe barking hostile plumes of black smoke directly into my eyes.

As I alighted my scooter in the morning; it felt like an exhilarating aircraft whirring up; ready to transport me across distant corners of the Globe within flash seconds of time,
While at present the same crawled slower than the fattest tortoise; nudging just a single inch; in a single hour.

As I alighted my scooter in the morning; it felt like a pen embossing words at electric velocities; conquering every territory; flooding every sheet with a billion lines of enchanting poetry,
While at present the same seemed to be perspiring like the mammoth bull; digging its curled horns incorrigibly into the stony ground.

As I alighted my scooter in the morning; it felt like the vivacious rainbow in the sky; with its scintillating jugglery of mirror explicitly portraying my handsome reflection,
While at present the same seemed to be like the hoarsely begging eunuch; with its voice stuck stronger than the most tenacious of glue; petrifying my blissful ears with its prominently discordant tunes.

As I alighted my scooter in the morning; it felt like a cleanly floating whistle; permeating the gloomy ambience with its astoundingly fast pulse and robust pace,
While at present it tripped embarrassingly on the ground to taste dust even before I sat; thunderously yawning every second like a lame soldier; when infact I wanted to reach the hospital to meet my wife in an absolute jiffy,

And as I alighted my scooter in the morning; it felt like the bouncing kangaroo brimming with poignant euphoria and rubicund strength; able to appease the
most minuscule of my demand; transporting me with supreme comfort and nonchalant ease to the destination of my choice; the very place I wanted to be,
While at present it lay pathetically morose; trembling like a deserted orphan on the street; as its twin tyre tubes which were once bulging with astronomical amounts of fresh air; had now been brutally assaulted by a battalion of savage nails; Lay barbarically ripped apart; utterly deflated and sadly punctured.


Scores of squeals inundated the atmosphere; clusters of people hugged each other close in utter pandemonium,

A billion beads of sweat trickled down petrified cheeks; as children took deep breaths in terrified exhilaration,

A heap of vegetables and fresh fruit lay completely squashed; housewives wailed in discordant unison about the scornful creases to their immaculate clothes,

Torn bits of heavily scented paper stuck to the ceiling; fluttering about incessantly with the gallant wind that infiltrated in through the doors,

Infinite bundles of hair stood up in untamed indignation; repugnantly refusing to sit down even after blissful calm had descended,

Boundless plumes of black smoke arose in the vicinity; with the disastrously dry coughing of the aged becoming all the more apparent as the agonizing minutes crept by,

The tiny floor seemed to be in a complete disarray; with a pool of tears blended with faint blood portraying a profoundly ghastly appearance,

The tales of remorse and dismay seemed to be gaining impetus; as the people inside felt escalated to the zenith of feverish excitement,

The lights flickered and faltered badly; with perennial darkness seeming to be a better option when compared to the continuously batting beams of flimsy bulb rays,

A battalion of unruly mosquitoes relished the splendid opportunity; perched and sucking blood with gay abandon from innocuously rubicund skin,

The hair on everyone's scalp seemed to protrude in spiffy animosity; as if freshly coming out from the heart of a swashbuckling war film,

All sense of judiciousness and prudent discerning; had now been replaced by unconquerable waves of morbid terror,

All food in the stomach had died a gruesome death; the most inconspicuous of desire to consume liquid incorrigibly refrained to arise again,

An innumerable fleet of pedestrians had gathered at the dismal scenario; expressing their sanctimonious sympathy; trying to mollify frazzled nerves with their armory of spurious smiles,

The entire network of bones in the body felt as if terribly jolted; the intricate cartilage inside felt as if it needed rebirth,

The string of useless thoughts which once bothered and circumvented the mind all night and day; now seemed to be single focused on feasible ways of escape,

The color of skin had metamorphosed to ashen white; the robust river of red blood had stopped flowing hours ago,

The hearts of those incarcerated inside; palpitated more violently than when they had just taken birth,

And you'd be astoundingly surprised at knowing the cause of this holocaust; the disaster which had rendered groups of impeccable humans grappling for their lives in the middle of brilliant daylight; had fomented more perspiration on the body than their was scarlet blood and bone,

As a matter of fact it was just a slim wire of soiled rubber which had snapped; engendering the magnificently colossal lift to plummet like streaks of white lightening towards the ground,

Bounce with a thunderously deafening thud on its cushioned mountain of soft and spongy springs; after traversing down a complete 100 floors of the tall building.


