Life = Death - volume 2 - Poems on Life , Death

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About The Poetry Book

This Book which has 50 differently titled Poems , is actually volume 2 of the Book titled – Life = Death – Poems on Life , Death ( 1200 pages ) . This enigmatic collection of poems explores and equates the boundless possibilities of life and death and delves into each intricate inexplicability of survival. Parekh's roving philosophical eye brings the unconquerable richness of life to the fore and yet at the same time explicitly highlights the veracity of 'death' as the absolute certainty of every existence. The poet joyously celebrates the occasions of both life and death with equal panache in each poetic stanza sewn with the uncanny mysteries of this Universe. The poems within immortalize both life and death as the ultimate victories and the two most contrastingly amazing and divine sides of creation. Catapulting the reader to the threshold of ultimate ecstasy; they bring about an impromptu twist with the closure of breath and what lies beyond. This charismatically woven collection of poetic verse would equally enamor the narcissist as well as the simple humanitarian to the core.

This book is a humble attempt to enlighten the readers with the equality of life and death-and to live in both of them to the most unparalleled fullest. Embracing only the religion of humanity, as the Lord has commanded every living being on earth. You cant die in life and cant live in death-each of these components are irrefutably equal in every respect and should be worshipped with due obeisance.


14. TRUTH – PART 2
17. DON’T
27. 12.0 CLOCK
31. WHO SAYS ?
42. TIME


I didn’t know whether it would be flamboyantly optimistic rays of the Sun; or whether the sky would resemble silver streaks of monsoon grey- when I’d step out of the pitch dark coal mine,

I didn’t know whether it’d rain unrelentingly; or whether it’d turn out to be a day embellished with the profoundness of ecstatic light- as I retired for sleep just a few hours before,

I didn’t know whether I’d meet with several uncouth barricades; or whether I’d reach the finishing line of sweet success like the flight of a royally unbridled eagle- as I tread on the jagged road outside,

I didn’t know whether the very next person I’d encounter would be a long-lost friend; or a complete stranger with whom I’d have to interact from the infinitesimal scratch so that we became best friends,

I didn’t know whether the waves of the ocean would serenely undulate under the opalescent Moon- or whether there would be an undivided wall of fiery water called ‘Tsunami’ hurtling towards the crowded township- as I merrily hummed the tunes of my choice snuggled cozily in my hotel room,

I didn’t know whether there’d be impeccable landscapes of ice as I traversed up the hills; or whether what would greet me would be treacherous barren slopes- with delightful rivulets of water tumbling by my side,

I didn’t know whether the colossal edifice would retain its poise; or come down crumbling like a pack of frigid matchsticks; as the earthquake struck without the tiniest of insinuation and with insurmountable might,

I didn’t know whether the bus awkwardly wobbling through the hills; would reach the summit with all passengers in bliss; or whether it’d skid its way head-on- down into the stillness of the devouring gorge,

I didn’t know whether the tantalizing plain of mud that laid infront; would facilitate to reach the other end like a royal safari- or whether it’d perseveringly suck life trying to traverse being the slippery sand,

I didn’t know whether the fresh bundle of life soon about to leave the womb and entire planet divine- would be an unequivocally bonding baby girl; or a mischievous little darling baby boy,

I didn’t know whether the stranger walking abreast my window; lived in a charmed castle of glittering columns and crowns- or whether he found solace under the open roof of the unassailable sky; when night inevitably descended by,

I didn’t know whether the bird perched on the roof- would choose to peck at grains strewn in bountiful abundance around; or whether it’d dabble its beak just an insouciant trifle into the few droplets of water in the bowl,

I didn’t know whether the offsprings would abruptly leave their mother one day; or whether they’d all continue to exist till destined in their abode replenished with the threads of love,

I didn’t know whether the bride and bride-groom who appeared so wondrously enlightened on solemnization of marriage- would lead a life further of unhindered joy; mutual bliss and respect- or whether their existence would mark a new chapter of being fraught with total discontent; dissimilarities and disparities,

I didn’t know whether the flamboyantly roaring lion would attack the man with savage hostility; or would come near him to timidly lap up his palm; the same man who’d once upon a time removed a thorn from its profusely oozing wound,

I didn’t know whether the vultures would admire their unfettered flight in the scintillatingly candid mirror; or whether they’d disintegrate the same into worthless pieces with nonchalant probes of their legs and beaks,

I didn’t know whether the inscrutably exuberant paintings of the painter would reach him the epitome of mortal success and fame; or whether he’d spend a life in lambasted reclusion and seclusion from the outside world,

I didn’t know whether the kite I flew from my terrace; would soar placidly as I relished plucking at its lifeless string; or whether it’d fall with an instantaneous thud upon obdurate concrete; cut by a counterpart string which had more luck that time,

But irrespective of this or that we did not know – what I and every single one of us living beings definitely and irrefutably know; is that every mortal life taken birth upon the soil by God’s grace- is destined to be dead when God wants.


Life is as sweet as a chocolate; go and greedily crunch it,

Life is as ravishing as the choppy ocean; go and swim in it,

Life is as dense as the deciduous forest; go and voraciously philander in it,

Life is as perspicuous as the scintillating mirror; go and sight your reflection in it,

Life is as green as the sprawling grasses; go and exuberantly roll in it,

Life is as impeccable as frosty cows milk; go and perseveringly gulp it,

Life is as fragrant as the mesmerizing scarlet rose; go and smell it,

Life is as warm as the cozy quilt; go and comfortably snuggle in it,

Life is as voluptuous as brown chunks of mud; go and ebulliently plough it,

Life is as vivid as the rainbow in the cosmos; go and surreptitiously perceive it,

Life is as surreal as blissful heaven; go and inexorably fantasize about it,

Life is as contemporary as the swanky car; go and drive it,

Life is as slippery as the slimy oyster shells; go and intensely feel it,

Life is as thorny as the gigantic cactus; go and prick it,

Life is as poignant as green chili; go and tenaciously chew it,

Life is as heavy as the mammoth boulder; go and skillfully hoist it,

Life is as strong as the formidable fortress wall; go and wrestle with it,

Life is as grandiloquent as the bombastic palace; go and languish in it,

Life is as brilliant as the dazzling sun; go and bask directly beneath it,

Life is as dark as the cloistered well; go and dip your persona in it,

Life is as enchanting as the placid moon; go and profoundly admire it,

Life is as blistering as the scorching deserts; go and run unrelentingly in it,

Life is as beautiful as the dainty fairy; go and gently caress it,

Life is as incredulous as the conventional aircraft; go and fly high in it,

Life is as comic as the circus clown; go and tumultuously laugh with it,

Life is as steep as the lanky mountain; go and adroitly clamber it,

Life is as tingling as the gushing mountain stream; go and uninhibitedly bathe in it,

Life is as intricate as the mothers womb; go and worship it,

Life is as horrendous as the swirling whirlpool; go and audaciously confront it,

Life is as enigmatic as the meticulously spun spiders web; go and entangle it,

Life is as simple as a line drawn on the floor; go and vigorously enjoy it,

Life is as savage as a sword; go and fight valiantly with it,

Life is as vibrant as the majestic peacock spreading its feathers; go and supremely relish it,

Life is as romantic as the person you care for; go and incorrigibly love it,

Life is as sacrosanct as the Omnipotent Creator; go and wholesomely lead it.


There was simply no happiness in inexplicably venomous sadness; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of sadness in the heavens of jubilantly poignant and
resplendently enamoring; happiness,

There was simply no daylight in morosely sadistic blackness; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of blackness in the sun of optimistically unfettered and spell-bindingly perennial; daylight,

There was simply no faith in treacherously slandering infidelity; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of infidelity in the skies of unendingly unconquerable and compassionately everlasting; faith,

There was simply no truth in deplorably sacrilegious lies; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of lies in the utopia of eternally sacrosanct and unflinchingly
peerless; truth,

There was simply no melody in venomously discordant deliriousness; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of deliriousness in the caverns of ecstatically unbelievable and vivaciously exuberant; melody,

There was simply no humanity in indiscriminately devastating war; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of war in the bloodstreams of pricelessly unassailable and fearlessly Omnipotent; humanity,

There was simply no nature in preposterously robotic monotony; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of monotony in the lap of divinely effervescent and
rhapsodically exultating; nature,

There was simply no open-heartedness in lecherously ominous manipulation; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of manipulation in the rain of torrentially unfettered and beautifully panoramic; open-heartedness,

There was simply no innocence in licentiously demented adultery; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of adultery in the womb of impregnably divinely and
interminably fructifying; innocence,

There was simply no love in demonically pulverizing terrorism; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of terrorism in the heart of immortally burgeoning
and ubiquitously evolving; love,

There was simply no simplicity in despicably marauding prejudice; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of prejudice in the cradle of everlastingly bountiful and victoriously undaunted; simplicity,

There was simply no compassion in mercilessly despondent indifference; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of indifference in the clouds of timelessly bestowing and unconquerably embracing; compassion,

There was simply no fire in nonchalantly decrepit nothingness; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of nothingness in the aisles of passionately rejuvenating and royally untamed; fire,

There was simply no brotherhood in tyrannically meaningless selfishness; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of selfishness in the paradise of bounteously ebullient and amiably transcending; brotherhood,

There was simply no freshness in egregiously wanton stagnation; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of stagnation in the rainbow of unlimitedly triumphant and mellifluously astounding; freshness,

There was simply no transparency in cadaverously confiscating politics; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of politics in the mirror of candidly discerning and righteously radiating; transparency,

There was simply no freedom in profanely bigoted incarceration; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of incarceration in the mists of limitlessly bewitching and undauntedly priceless; freedom,

There was simply no life in satanically worthless death; and there was simply not the tiniest trace of death in the throne of perpetually winning and Omnipresently undefeated; life,

Therefore I say; do not think the slightest of life after you’re crucified to ghastly death; and never ever even utter the word death whilst profoundly relishing and effulgently romancing; proliferating; gyrating and adventuring; in the
immortal entrenchment of life.


For some it was a garden of bountifully mesmerizing roses; while some could only indefatigably witness the acrimoniously pugnacious thorns,

For some it was a surreally rhapsodic cloud showering perennial enchantment; while some could only relentlessly feel penalized by the shades of gruesomely
pulverizing black,

For some it was a forest of panoramically evergreen vivaciousness; while some could only fretfully rebuke the enigmatically inexplicable travails and trails,

For some it was an ocean of unsurpassably unassailable happiness; while some could only unrelentingly blame the maliciously lambasting maelstrom of pernicious waves,

For some it was an unflinching fortress of timelessly blissful solidarity; while some could only implacably feel the disparagingly deteriorating abrasions with the inevitably unstoppable unfurling of time,

For some it was a tantalizingly celestial nightingale; while some could only dogmatically the curse the inconspicuous pinches of harmlessly holistic adulteration in the air,

For some it was a meadow of eternally priceless peace; while some could only incorrigibly experience the frigid chunks of obnoxiously threadbare dirt,

For some it was a fireball of insuperably untamed passion; while some could only intractably feel outlandishly intimidated by the wisps of hideously black smoke; that disastrously obfuscated their vision,

For some it was an ebulliently fathomless book of unendingly euphoric adventure; while some could only tirelessly feel asphyxiated by the sheer and inexplicably unfurling volume,

For some it was a bountifully persevering ladder to eternal success; while some could only intransigently castigate the unfathomable array of steep stairs,

For some it was an unbelievable rainbow of heavenly versatility; while some could only ruthlessly feel the incomprehensibly endless festoon of harsh shades,

For some it was an Omnipotent Sun of invincibly righteous hope; while some could only acrimoniously feel the boundlessly austere rays left; right and spurious center,

For some it was a iridescently twinkling star of unprecedented optimism; while some could only remorsefully feel the infinitesimally uncanny flicker; inflamingly imperil their sanctimonious existence,

For some it was an immortally patriotic march towards glorious martyrdom; while some could only grievingly feel the blood soaked sacrifices in the triumphant odyssey in between,

For some it was an unshakably sacrosanct mother who timelessly proliferate God’s Omnipresent chapter of survival; while some could only preposterously feel the savage waves of bedlam labour pain; in between,

For some it was the most blessed icing on even the most diminutive little thing that they had achieved; while some could only relentlessly shiver to the winds of rejuvenating coolness,

O! Yes; For some it was an indomitably victorious inferno of passionately loving heartbeats; while some could only limitlessly grouse the reverberating sound; ignominiously admonishing it for bringing cacophony in their dwindling stride,

Because although the Omniscient Creator had bestowed it in the most holistically unconquerable of forms upon every organism symbiotically alike; Life’s the way you chose it to be; Life’s the way you make of it; Life’s the way you believe it to be; Life’s the way you see it.