When I bathed my body in pure crimson blood; the world outside seemed to be horrendously appalling and ghastly as I stepped out,

When I bathed my body in an ocean of squelched garbage; the world outside seemed
to be rotten fish; with all entities wandering in vicinity seeming as if unwashed since marathon years,

When I bathed my body in scintillating white and sacrosanct cow milk; the world outside seemed to be an evanescent fog; with each object striking my eye as a hazy and distorted mirage,

When I bathed my body in stupendously redolent lotus juice; the world outside seemed to be extravagantly fragrant; without the slightest trace of dirt and promiscuous stain,

When I bathed my body in a river of foaming saliva; the world outside seemed to be as slippery as the eel; the gargantuan roads appeared to be coated with tons of oil; with every single individual falling head on the ground; after unwittingly loosing his heavy grip,

When I bathed my body in a pond of talcum powder; the world outside seemed to resemble a clown; and I held the sides of my stomach incorrigibly tight; as I was a trifle afraid that they would explode out laughing,

When I bathed my body in a pool of blistering Sunlight; the world outside seemed to be burning and scalding hot; with my fingers circumspect of touching any object in fear of being gruesomely charred,

When I bathed my body in a stream of white electricity; the world outside seemed to emit pugnacious sparks; and I dared not put my foot on the earth in danger of getting wholesomely electrocuted,

When I bathed my body in a puddle of vivacious scorpion juice; the world outside seemed to be as ominous as the hideous reptile; with each person appearing to ooze lethal venom from his mouth; instead of eloquent and enchanting speech,

When I bathed my body in a film of pungent tears; the world outside seemed to be effusively crying; every man and woman appeared to be sad; and edging towards the brink of extinction,

When I bathed my body in pulverized cactus pulp; the world outside seemed to be irritable and irascible; with people scratching their scalps every second in utter exasperation,

When I bathed my body in glittering liquid of pure gold; the world outside seemed exorbitantly rich and marvelous; with every person inundated with fancy chequebooks and chains of shimmering pearls,

When I bathed my body in crushed garlic; the world outside seemed like the decaying fish; wafting an odor that fomented me to puke out all that was trapped inside my stomach,

When I bathed my body in the floating clouds; the world outside seemed to be insurmountably windy; with man flying a few feet above the ground flapping his
fleshy wings,

When I bathed my body in a fulminating tub of acid; the world outside seemed to be like a sizzling pancake simmering boisterously to erupt in hostile fumes,

When I bathed my body in silvery sands; the world outside seemed to be gradually slipping; with every visible glass and body completely engulfed with monotonous dust,

When I bathed my body in finely pulverized bone powder; the world outside seemed to be an obsolete dead corpse; with ghoulish images of ghosts wandering on the streets instead of robust individuals,

When I bathed my body in a conglomerate of satiny hair; the world outside seemed to be a mesmerizing planet; on which fairies floated and basked in the aisles of unprecedented romance,

When I bathed my body in a pool of pure shit; the world outside seemed to be a stinking dustbin; with every individual vomiting out every second instead of blissfully inhaling air and living,

When I bathed my body in silvery moonlight; the world outside seemed to be an enchanting paradise; with a fleet of tantalizing fairies eating, sipping and sleeping milk,

When I bathed my body in firewood ash; the world outside seemed to be brutally burnt; with every object in vicinity appearing as if charred to wholesomely Black soot,

When I bathed my body in pungent acrylic paint; the world outside seemed to be freshly whitewashed; everything seemed to be newly constructed; with people's faces sparkling even after wee hours of chilly midnight,

When I bathed my body in a lake of molten wax; the world outside seemed to be melting at electric speeds; blatantly prominent outlines of the city seemed to be
fading rapidly into thin wisps of oblivion,

When I bathed my body in enigmatically slithering snake skin; the world outside seemed to be hideously snaring; with pedestrians seeming to viciously bite each time they opened their mouths to speak,

When I bathed my body in a finely squelched pulp of green grass; the world outside seemed to be passionately raw; with humans inevitably tickling themselves in a state of restless frenzy,

When I bathed my body in strands of morbid spider web; the world outside seemed to be an eerie playground; with humans having unpleasantly ghoulish
designs engulfing their face,

When I bathed my body in superlatively piquant tomato curry; the world outside seemed to be a delicious pizza taken out right from the sizzling oven; with all tangible and intangible sprawled around appearing to be completely red; appearing as if uninhibitedly blushing unstoppably all the time,

When I bathed my body in a rivulet of vitamin tonic; the world outside seemed to be a pathetic hospital; with people holding their faces in inexplicable despair; orphans wandering on the roads with antiseptic bandages wound to their throats,

When I bathed my body in a bucket replete with foamy soap; the world outside seemed to be a profuse blanket of frothy spray; with denizens walking on an island of spongy bubbles; bursting them pompously with their fingers to clear their way,

When I bathed my body in whirlpools of pulsating rock music; the world outside seemed to be a sleazily blaring discotheque; with countless clusters of youngsters gyrating their bodies to unsynchronized beats of vibrant sound,

When I bathed my body in a shower of raunchy salt; the world outside seemed to be overwhelmingly tantalizing; with even the incomprehensibly old seeming to bounce euphorically with new found rigors of life,

When I bathed my body in plumes of black vehicle smoke; the world outside seemed to be an obfuscated blur; with visibility cutting down to almost an absolute zero and dynamic individuals hopelessly tripping their footing even before they decided to walk,

And eventually when I bathed my body in a compassionate waterfall of her moist breath; the world outside seemed to have vanished in entirety; didn’t appear at all no matter how hard I strained my eyes; for all I could feel; imagine; and appreciate was her mesmerizing eyes and lips; the invincible seed of romance; now palpitating turbulently in her heart as I touched her.