The shortcut to reach the towering summit of the building; was to use the gold embossed escalator,

The shortcut to pass the treacherous waves of the tumultuously stormy sea; was an electric paced motorboat,

The shortcut to reach the astronomical peak of the colossal mountain; was a swanky airplane which flew faster than the speed of light,

The shortcut to topmost fruit suspended from the branch of the gigantic tree; was a ladder with coherently aligned metal rungs,

The shortcut to painstakingly masticating gargantuan morsels of food; was to consume equivalent amounts of tiny vitamin capsules,

The shortcut to walking long distances on bare foot; was the bombastically haughty and silken complexioned and scarlet sports car,

The shortcut to assiduously taxing the dainty fingers to pen down fathomless lines of literature; was the feather tipped and stupendously contemporary computer,

The shortcut to bathing in cold water at the crack of every dawn; was to inundate your armpits with exotic scent; fool people as if you had washed your gruesomely sordid persona umpteenth number of times in the day,

The shortcut to browsing onerously through the overwhelmingly bulky book; was to simply read its last page and drift off to blissful sleep,

The shortcut to surreal fantasy and incredulously haywire fantasy; was to put abrupt brakes to your wild imagination,

The shortcut to delivering the marathon speech for indefatigable hours on the trot; was to tell somebody to dub it perfectly in your voice,

The shortcut to witnessing vivaciously striped lions wandering through a labyrinth of paths in the dense jungles; was to spot and profoundly admire them in their locked cage,

The shortcut to waiting for rain to pelt down in harmonious unison from the sky; was to stand under an incessant stream of artificial bathroom shower water,

The shortcut to sedulously tying buttons and wearing several garments every fresh morning; was to not change your previous attire at all,

The shortcut to pertinently sniffing every now and again infinite times in a single day; was just one deafening and volcanic sneeze which nearly brought the roof down with its poignant ferocity,

The shortcut to speaking a hundred lies; is uttering an irrefutably solitary yet formidably invincible truth,

The shortcut to glancing at the watch every unleashing second of the day; is to gaze languidly forward to relish the color of natural light,

The shortcut to crawling miserably on obdurate ground in an unfathomably enduring endeavor to reach the finishing line; is to wear a pair of ice skates; travel faster than the speed of light,

The shortcut to prolifically earning quick money; was to marry a rich mans daughter; and worship him more than the almighty lord all your palpable life,

The shortcut to speaking relentlessly all day; was to phlegmatically maneuver your snobbish fingers in thin wisps of gentle air,

But as a matter of fact there simply was no shortcut to life; as one had to lead it every second; every minute; every hour; every day; till the time he was bestowed upon with the divinely prowess of inhaling breath; till the time the Omniscient Creator gave the order to live and love.


Neither could it ever wholeheartedly laugh; even as the most unbelievably effervescent clowns danced in inarticulate unison around it; and for times beyond the realms of handsome eternity,

Neither could it ever mischievously twinkle; even as the most vivaciously nubile maidens; rapturously encircled its stupendously masculine teats and
uninhibitedly rampant chest hair,

Neither could it ever unabashedly dream; even as the most tantalizingly surreal mists of heavenliness; profusely enshrouded it from every conceivable end,

Neither could it ever sensuously romanticize; even as the most voluptuously enchanting women of tomorrow; indefatigably traced every of its visibly blessed

Neither could it ever merrily whistle; even as the most profoundly euphoric winds of the atmosphere; made a poignantly enthralling beeline for every bit of open space in its nostrils,

Neither could it ever sensitively hear; even as the most ecstatically thunderous sounds of mother nature; unleashed themselves on every barren quarter of this Universe; in the form of unrelentingly seductive rain,

Neither could it ever celestially eat; even as the most bounteously panoramic fruits of nature divine; vividly danced till times beyond infinity; right infront of its eyes,

Neither could it ever effusively empathize; even as the most wretchedly bizarre sufferings on innocuously untainted humanity; lambasted at whisker lengths from its placid contours,

Neither could it ever joyously blush; even as it was ubiquitously serenaded; by every man and woman alive on the trajectory of this fathomlessly spell-binding planet,

Neither could it ever perspicaciously prognosticate; even as the most impregnably divine rays of resplendent clairvoyance; victoriously blazed through the royal whites of its eyes,

Neither could it ever jubilantly speak; even as the most mystically pin-drop silence in the fabric of the entire earth around; fervently and solely waited for nothing else; but being timelessly consecrated by only his voice,

Neither could it ever symbiotically embrace; even as every religion; fraternity; color; and tribe on this gigantic earth; came invincibly close to it after forgetting all differences of caste; creed; and perennially bonding into the religion of priceless humanity,

Neither could it ever ardently desire; even as the most insuperably wondrous dewdrops of effulgent excitement; sparkled till times beyond infinity; all over its silent and humbly obeisant bodily contours,

Neither could it ever righteously earn; even as the entire wealth on this boundlessly enigmatic planet; was there for him to command; only if he executed the quintessentially simple words of immortal love,

Neither could it ever potently proliferate; even as the most rapturously enamoring ladies of mankind; were seen tirelessly squabbling with each other; to ascertain their right to interminably mate with him first,

Neither could it ever perseveringly sweat; even as the most Omnipotently blazing beams of the Sun; traced an infinite circles of true manhood; on its unnervingly exposed armpits,

Neither could it ever synergistically defecate; even as the most obnoxiously decayed elements of food and water; unstoppably swelled and reigned supreme; in its unmoving intestines and stomach,

Neither could it ever passionately breathe; even as the entire Universe of exuberantly undefeated air; lay readily virgin for it; to majestically and timelessly devour with its pair of harmonious nostrils,

Neither could it ever perpetually love; even as every beat of peerlessly unflinching companionship on this endlessly fructifying earth; expressed its very last wish as entering into the caverns of its fearless chest,

And how on earth could it ever do all this; as the body which once upon a time was the most unassailably virile form on planet earth; had now been consumed by the coffins of remorsefully unending extinction; had now succumbed to inevitably unbearable fate; was as a matter of fact; now; and an infinite more moments from now on; declared by the Omnipresent Creator; as wholesomely and completely dead.


The day I didn’t wear clothes; I shivered uncontrollably in the austere breeze of uncouth winter,

They day I didn’t eat food; I found myself miserably slithering towards the
corridors of precarious starvation,

The day I didn’t write poetry; I found my fingers virtually paralyzed; and the blood in my robust veins metamorphosed into a morbidly colorless liquid,

The day I didn’t bathe; I felt pools of disdainfully fetid sweat; stab my impeccable visage more than a billion treacherous thorns,

The day I didn’t sleep; I felt daggerheads of insurmountably fatigued exasperation; assassinating each iota of my blissfully mental peace,

The day I didn’t wink; I felt the romantic youth in me die an obnoxiously famished death; all mischief in the atmosphere pathetically desert me like a piece of dilapidated garbage,

The day I didn’t pray; I felt like a diabolical monster; drifting further and further away from the sacrosanct countenance of Omnipotent God,

The day I didn’t lie in the lap of my mother; I felt as if the world had come to a brusque end; there wasn’t an iota of humanity prevailing in any quarter of this colossal Universe,

The day I didn’t swim; I felt as if the insatiable exuberance in my bones had died
a profusely asphyxiated death,

The day I didn’t discover; I felt as if my incredulously augmenting fantasy; had ruthlessly blended with ethereally dwindling horizons,

The day I didn’t dream; I felt that life was a barbarically monotonous workshop; with each hour of the day relentlessly restricted to the realms of parasitic office,

The day I didn’t realize; I felt horrendously pompous and pretentiously inflated; with my conscience whipping me to profusely apologize to the mesmerizing winds outside,

The day I didn’t drink water; I felt the tumultuously scorching agony in my throat; compelling me to swoon like withering fish on the ground,

The day I didn’t tease my sister; I felt as if I sitting astoundingly close to my grave; although I was just on the threshold to commence life,

The day I didn’t gaze at the resplendent stars; I felt as if my world was intransigently confined to the four bare brick walls of my dwelling,

The day I didn’t respect my elders; I felt that I was boisterously irascible fly; about to be inevitably squashed by the sword of righteousness,

The day I didn’t listen to my heart; I felt as if I had horrifically failed in every attempt of mine; although I stood towering on the absolute pinnacle of life,

The day I didn’t wholeheartedly love; I felt there was no reason to survive; started prematurely on my journey to the heavens; without the tiniest insinuation of Almighty Lord,

And the day I didn’t breathe; there was no time for me to feel or romanticize about hell or heaven; for I lay like a wholesomely mute corpse; infact to cut the story short; I was irrefutably dead.


Whether you face it with exuberantly unconquerable gusto; or whether you unrelentingly keep fretting for its tyrannical share of inevitable ruthlessness,

Whether you face it with endlessly triumphant euphoria; or whether you disdainfully blame even the most nimbly silken step that you tread,

Whether you face it with bountifully unprecedented charisma; or whether you wither away like a derogatorily insipid leaf in front of its sporadically uncouth vagaries,

Whether you face it with ebulliently relentless enchantment; or whether you keep fretting uncontrollably like a dilapidated corpse; fed up of its manipulative lambasting,

Whether you face it with stupendously exhilarating ecstasy; or whether you keep intransigently abusing it for impoverishing you so barbarously; while at the same time feeding your egalitarian counterparts in plates of pure gold,

Whether you face it with ardently irrevocable tenacity; or whether you whether you implacably slander it for rendering you as insipidly capricious as a forlornly withering leaf; for ostensibly no fault of yours,

Whether you face it with ingratiatingly timeless fascination; or whether you keep cursing it with ominously pugnacious fanaticism; for the baseless bickering it gave you on your hindside; ever since you were an innocuous child,

Whether you face it with unflinchingly intrepid exultation; or whether you indefatigably shoot at it for not catapulting you to the epitome of vibrant prosperity; for even the most heroically paradigm of your deeds,

Whether you face it with unfathomably impregnable solidarity; or whether you viciously stab at it with even the most infinitesimal element of your countenance; for snatching the only roof from above your desolate head,

Whether you face it with uninhibitedly divinely contentment; or whether you impudently spit on it for inexplicably crippling you with insidious disease,

Whether you face it with astronomically aristocratic courage; or whether you cannibalistically ostracize it for its vicissitude of precariously uncanny discrepancies,

Whether you face it with unsurpassable unassailable determination; or whether you perennially hid your nonchalantly trembling skin; from its flamingly prowling eyes,

Whether you face it with blissfully cavorting happiness; or whether you weep a billion tears a minute; for it horrifically divesting you of your pristinely near and dear,

Whether you face it with celestially fructifying enthusiasm; or whether you assassinate it using every trace of your priceless blood; for not listening to the inner most tunes of your passionately mesmerizing heart,

Whether you face it with royally silken graciousness; or whether you uselessly expend every unfurling minute of your day; thunderously castigating its winds of gratuitously indiscriminate inequality,

Whether you face it with everlastingly iridescent eclecticism; or whether you deliberately sink you pathetic form infinite feet beneath your grave; just to escape its unending labyrinth of harsh realities,

Whether you face it with unstoppably patriotic breath; or whether you tirelessly attempt to entirely snap its ungainly wings; for not supporting you to transcend to the ultimate heavenly paradise,

Whether you face it with immortally insuperable love; or whether you wanted it to diminish away like a gutter of frigidly futile worm; for parasitically sucking every iota of your amiable camaraderie and happiness,

For if you are not the Omnipotently Almighty Lord; life was; is and will always remain to be a tornado of inexplicable vacillations; a Sun which at times rises
and at times coldbloodedly sets; a flower which at times blossoms into optimistic fragrance and at times invidiously crumbles away; an ocean which at times swirls towards the majestic sky and at times is nothing but a bed of lackadaisically
decrepit stones,

So its better if you faced it smilingly and without the slightest of cacophonic regret; because for every organism breathing and blessedly alive and not the Lord Divine; life has been and will always continue to be a nonnegotiable compromise.