In order to embarrassingly fall on the ground; one must first try to audaciously stand,

In order to vehemently cry aloud in astonishingly calm air; one must first try to inculcate the virtue of uninhibited laughter,

In order to be blatantly illiterate; one must first try to imbibe the meaning of sagacious and discerningly literate,

In order to be dismally gloomy; one must first try to flirtatiously smile,

In order to be disastrously defeated; one must first try to embrace exhilarating victory,

In order to feel gruesomely bizarre winds of freezing cold; one must first try to experience the winds of inexorably blistering heat,

In order to starve to unprecedented limits; one must first try to eat succulent morsels of tantalizing food to the most gargantuan of his heart's content,

In order to thunderously sneeze; one must first try to inhale in fresh draughts of exuberant breath,

In order to get overwhelmingly wounded; one must first try to valiantly brandish a sword and fight,

In order to remain as still and motionless as the morbid corpse; one must first try to boisterously march at the crack of every euphoric dawn,

In order to dance naked on the viciously barren streets; one must first try embellish himself completely from fluffy head to diminutive feet,

In order to hysterically scream; one must first try to remain perpetually silent,

In order to fight unceremoniously with innocuous people sleeping in their dwelling; one must first try to incessantly pray,

In order to blink indefatigably without the slightest of control; one must first try to prudently stare for marathon hours on the trot,

In order to perceive the most obnoxious stench existing on this planet; one must first try to profoundly absorb the stupendous scent of the scarlet rose,

In order to thunderously yawn in the midst of the bombastic conference; one must first try to sit sagaciously for countless hours on the desk; without budging the tiniest either to the right; or the extreme left,

In order to break the glass into infinite splinters of serrated mirror; one must first try to wholesomely admire his reflection to unsurpassable extents; even after ghoulish nightfall,

In order to commit salacious acts of mortifying betrayal; one must first try to wholeheartedly; and truly love,

In order to trip head on to the rock bottom of the obdurate ground; one must first try to dexterously clamber up the escalating and rickety staircase,

In order to go perpetually blind; one must first try to enjoy the spell binding and mesmerizing prowess of handsome sight,

In order to disdainfully drown to the bed of the deep and fathomless ocean; one must first try to uninhibitedly swing his arms and swim,

In order to become barbarically dumb; one must first try to eloquently speak and sing,

And in order to savagely die and brusquely relinquish breath; one must first try and lead life; move his hands and feet for existence; move his hands to blissfully survive.


Normally I would have fallen on the ground in a bedraggled heap; as the colossal slabs of concrete tore loose and descended from the terrace of the building,
But today I escaped without a single scratch to my scalp; bounced about in robust exhilaration as the mammoth plaster viciously struck my head.

Normally I would have emitted a thunderous yelp as I was hurled on the obdurate road from my scooter; eloping at electric speeds to the nearest hospital to receive exquisite medical treatment,
But today I patted my skull in supreme satisfaction; inhaled in a breath of incredulous contentment as I audaciously marched forward after the entire episode.

Normally I would have seen shimmering stars in brilliant daylight; as I bumped my head inadvertently in the doorway while entering the house,
But today I was able to stare directly into the pugnacious fireball of the Sun without batting an eyelid; immediately after the ghastly anecdote unveiled.

Normally I would have taken out life from the boy; as he deliberately hit me with a sharp stone; ran after him wincing in inexplicable agony to try and wring his neck,
But today I hoisted him handsomely in my arms; fed him with a flurry of ravishingly creamy chocolates; instantaneously after he hit me with the bulky brick.

Normally I would have shot all those mosquitoes hovering intransigently around my face; trying to irascibly infiltrate into my skin to drink my precious blood,
But today I invited them open heartedly to chivalrously grace my presence; infact asked them to invite the most remotest of their friends to come and sing near my nose.

Normally I would have been squelched to raw pulp; cremated in my coffin even before I died; as the monstrous bus ruthlessly bulldozed its way over my innocent head,
But today I got up within fraction seconds of time after the vehicle had skidded by; commented nonchalantly about the tyres not being that heavy as they should have been.

Normally I would have been mercilessly electrocuted as streaks of white lightening struck me on my naked skull; charring me to colorless ash from head to toe,
But today I withstood the storm unflinchingly; rampantly ran without the slightest of fear and circumspection; in the midst of sparks and vivacious electricity falling all around in violent tandem.

Normally I would have coughed incessantly; caught with severe infections and disease as I weaved through the claustrophobic streets of the crowded city,
But today I wandered a perfect double of my regular distance remaining as robust as a resplendent apple; emitting tinkling laughter; executing the smile of my life.

Normally I wouldn't have even got time to perform my last rites and rituals; as the herculean boulder came hurtling down the mountains; banging brutally with my innocuous head,
But today I sat down for breakfast immediately after the appalling incident; munched through the appetizing slices of crimson radish with unprecedented relish.

And normally I would have fainted at every accident that happened; every fall that I was inevitably subjected to; visited disdainful ambulances time and again; stuffed more painkiller in my stomach than mesmerizing food,
But today I sat on the throne like an unconquerably prince; ready to take on the onslaught of the most thunderous of storm; knowing that I would be immortally safe from all sides; as I had adorned my all time darling; my rotund shaped and garishly striped helmet


Every century looked so long; that in the beginning I felt it would last till more than what the Creator could ever have perceived; with the decades towering even higher than all the continents of the Universe amalgamated together,
But believe me; now it seemed that I had just devoured my first morsel of food; and time had zipped past all those decades like a flying tornado; faster than the speed
of light.