Victory is always sweet; a perpetual trouncing of the corpses of the hedonistically slandering devil; by the winds of eternally undefeated righteousness,

Honesty is always persevering; an ocean of pricelessly unflinching sweat; that eventually wins over even the most infinitesimal anecdote of treacherously prejudiced debauchery,

Friendship is always compassionate; a perennial melanging of two souls into one; irrespective of caste; creed; color or the unfurling of astoundingly zipping time,

Childhood is always pristine; an indefatigable culmination into the most innocuously unfettered fantasies of vibrant tomorrow; and a fathomless kilometers away from even the most mercurial of hideous manipulation,

Adventures are always exhilarating; an unabashedly blissful venturing into the corridors of the uncannily unknown; rejuvenating every monotonously emaciated cranny of the body with timelessly mesmerizing spice,

Beauty is always ravishing; a panoramically unbridled triumph of sensuousness over the sacrilegiously demented corpses of stagnation; for a countless more births yet to arrive,

Benevolence is always altruistic; an unendingly selfless wind of companionship; which embraces every tangible and intangible entity on this fathomless Universe; in its impregnably amiable swirl,

Creation is always artistic; an inexhaustible cistern of inimitably unparalleled energy; which burgeons into the most brilliantly optimistic shapes of an interminable tomorrow,

Smiles are always inspiring; triggering rays of unassailably bounteous hope; into the lives of all those deplorably devastated beyond the threshold of inexplicably hapless despair,

Blood is always humanitarian; coalescing the entire boundlessly effulgent Universe into a spell bindingly united mass; irrespective of whether it belonged to a; “Hindu”; “Muslim”; “Buddhist”; or “Christian”,

Soul is always uplifting; incessantly continuing to drift into every ounce of goodness on this endlessly fructifying earth; even after the last expunging of divinely breath,

Symbiotism is always unconquerable; an untamed inferno of mutually ebullient desire; which timelessly bonded every conceivable element of free space; in the threads of benign holiness,

Yearning is always passionate; indispensably massacring even the most raunchily indiscriminately of hurdles that ever dared come in between; its royally tantalizing way,

Hunger is always natural; perpetually differentiating us insipidly greedy living beings; from the heavens of the insuperably Omnipotent and fearless Lord,

Flirtation is always mischievous; rekindling the spirit to survive as the most effervescently beautiful organism; even when buried an infinite feet beneath
insouciantly meaningless mud,

Sleep is always celestial; replenishing even the most truculently lambasted arenas of the deteriorating body; with the mists of everlastingly heavenly rest,

Shadows are always mystical; undauntedly weaving an ever-pervadingly panoramic gorge of astounding fantasy; which seductively enshrouded even the obsolete cranny of the invisible veins,

Breathing is always fiery; perpetuating an unlimited forest of desire even in the most meaninglessly wanton of spaces; perpetuating the most veritably dead to euphorically surge forward in the true fervor of life,

And “Truth is always Naked”; candidly exposing the most inconspicuous of ins and outs of your persona; like when the Omniscient Creator was writing the destiny of this undying planet; and without the tiniest twitch of the eye.


Invincibly married to each droplet of my golden sweat; replenishing every miserably emaciated cranny of my wailing soul; with its virtue of irrefutably spell-binding perseverance; was I,

Limitlessly married to each intrepid footstep that I traversed; wholesomely perpetuating every pore of my skin; with the spirit of timelessly rejuvenating
adventure; was I,

Insuperably married to each bountiful fantasy that I dreamt; miraculously metamorphosing every ounce of my inexplicable sorrow in my veins; into a paradise of surreally inexorable optimism, was I,

Unconquerably married to each poignant blood-drop of mine; timelessly inculcating in me the egalitarian principles of inimitably peerless and priceless humanity; was I,

Perennially married to each enchanting destiny line of mine; enigmatically assimilating the unceasingly untamed thrill of existence; which magnetically vacillated at every unfurling instant of bewitching life,

Perpetually married to each follicle of my sensuously ravishing hair; exuberantly floating with the jubilantly ecstatic currents of breeze; which transcended me beyond the boundaries of fetidly gruesome manipulation; was I,

Royally married to each fearlessly handsome of my bone; supremely exultating in my tirelessly altruistic strength; wholeheartedly utilizing every iota of the same to the service of benign living kind; was I,

Triumphantly married to each of my fantastically blessing pulse; harmoniously existing for centuries immemorial; romancing in its quintessentially effulgent swirl; was I,

Unlimitedly married to each of my blissfully reinvigorating smiles; which timelessly catapulted me to the topmost rung of victorious paradise; which was inhabited by only the aisles of unfettered desire; was I,

Interminably married to each of my unstoppably burgeoning ambitions; making me feel the most pricelessly desirous puff of euphoric breath on every step that I traversed; was I,

Unshakably married to each jubilantly scarlet blush of my cheek; which made me feel as the most sensitively nubile bride; shivering wholesomely naked under the full and profound rays of the midnight moon, was I,

Eternally married to each mischievously dancing of my eyelash; which endlessly permeated me to frolic in unabashed abandon behind the magically rain-soaked
meadows with the maidens of my choice; was I,

Unassailably married to each globule of my unpretentious saliva; which compassionately charged every element of my drearily flailing persona as it ran down my throat like impregnable electricity; was I,

Inseparably married to each pore of my brilliantly truthful conscience; which perennially repudiated every bit of acrimoniously ungainly lies from my nimble persona; was I,

Majestically married to each of my pristinely titillating goose-bump; which triggered unsurpassable thunderbolts of ardently augmenting lightening in even the most infinitesimal of my shadow; was I,

Unchallangeably married to each of cistern of empathy that dribbled from my eyes; engendering me to melt to even the most inconspicuous wail of all blessed humanity; was I,

Intransigently married to each untamed fireball of virility that torrentially wafted from my demeanor; which made me feel the most immortally righteous organism on earth alive; was I,

Infallibly married to each of my gloriously fervent breath; symbiotically harnessing the fathomless treasures of mother nature in every inhalation of my destined survival; was I,

Indomitably married to each of my beautifully passionate heartbeat; endlessly imbibing the bonds of fearlessly unparalleled love in every aspect of my impoverished existence; was I,

And yet you still say that I was a penuriously demented bachelor; yet you say that I’m a pathetically impotent bachelor; yet you say that I would forever remain a ludicrously unmanly bachelor; just and just because I didn’t marry a proper woman; according to
your sets of norms and turgidly baseless idiosyncrasies; in the entire tenure of my life.


Be it in the form of the zillion ungainly abuses that blatantly drifted from our mouths; when we got provoked to the most unprecedented limits; for no ostensible reason
or rhyme,

Be it in the form of the zillion innocuous insects that we uncouthly trampled upon; in our relentless quest to reach the absolute apogees of indomitable superiority,

Be it in the form of a zillion morsels of food that we cannibalistically consumed; in order to just transiently placate the insatiable hunger of our brutally
emaciated stomachs,

Be it in the form of a zillion egregiously jinxed curses that we emanated; when the resplendently embellished festoons of luck; weren’t running the slightest our
destined way,

Be it in the form of a zillion slaps that we ruthlessly slashed to our subjugated subordinate mates; for not punctiliously cleaning our unceremoniously dwindling leftovers,

Be it in the form of a zillion nightmares of the mercilessly trumpeting devil; that inhabited virtually every sordidly lonely night; of our impoverished lifetime,

Be it in the form of a zillion droplets of blood that we merrily feasted upon; of which was composed our most tantalizingly succulent meal of robustly marinated chicken,

Be it in the form of a zillion goose-bumps of rapaciously unstoppable desire that crept up on our skins; as we witnessed the most poignantly alluring nakedness of the nubile opposite sex,

Be it in the form of a zillion fragments of sordidly devastating lies that we shrewdly uttered; just in order to save us from the unsparingly penalizing gallows of truth,

Be it in the form of a zillion guffaws of artificiality that we culminated into; just in order to be nefariously christened as a sanctimoniously spurious ingredient of
the chauvinistic high society,

Be it in the form of a zillion dastardly rapes that we fantasized about day and night; just in order to keep our nimbly peerless bodies in the most supremely invincible spirits,

Be it in the form of a zillion ghastily crucifying battles that we unrelentingly fought; erecting palaces of livid gold and silver; on the foundations of countless an innocent blood,

Be it in the form of a zillion elements of insidious adulteration that we’d unnervingly perpetuated into every quarter of this fathomless Universe; just so that our pockets always and inexhaustibly bulged with mindless prosperity,

Be it in the form of a zillion fiasco political revolutions that we tried to invent; which were just a manifestation of our crazily distorted imagery; and in the treachery of which millions suffered and inexplicably succumbed,

Be it in the form of a zillion consumptions of tawdry liquor and smoke; which we slurped at a speed faster than white light; and after which we sacrilegiously spat on every fraction of celestially venerated mother earth,

Be it in the form of a zillion molecules of whimsical deliriousness that we gave shape to; preposterously deluging every bit of the ecstatically vibrant atmosphere; with the unforgivable stench of the plundering diabolical,

Be it in the form of a zillion kicks that we gave to all those infirm; blind; maimed; poor; orphaned ..etc; blasphemously using them as invisible pulleys to transport us to the destination of our sadistic choice,

Be it in the form of a zillion children that we gave birth to and then left to tirelessly beg on the obliviously dusty streets; just in order to appease the desire of our satanic flesh; in the first place,

Be it in the form of a zillion betrayals that we permeated and underwent in the tenure of our entire lifetime; miserably shattering the immortally compassionate hearts of innumerable organisms; pricelessly existing on this spell-bindingly rhapsodic planet,

O! yes; it could be in any infinite form; size; shape; color; intensity; but one thing’s irrefutably sure; certified; irrevocable and unstoppable; that there’s an unabashed animal in each one of us.


I didn’t want to be like the best ocean on this Universe; unrelentingly kissing nothing else but the gloriously pristine shores,

I didn’t want to be like the best mountain on this Universe; unassailably towering like an unflinching citadel; even in the most hedonistically acrimonious of maelstroms,

I didn’t want to be like the best forest on this Universe; mystically swishing to the exuberantly enigmatic winds of time; all night and beautiful day,

I didn’t want to be like the best pearl on this Universe; unconquerably enthralling even the most treacherously alien; with my resplendently majestic shimmer and shine,

I didn’t want to be like the best statue on this Universe; indefatigably having a gargantuan battalion of impeccable devotees; flocking my feet in humble obeisance and perennially round the clock,

I didn’t want to be like the best flower on this Universe; unbelievably pacifying even the most horrendously unlimited trace of pain; with my stupendously royal scent,

I didn’t want to be like the best cloud on this Universe; perpetually deluging every disconcertingly bereaved cranny of parched earth; with my exotically tantalizing raindrops,

I didn’t want to be like the best watch on this Universe; nonplussing even
the most astonishingly ingenious of organisms with my timelessly ticking and
invincible perfection,

I didn’t want to be like the best dwelling on this Universe; assimilating
even the most infinitesimally insipid beauty of this romantically panoramic planet; in my blissfully compassionate swirl,

I didn’t want to be like the best artist on this Universe; miraculously churning an unfathomable ocean of godliness; even in the most inanely pulverized scrap of impoverished paper,

I didn’t want to be like the best philosopher on this Universe; with even the most indomitable of superpowers bowing down like flaccid mice; on my incongruously bohemian feet,

I didn’t want to be like the best bird on this Universe; magically sailing like an impregnable prince through even portions above azure sky; stooping down with extraordinarily nonchalant ease; to pluck at the fish of my choice,

I didn’t want to be like the best clown on this Universe; perpetuating even the most drearily dying entity; to fulminate into a cloudburst of enchantingly newborn laughter,

I didn’t want to be like the best prodigy on this Universe; perpetually shutting the mouths of every single entity elder to me with my uncannily inimitable charisma; and right since the very first cry of my life,

I didn’t want to be like the best adventurer on this Universe; intrepidly singing through an indefatigable number of arcane twists and turns; fearlessly snoozing with the snakes all throughout the heart of iridescently twinkling midnight,

I didn’t want to be like the best lover on this Universe; altruistically sacrificing my infinite lives and breath; for the person I so impregnably cherished and loved,

I didn’t want to be like the best fragrance on this Universe; incredulously
titillating one and all handsomely alike; with my eternally spell binding scent,

I didn’t want to be like the best luminary on this Universe; perennially
radiating and marvelously serenaded; by unshakable cynosure; cynosure and just relentless cynosure,

I just wanted to be myself; I just wanted to be the human I was destined to
be; For in the first case no entity tangible or intangible; no organism or
human on this planet could ever be or ever dream of being the best; as the “ Best” would perpetually remain the Almighty Lord who had created them all,

All of them as a holistically symbiotic institutions in themselves; blissfully proliferating the mantra’s of his sacrosanct existence; but still ethereally infinitesimal molecules when compared to his Omnipotent stature; as HE was the only ULTIMATE; the only BEST OF THE BEST OF THE INFINITE BEST.