Every decade looked so long; that in the beginning I felt that it would last till more than eternity; with the years painstakingly creeping in before completely unfurling,
But believe me; now it seemed that I had just got up from my last nights sleep; and time had zipped past all those years like a flying tornado; faster than the speed of light.

Every year looked so long; that in the beginning I felt it would be more than the unfathomable sky in entirety; with the conglomerate of months simply refraining to whistle by,
But believe me; now it seemed that I had just batted my eyelids quite inadvertently; and time had zipped past all those months like a flying tornado; faster than the speed of light.

Every month looked so long; that in the beginning I felt it would be more invincible than the mighty deserts to conquer; with each fortnight stabbing me more than a million thorns coalesced together,
But believe me; now it seemed that I had just finished my celestial dream; and time had zipped past all those fortnights like a flying tornado; faster than the speed of light.

Every fortnight looked so long; that in the beginning I felt that it would be more boundless than the colossal ocean to swim in; with each week whizzing like an
unrelenting mosquito; buzzing its discordant tunes into my intricately sensitive eardrum,
But believe me; now it seemed that I had just walked a single step on this earth; and time had zipped past all those weeks; faster than the speed of light.

Every week looked so long; that in the beginning I felt that it would be more Herculean than the summit of Everest to conquer; with the coalition of half a dozen
days battering me disdainfully to the ground,
But believe me; now it seemed that I had just brushed my curly moustache; and time had zipped past all those days like a flying tornado; faster than the speed of light.

Every day looked so long; that in the beginning I felt that it would be more tenacious than the fiery body of Sun to stare at; with the marathon hours poking me like sizzling roads of steel all over my body,
But believe me; not it seemed that I had just opened my mouth a trifle; and time had zipped past all those hours like a flying tornado; faster than the speed of light.

Every hour looked so long; that in the beginning I felt it would be more acrimonious than the blanket of vicious thorns to tread on; with the persevering minutes engendering unprecedented amounts of sweat to ooze from my arms,
But believe me; now it seemed that I had just drawn a thin line on the slippery sand; and time had zipped past all those minutes like a flying tornado; faster than the speed of light.

Every minute looked so long; that in the beginning I felt it would be more treacherous than the haunted corpse loitering in the graveyard; the seconds languidly inching towards the remotely distant finishing point,
But believe me; now it seemed that I had hardly completed my spurious yawn; and time had zipped past all those seconds like a flying tornado; faster than the speed of light.

Every second looked so long; that in the beginning I felt it would be more cumbersome than counting the entire battalion of stars embedded in the resplendent
cosmos; with the irate tick-tick of the clock getting deafeningly loud to bear as each instant assiduously revolved by,
But believe me; now when I was 90 years of age about to relinquish life forever; it seemed that I has just inhaled in a single draught of racy breath; and time had zipped past all those moments when I was seductively beautiful and young; like a flying tornado; faster than the speed of light.


The eagle soaring handsomely in the air; balanced itself adroitly on its pair of long wings,

The car traversing like a bullet on the satiny carpet of land; balanced itself beautifully on its armory of splendidly inflated tyres,

The colossal building standing on obdurate soil; balanced itself with nonchalant ease on its tremendously fortified foundations,

The cockroach transgressing mournfully towards the sordid lavatory seat; balanced itself with precision degrees of control on its fleet of multiple legs,

The gigantic tree looming large in the bountiful fields; balanced itself amazingly on its jugglery of slender branches; its entwined ensemble of juicy roots,

The boundless pages of the medieval history book; balanced themselves dexterously on the flimsily serrated thread in the absolute center,

The voluptuously rosy tongue; balanced itself marvelously between the two
intricate chambers of mouth,

The impeccably flawless shirt; balanced itself gorgeously on its entire festoon of rotund buttons; its dual pair of languidly suspended sleeves,

The ingeniously crafted tiny brain; balanced itself tranquilly between two synchronized hemispheres,

The sizzling cup of heavenly flavored tea; balanced itself divinely between the edges and the compact bottom of the kingly ivory cup,

The celestial waterfall culminating into an superlatively alluring spray after smashing against the rocks; balanced itself animatedly between the gargantuan cliffs of the indefatigably towering mountain,

The corrugated carpet of road; balanced itself meticulously between a dispersed fraternity of vehicles; ranging from as varied as flamboyantly whirring cars to the impoverished and diminutively squeaky bicycle,

The wooden body of big boat; balanced itself delectably between its pair of gawky oars and the tumultuous fury of the rustic sea,

The perennial coat of absolute darkness; balanced itself magnificently between the brilliantly illuminated day and the shimmering wall of resplendent twilight,

The stubbornly protruding nose; balanced itself in splendid unison between both the island's of rubicund cheek and the merrily dangling earlobes,

The sacrosanct demeanor o the glistening bell; skillfully balanced itself between the holy interiors of the temple and the air circulating placidly outside,

The countless lines sprawled on the sweaty persona of palm; stupendously balanced themselves between the long knotted fingers and the sturdily sculptured wrist,

The dog inundated with fathomless fur on its skin; balanced its intransigently curved tail between its abraded claws and angled legs,

Every human trespassing on the trajectory of this planet; balanced himself magnificently on his two feet and strong arms,

And every life spawned in this Universe by the Creator; sagaciously balanced itself between its share of enchantingly good and diabolically bad.