Be it the royal realms of the unbelievably embellished king poster bed; or be it the most treacherously barren slopes of the heartlessly cold-blooded rock which spat nothing but ostracizing disdain,

Be it the majestically silken cocoons of sensuously exhilarating clouds; or be it the unabashedly insect laden shores of the inscrutably rustic forest; bemoaning in the most unrelenting nights of wilderness,

Be it the compassionately invincible quilts of kingly fur; or be it the most fetidly disintegrating pavements; by the tawdrily asphyxiating gutter side; for which the entire world ended and started with the word dirt,

Be it the unassailably priceless lap of the timelessly venerated mother; or be it the most preposterously ghoulish of graveyard; from which nothing else wafted; but the intransigent curses of the lifeless ghosts,

Be it the triumphantly pristine meadow of lush green mesmerizing grass; or be it the most pugnaciously venomous battlefield of gruesome thorns; which solely led to the corpses of lecherous extinction,

Be it the uninhibitedly poignant soil profusely soaked in ubiquitously fresh rain; or be it the bawdily worthless carcasses; which indefatigably rattled with the sounds of ominously deteriorating hell,

Be it the invincibly celestial seat of the jubilantly crimson Mercedes; or be it the balustrades of bizarrely crippling uncertainty; which vengefully permeated with increasing proclivity into every bit of the atmosphere,

Be it the intrepidly regal deck of the insuperably kingly luxury ocean liner; or be it the insanely ribald premises of the soiled lavatory seat; from which emanated nothing but the stench of intolerably strangulating malice,

Be it the eternally relaxing interiors of the beautiful sofa set; or be it the sordidly spit laden streets; from which hurled nothing else but a flurry of disdainfully wretched impoverishment,

Be it the belly of the most charismatically undulating and frosty sea; or be it the hideously sweltering sands of the acrimonious desert; which indiscriminately torched everything to decrepit meaninglessness,

Be it the wings of unconquerably blessing desire; or be it the most disastrously apocalyptic path of delinquent hopelessness; which gave an infinite curses every unveiling instant,

Be it the pillow of magically ameliorating green leaves; or be it the most worthlessly castigating coffin of charcoal; which blackened not just the body; but irrevocably adulterated the soul,

Be it the victoriously breeze laden open roof-top terrace; or be it the most sinfully strangulating gallows of penurious prison; from which drifted solely the cries of the barbarously plundering demon,

Be it the spell-bindingly slow clad apogees of undefeated Everest; or be it the most ridiculously infinitesimal mole hills of the ant; which rendered fresh strength to the corridors of invisibility; every unraveling minute,

Be it the magically rejuvenating rockbed under the iridescently sparkling waterfall; or be it the sinister witch’s abode; which intransigently screamed nothing but the most diabolical wails of death,

Be it the fields of flirtatiously liberated corn; or be it the most robotically disgruntled match-boxed offices of sheer manipulation; from which arose nothing else but the cries of haplessly dying vindication,

Be it the rhapsodically spongy cakes of insatiable prosperity; or be it the most stinkingly depraved carrion; upon which feasted an unfathomable number of
inconsolably sacrilegious vultures,

Be it the perennially undefeated lion’s cave; or be it the miserably clammy rats den; which was inhabited by nothing else but the derogatorily rebuking spirit of

Just doesn’t matter the slightest. Because when sleep inevitably comes; it doesn’t see the time; place; circumstance that you’re placed in; simply and invincibly shutting your eyes to even the most evanescent consternation in the atmosphere; timelessly ensuring that whenever you awoke; you witnessed every bit of the fathomlessly undying Universe; in the most optimistically rejuvenated and Omnipotent of light.

14. TRUTH – PART 2

Initially as much as it might sting you like a billion acrimonious thorns,
Eventually it blossomed into the most fragrant flower of prosperity; inundating each of your senses with unprecedented happiness.

Initially as much as it might lethally pierce you like a thousand knives; strangulating you forever in its explicitly candid swirl,
Eventually it emerged as the most Omnipotent warrior in this Universe; pacifying your every apprehension; with its divine ointment of life.

Initially as much as it deluged you with profusely debilitating winds of despair; stealing your last hope of blissful survival,
Eventually it put you to an eternal slumber; making you fantasize unfathomable kilometers beyond the land of rhapsodic paradise.

Initially as much as it separated you from the ones you dearly loved; pinching you pertinently at every step you alighted to survive,
Eventually it immortalized the spirit of your celestial existence; bonding your soul for centuries unsurpassable; with the Omnipresent aura of the Almighty.

Initially as much as it lambasted you on your nakedly shivering skin; whilst your manipulative comrades snored in cloud covers of opulent luxury and wine,
Eventually it granted you; your every philanthropic desire; making you the richest man alive on the trajectory of this never ending planet.

Initially as much as it melted you like an inconspicuous pancake; whilst your lecherous fellow mates danced in the aisles of seductive jubilation and exotic excitement,
Eventually it enlightened every stage of your life with invincible light; savoring for you; all the immaculate goodness that lay hidden on mother earth.

Initially as much as it slaughtered all your energy to breathe; viciously kicking you like a dog; beyond the summit of disgruntling nothingness,
Eventually it showered upon you the entire power trespassing on soil; saw to it that your every benevolent dream ripened into an enchanting reality.

Initially as much as it pulverized you to soggy bits of frigid ash; devouring every iota of your conviction; like an untamed horde of ruthless crocodiles,
Eventually it cast a spell of perennially mesmerizing innocence in your eyes; which won you the most cherished love of your life.

And initially as much as it devastated you left; right and center; reducing your robust caricature to an impoverished corpse; as the world sung and merrily laughed outside,
Eventually it ensured that you were the sole winner; towering over the monotonous definitions of a stale yesterday; ebulliently bouncing and alive to face; a countless more fantastically righteous tomorrow’s.

O! yes it’s upto you to believe it or not; implement the same in your lives,
But I for one live for truth all night and day; will salute it above the most influential of living kind; even centuries after I die.


I might be jobless; not frequenting the spuriously bombastic interiors of office once again,
But I was definitely not without spell binding fantasy; dreaming in a land of paradise; while my pompously suited mates out there; battered their heads in the choking conference room.

I might be jobless; not stepping in the realms of my miserably claustrophobic office once again,
But I was definitely not without enthusiasm; blossoming into untamed newness every unleashing minute; while my manipulatively perspiring mates out there; acrimoniously ran for their blood; when the big boss absconded merrily on his tour.

I might be jobless; not entering the dingily squashed interiors of murderous office; as the clock ticked past 9; once again,
But I was definitely not without enthrallment; having the time of my life with the girl of my dreams; while my disdainfully mundane mates out there; barked indefatigably on their subordinates; eventually collapsing on cold floor; in utter frustration and tiredness.