For me it was a retreat where I could shout uninhibitedly; without caring a damn about the pretentious society,

For me it was a castle in which I could parade with or without my bombastic fabric; wear the most shriveled and bedraggled attire of my very own choice,

For me it was a tunnel in which I could swim and frolic; applying tons of slippery mud and wild grass on my supple body,

For me it was a hut in which I could dream unrelentingly all day and night; without the slightest barricade or disturbance from the horrendously conventional world,

For me it was an invincible fortress which sequestered my scalp from brilliant
sunshine in the day; warded off the tiniest of evil in the perilously shivering night,

For me it was a delectably placid heaven; where I could dance in unprecedented jubilation anytime,

For me it was a sky of mesmerizing fantasy; where I could conceive the most bizarre and wildest of things; and yet find a right to stay blissfully alive,

For me it was an ocean of fathomless enchantment; where I could stay in complete oblivion from the planet; and yet admire it from my colossal balcony,

For me it was a warehouse of appetizing food; a ravishing enclosure to appease my gluttony several times in a single day; and that too masticating the meal of my choice,

For me it was a golden mattress embodied with flocculent buds of raw cotton; where I could walk in my most natural state; without adhering to the stringent norms of gaudy fashion and pompous clothing,

For me it was a voluptuously blossoming garden; where I could leisurely stroll at any stage of the acrimonious day; inundate its interiors with the most wacky perfume of my choice,

For me it was a rainbow of vivacious colors; where I could entertain myself to the fullest; nostalgically reminisce in the glory of my innocuous childhood; without a soul to interrupt me,

For me it was an asylum where I could behave like an insane lunatic; let the diabolical part of me fulminate to its most overwhelming capacity,

For me it was a laboratory to carry on my ingenious experiments; keep evolving millions of lines of Poetry without actually getting in the way of the intransigently unsparing critics,

For me it was an inevitably precious jewel; which incredulously augmented my existing charm; making me the darling of my sacrosanct wife,

For me it was a sprawling playground scattered with umpteenth number of alluring toys; a place where I could talk to my children with the supreme freedom of a crown prince,

For me it was a divinely temple; wherein I vehemently revered and kept the idol of my God; prayed to it incessantly every morning; before I eventually departed for interacting with the disdainful world,

For me it was a fountain of boisterous activity; with each day bringing in loads of unsurpassable excitement and astonishing fun,

To be succinctly precise; let me instead curtail the lengthy discussion; and sign off ecstatically by just saying; that it was indeed my daintily adorable and beautiful dwelling.


In the beginning I perceived that if I consumed colossal morsels of food at a time; then I would be saving myself the bother of painstakingly masticating for the next couple of marathon weeks,
But hardly had an hour elapsed of my devouring the same; that hunger pangs in my stomach began to thunderously reverberate; and in the end I inevitably compromised on scrupulously taking in my meals; every day.

In the beginning I perceived that if I bathed relentlessly at a time; voraciously scrubbing my body with soap and stringent antiseptic; then I would be saving myself the bother of disdainfully taking a bath in cold water in every shivering morning; for the next couple of marathon weeks,
But hardly had an hour elapsed of my washing my persona; that there crept an uncanny feeling in my brain of being disheveled and dirty; and in the end I inevitably compromised on meticulously taking bath; every day.

In the beginning I perceived that if I walked indefatigably flexing the muscles of my leg; then I would be saving myself the bother of keeping even a foot on the earth; for the next couple of marathon weeks,
But hardly had an hour elapsed of running inexorably on the ground; that my legs pertinently ached to boisterously jog; and in the end I inevitably compromised on robustly walking; every day.

In the beginning I perceived that if I guzzled a complete well replete with sparkling water at a time; then I would be saving myself the bother of incessantly taking the pain of sipping liquid down my throat; for the next couple of marathon weeks,
But hardly had an hour elapsed of my gulping down the Natural elixir; that my parched mouth pathetically cried for more solvent; and in the end I inevitably
compromised on drinking water several times; every day.

In the beginning I perceived that if I laughed in deafening guffaws all night; then I would be saving myself the bother of tenaciously stretching the muscles of my cheek; for the next couple of marathon weeks,
But hardly had an hour elapsed of my uninhibitedly spreading my teeth; that my stomach propelled me to giggle again; and in the end I inevitably compromised
on fabulously smiling several times; every day.

In the beginning I perceived that if I studied tirelessly; read every piece of literature that layscattered in vicinity at a time; then I would be saving myself the bother of straining my eyes on intricate writing; for the next couple of marathon weeks,
But hardly had an hour elapsed of my finishing the bulky textbooks; that there arose an inscrutable curiosity in my visage of knowing what was the speed of white light; and in the end I inevitably compromised on diligently reading and imbibing;  every day.

In the beginning I perceived that if I wept hysterically; passionately beating my chest with my tightly curled fists at a time; then I would be saving myself the bother of shedding precious tears; for the next couple of marathon weeks,
But hardly had an hour elapsed of my crying spuriously; that I witnessed a tragedy on the streets which compelled my eyes to glisten in astonished horror; and in the end I inevitably compromised of feeling sensitively for mankind; sharing peoples inexplicable sorrow; every day.

In the beginning I perceived that if I fantasized and loved vehemently at a time; then I would be saving myself the bother of taxing my brain for the next couple of marathon weeks,
But hardly had an hour elapsed of my envisaging tantalizing romance; that there arose an insurmountable urge in my countenance to dream again; and in the end I inevitably compromised of compassionately loving; every day.

And in the beginning I perceived that if I took in boundless breaths at a time; then I would be saving myself the bother of exerting the jacket of my soft lungs; rest in celestial peace without pressurizing my heart; for the next couple of marathon weeks,
But hardly had an hour elapsed of my exhilarating activity; that there occurred an unrelenting gasp in my ribs for more fresh air; and in the end I inevitably compromised of leading life slowly and steadily; every day.


It nimbly swished its tail; as the blaring horns of boundless trapped vehicles; deluged the membranes of its intricate ear,

It incorrigibly refrained to listen; payed a wholesomely deaf ear; as hordes of people hooted in thunderous cacophony all around,

It nonchalantly exonerated all appeals by pedestrians to clear the way; displayed its disgusting disapproval by a feeble flap of its earlobe,

It stood in solitary silence in the midst of the boisterous activity; preferred to gently lick its innocuous calf; rather than walking a step forward; making way for the armory of mammoth trucks blowing their horns to ultimate capacity,

It bloated pompously in conceited pride at the very thought of being the most talked about; invited tiny toddlers to adorn its back; even as their parents admonished them stringently of not doing so,

It merrily lapped at water in an obsolete monsoon pond on the pavement; as countless number of dreary passengers blurted a volley of abuse; utterly famished and miserably trapped in their claustrophobic jeeps,

It blissfully erupted into slimy cakes of cowdung; celestially defecating its morning meal; as several denizens on the street coughed and abysmally stuttered towards inevitable smoke and suffocation,

It stupendously relished the inclement cold with its coat of impeccably white skin; while the youngsters trapped way behind in the haphazardly synchronized traffic; dreadfully envisaged the face of their angry beloved; who would terrorize their cheeks with tenacious slaps; for reaching embarrassingly late,

It fantasized for hours immemorial without fluttering an eyelid; insipidly shook its body to drive away the festoon of cheeky flies feasting on the folds of its neck; while infinite businessmen jolted right from the midst of their harmonious sleep; ordered the driver to abdicate their automobile; took to the wheel themselves and swerved violently on the tarmac to catch the evening flight in an absolute jiffy,

It playfully conversed with umpteenth others of its fraternity; whispering its tale of anguished woes; standing like a formidably impregnable fortress; in the center of the stridently clanging traffic and frugal bits of free space,

It rubbed its nose on the ground deliberately to be sympathetic for its impoverished self; while the inept police station resonated in the throes of indefatigable shrill ringing activity; as citizens resorted to the same in a last bid to reach the abnormally long looking finishing line,

It slowly gallivanted around like an immaculately mute spectator; sniffing about fruits strewn in vicinity which it supremely cherished; while the crowds on the roads kept augmenting; reaching an unprecedented zenith as the primordial minutes unveiled themselves into marathon hours,

It took a short nap granting eternal rest to its overwhelmingly overstuffed belly; while helpless plebeians shrieked and wailed in fervently mounting frustration,

It inhaled in profusely divine long breaths; while the battalion of haplessly stranded civilians staggered hopelessly for bellows of fresh and ravishing breath,

It angrily kicked at a philanthropist trying to cajole it to shift its dwelling to a safer haven; hovered its pugnacious horns for evoking some moments of frolicking mischief; even before the man could say sorry and exit,

It intransigently remained riveted to its place; although some clever farmers tried to lure it with a packed bundle of green grass and delectable leaf; thereby instilled in individuals all around that patience is indeed the persevering virtue to unparalleled success,

It awoke children in their cozy dwelling from their surreal day dreams; as they gathered around its body to admire and play with its marvelously lovely tail,

And in the end; when the thunderously deplorable sounds of horns; the relentless cursing of people; the ambience inundated with rampant mayhem; was getting a trifle too much on its nerves to bear; the Cow still didn't shift a centimeter from the heart of the road; instead urled its legs snobbishly and sat; giving the humans
profoundly disturbed and distressed; their well deserved half a victory.


Some presumed that I was staring towards the sky; while some felt that I gazed towards the gutter flowing across cold ground,

Some presumed that I was staring as straight as an arrow towards the blackboard; while some felt that I was flirting around with beautiful girls sitting by the corner,

Some presumed that I was staring towards the scarlet cherries strewn on the embellished dining table; while some felt that I was conversing merrily with my
revered mother,

Some presumed that I was staring at the haystack trying to search for the inconspicuous little needle; while some felt that I was trying to capture the bull's attention to get stupidly gored,

Some presumed that I was staring at the fleet of birds flying high and handsome in air; while some felt that I peering down the crease of my garishly striped pant,

Some presumed that I was staring pleadingly at my Boss spuriously adorned on the golden chair; while some felt that I was capriciously looking out of the ventilator fitted a few inches beneath the square ceiling,

Some presumed that I was staring at the boisterous street inundated with normal pedestrians and swanky cars; while some felt that I was watching television; lazily dozing in the plush drawing room,

Some presumed that I was staring at fish in the waters of the ocean; while some felt that I profoundly admired the stars shine,

Some presumed that I was staring relentlessly at my wife; while some felt that my gaze was furtively concentrated on the exotically alluring neighboring window,

Some presumed that I was staring at the mosquitoes hovering incessantly around my nose; while some felt that I was appreciating the grizzly lizard incorrigibly stuck to the middle of the ceiling,

Some presumed that I was staring at the pages of the literary textbook; while some felt that I was trying to peevishly count the number of hair on my silken scalp,

Some presumed that I was staring into the bathroom mirror for hours immemorial; while some felt that I followed every movement of the sordid cockroach on the sparkling white floor,

Some presumed that I was staring unforgivingly at the hideous monster; while some felt that I was in the midst of blissfully mesmerizing fantasy; voraciously rolling my eyeballs from side to side,

Some presumed that I was staring at the festoon of crimson roses sprouting in voluptuous tandem from the soil; while some felt that I was violently searching
for my loved ones in brilliant daylight,

Some presumed that I was staring innocuously at the judge seated on the cradle of irrefutable justice; while some felt that I looked towards the floor in cowardly guilty submission,

Some presumed that I was staring at my watch adroitly wound across my wrist; while some felt that I looked wistfully at the clouds; anticipating thunderbolts of tantalizing rain,

Some presumed that I was staring at the statue of my God placed dead straight; while some felt that I was haphazardly searching for my way on the crowded and bustling lane,

Some presumed that I was staring at her celestially romantic doorstep; while some felt that I was gazing at the old mans forehead,

Some presumed that I was staring at the opalescent fountains fulminating at astronomical heights in the serene atmosphere; while some felt that I nodded every now and then at my vaguely obscure shadow on the ground,

And although I might be squint eyed; I was still better than most of you would ever think; as I possessed this inherently uncanny ability to completely fool whomsoever I desired; whenever I wanted; which you miserably failed to imbibe the slightest; even though you had two pairs of perfect eyes; during the course of your entire lifetime.


I marched rambunctiously up the steps to my office; greeted my boss before anybody else could with a profoundly amicable smile,
While he slept lazily on his cozy bed; even well past brilliant afternoon.

I got ready for the high priority business meeting; sat in synchronized harmony beside the delegate adorned in an expensively embellished suit; with my pulse nearly racing out of my heart,
While he nimbly turned his back from one side to another; inadvertently shrugged at the flies hovering pertinently round his cheek.

I bounced boisterously on the vacant streets at the crack of glistening dawn; relentlessly admiring the Sun as it shone to its most overwhelming radiance,
While he drew the quilt even more tenaciously over his head; shielding his eyes even from the tiniest trace of white light.

I jogged fervently through the verdant lawns; with ravishing grass incessantly tickling my dreary feet; letting infinite globules of golden perspiration dribble down my arms,
While he emanated a volley of thunderous snores; inundating the blissful atmosphere around with his disdainfully pugnacious sound.

I dug gargantuan chunks of fresh soil with my hands as hostile rays of afternoon filtered through my hazel eyes; sowed a cluster of salubrious seed in every
visible quarter of fecund land,
While he dozed like the most treacherous demon on this planet; sleeping invincibly with his bohemian feet pointing towards the garland of resplendent stars.

I executed each of my task meticulously as the clock indefatigably ticked; harmoniously carrying out all my duties of the day without the slightest of
circumspection or bewilderment,
While he sucked his big thumb worse than a small baby; with a mountain of silken pillow profusely enveloping his scalp.

I leapt in ecstatic jubilation in torrential sheets of voluptuous rain; splashing my entire persona in the freshly sparkling stream of seductive water,
While he mumbled incoherent words in his divinely reverie; refrained to budge an inch; even as a battalion of red cockroach crawled in his limp ear.

I immensely relished each shade of the day; flamboyantly marched past the serene seaside; with the congenial evening breeze kissing fabulously across my chest,
While he didn’t even know the world in which he was living; whether it was stringent morning outside or ghastly night.

I reaped the most blissful of merits in life; optimizing each opportunity that came my way; climbing the ladders to unprecedented success and irrefutable prosperity,
While he poked his tongue out a trifle; slavered pathetically at the mouth; let the parasites around suck his morbid blood without being perturbed one bit.

And the only difference between me and him was; that I woke up with a jolted start every morning; as my sweet alarm clock whipped the last ounce of my sleep with its deafening noise,
While he was left miserably asleep and doped till well past after midnight; till when infact I had victoriously completed my full quota of days; my complete quota of enchanting nights.


The color of my cheeks was whiter than the innocuous Moon; when I just got up from sleep with the first rays of ethereal dawn,

The color of my cheeks was more crimson than the poignant rose; when the girl of my surreal dreams; flirtatiously glimpsed at my countenance,

The color of my cheeks was a morbid yellow; when I was enveloped by the ominous swirl of ghastly fever,

The color of my cheeks was a tangy blue; as I reached the shores after swimming voraciously for marathon hours in the vivaciously salty ocean,

The color of my cheeks was a mischievous chocolate brown; after I rhapsodically trespassed through a slippery slurry of mud; and the rain thunderously pelting down,

The color of my cheeks was a brilliantly shimmering yellow; after I stood for gigantic hours under the sweltering midday Sun,

The color of my cheeks was an incorrigible pink; as I entered my dwelling after spending countless hours sandwiched between colossal slabs of raw ice,

The color of my cheeks was a sparkling golden; after I scrubbed them voraciously with stringently pungent cakes of fat antiseptic,

The color of my cheeks was blacker than the deplorable coal mines; when I starved myself for weeks on the trot; sat in an obsolete corner sequestered wholesomely from the outside world,

The color of my cheeks was an overwhelmingly ashen grey; as I heard the news of the ship sinking; the treacherous tale of my compatriots losing their lives under cold water,

The color of my cheeks was greener than the curled grass; when I sat under the placid shade of the tree; with its astronomically foliate branches flooding my senses with rejuvenated fervor,

The color of my cheeks was more transparent than the scintillating mirror; when I was in a mood to convey the most surreptitious of thoughts candidly,

The color of my cheeks was a fiery red; when I marched forward in volatile anger; vindictively resolving to teach my erring adversary the lesson of his life,

The color of my cheeks was more blended than a rainbow; when a battalion of girls kissed them; all embellished with myriad textures of swanky lipstick,

The color of my cheeks was a trifle hazy; as I freshly passed out through the conglomerate of puffy clouds,

The color of my cheeks was a pathetic violet; as I consumed frugal amounts of venom; to gently experience the process of extinction,

The color of my cheeks was pragmatically normal; when I intensely concentrated on my work; paid heed to nothing else but the process called practical and routine life,

The color of my cheeks was celestially heavenly; when I had just taken birth; exhaled my first breath on this mesmerizing planet,

And the color of my cheeks disappeared in entirety; floating like an inconspicuous thread into remote oblivion; as I breathed my last; as I was buried fathomless feet in my grave after being declared dead.


When I held it dead straight and candidly in free space; people thought I was being overwhelmingly rude and cheeky,

When I sucked it passionately in my mouth; people thought I was just an innocuously overgrown child; unfit to exist in monotonous society,

When I curled it stubbornly to form a fist; people thought I was in an invidiously wild mood to punch and fight,

When I slanted it a trifle towards the left or right; people thought I wanted a
brazen and speedy lift,

When I pressed it ardently on scintillating white paper after dipping it in sapphire pools of ink; people thought that I was illiterate; didn’t even know how to prudently sign,

When I raised it above my shoulders for incessant lengths of time; people thought that I gruesomely stranded; wanted to abscond to more blissful places than the eerie mist surrounding me,

When I folded it pathetically into boundless knots; people thought that I was disdainfully maim; endeavoring my best against crippled time,

When I tapped it relentlessly on the desk; people thought that I was peevishly irritated; desired to be left in immortal peace and all alone,

When I rubbed it voraciously across my armory of teeth; people thought I had dropped freshly from the rustic village; wasn’t acquainted the slightest to contemporary toothbrush and stringent paste,

When I hoisted it vivaciously towards my friends in times of perilous examinations; people thought that I was wishing my comrades all the very best,

When I probed it forward to sprinkle crimson vermilion in the hair of my beloved; people thought I had tied the nuptial thread; bonded myself into the swirl of sacred marriage,

When I ominously hurled in sedate atmosphere; people thought I had intentions of breaking somebody's nose; waded back in petrified terror,

When I obnoxiously pointed it downwards towards Black mud; people thought I was in a mood to contemptuously insult; ridicule sagacious entities to inconspicuous dust,

When I caressed it on colossal slabs of white ice; people thought that I trying to generate tremors of inexplicable excitement in my languidly dreary persona,

When I whole heartedly offered it to kids to play; people thought that I was extremely philanthropic; had this insatiable desire to help human kind,

When I twisted it fervently to capsize the pen; people thought that I was in an uninhibited spree to write,

When I engulfed it wholesomely with colored gloves; people thought that I was involved in heinous crimes; was trying to surreptitiously sequester my trail of vulnerable fingerprints,

When I feverishly bit it umpteenth number of times in the day; people thought that I was encapsulated with incomprehensible anxiety; was waiting for precarious time to rapidly unveil,

When I held it intractably against my lips; people thought I was trying to intimidate them into brutalized silence,

When I amicably waved it towards the chair; people thought that I instructing them to congenially sit and relish in fantasy,

O! My God; although it was just a short stub of fat flesh protruding from my palms; my big thumb was really something to ponder about; my big thumb was
incredulously astounding.

The End .


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