I might be jobless; not bowing down pretentiously in front of my pot-bellied boss every morning; once again,
But I was definitely not without freedom; gallivanting to the most exuberantly remote place that I wanted; while my collared mates out there; pathetically grimaced in lecherous agony; sighting each other’s monthly emoluments.

I might be jobless; not sitting like a slithering goldfish in my seat before everyone arrived in office; at the crack of dawn; once again,
But I was definitely not without my art; perceiving the most stupendously grandiloquent imagery on this fathomless Universe; while my sanctimoniously attired compatriots out there; marched left; right; and center; to the tunes of ruthlessly never ending clients.

I might be jobless; not polishing the shoes of my seniors; as they ordered me like a slave in office; once again,
But I was definitely not without optimistic hope; dancing in the aisles of tantalizing seduction; while my frigidly clean shaven friends out there; clapped and laughed to even the most poorest joke of the boss; embracing his battalion of children;  like their very own.

I might be jobless; not conceiving sleazy management policies; while my boss snored in heavenly bliss; once again,
But I was definitely not without astronomical conviction; plunging into the valley of ebullient adventure every unleashing minute; while my commercially tyrannical counterparts; burnt their conscience’s out there; in a pool of derogatory smoke and rebuke.

I might be jobless; not touching the feet of my hopelessly dictatorial supremo; once again,
But I was definitely not without enigmatic mysticism; drowning myself profusely in the swirl of melody and enchantment; while my conventionally tycoon mates out there; hideously plotted behind each other’s backs; to catapult to the pinnacle of baseless power.

And I might be jobless; not frequenting the boundaries of abominably rotting office ever in my life; once again,
But I was definitely not without life; leading; romanticizing; exploring it to the fullest as each night ripened into day; while my fellow mates out there; died a million deaths every second; in the murderous rat race to be the absolute best.


Rays of glorious optimism; to kill the treacherously ghastly darkness of the sullen night,

Avalanches of tantalizing mysticism; to kill dreadful chapters of fetidly rotting monotony,

Dewdrops of philanthropic benevolence; to kill the bloody war of indiscriminate hatred,

Pearls of perpetual wisdom; to kill the famished tyranny of hopelessly debilitating illiteracy,

Cloudbursts of rhapsodic fantasy; to kill the painstaking agony of mutilating boredom,

Fountains of mesmerizing scent; to kill the disdainfully traumatic odor of manipulative prejudice,

Tornados of Herculean strength; to kill devastating laziness; slithering baselessly on chocolate brown wisps of mundane soil,

Fabulously sweet cocoons of honey; to kill ruthless animosity; parasitically sucking all tribes,

Fireballs of untamed passion; to kill cold blooded frigidity; irrevocably refusing the web of mystique and love,

Mountains of astronomical conviction; to kill disastrous diffidence; deluged perennially in mournful remorse,

Rainshowers of irrefutable truth; to kill satanic chains of hideously ostentatious lies,

Swords of patriotic triumph; to kill traitors beheading their divinely sacrosanct motherland,

Volcano’s of unprecedented ecstasy; to kill self inflicted wounds of gory sorrow; tumultuously proliferating after caressing land,

Winds of insurmountable ambition; to kill utterly nonchalant staring into murky space; for centuries immemorial,

Voices of impeccably boisterous activity; to kill everlasting hours of compellingly abominable sleep,

Nostalgic reflections of childhood; to kill inevitably advancing age; and the fear of relinquishing all energy,

Romantic clouds of majestic art; to kill savage corruption and irate blasphemy of the living; in the stringently conventional society,

Perpetually augmenting thunderbolts of love; to kill insidiously capricious and perilous hatred,

And immortal rainbows of Godly life; to kill the heart of cowardly death; even before it could even nimbly arise.

17. DON’T

Don’t enchantingly smile; and then speak of hopelessly diabolical destruction,

Don’t vivaciously dance; and then think of life beneath the morbid coffins,

Don’t wholeheartedly embrace; and then insidiously plot agains’t the lives of orphaned children,

Don’t tantalizingly dream; and then talk of being lambasted by commercial whips of manipulative reality,

Don’t gallop like an untamed tornado; and then perceive of spending life in eccentrically reclusive seclusion,

Don’t sow the seeds of blossoming fertility; and then step into the tunnel of perennially stinking darkness,

Don’t immaculately wink; and then behave like an uncouth bartender on the boisterous streets,

Don’t uninhibitedly thank; and then pierce a menacing knife into the back of your philanthropic comrades,

Don’t melodiously sing; and then infiltrate like a hideous devil; into all sects of the wonderfully impeccable society,

Don’t mystically intrigue; and then form an eternal bondage; with monotonously lecherous business tycoons,

Don’t ardently pray; and then start to indiscriminately assassinate unsuspecting
civilizations; like diminutive mosquito and inconspicuous prey,

Don’t worship your mother; and then satanically devastate tiny infants; from their cozy dwellings and divinely parents,

Don’t reside in harmonious solitude; and then disseminate the most treacherously fearful voice; into serene air lingering outside,

Don’t sacredly bless; and then devilishly paralyze every organism alive; with your ominously abhorrent spell,

Don’t paint beautifully; and then abominably bludgeon and pulverize the panoramic landscape; with your wickedly bohemian feet,

Don’t fruitfully evolve; and then blow your decayed breath; polluting the symbiotically functioning planet,

Don’t say “I love you”; and then shatter the threads of holy matrimony; of all couples passionately married and alive,

Don’t compassionately care; and then rain tumultuously acrid maelstroms of hell; on people breathing and full of exuberant life,

And don’t blissfully live; and then blame the Creator for ruining each moment of your crippled life; incessantly think of collapsing into the sinister grave and die.


Laziness is perfectly O.K.; as long as you ensure a world of dream and tantalizing fantasy for your fellow mates; engulfed with hopeless despair,

Overwhelming frustration is perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure; blissfully smooth pathways; for your Nation marching towards everlasting prosperity,

Weakness is perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure Herculean strength; for all those tottering towards the brink of horrendous extinction,

Boredom is perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure stupendously jubilant rhapsody for destitute urchins; disastrously shivering without their parents,

Darkness is perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure a fabulous civilization of vibrantly optimistic light; for all organisms brutally incarcerated within dungeons of despicable blackness,

Monotony is perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure a planet more voluptuously ravishing than paradise; for all those treacherously blinded; without the tiniest
iota of sight,

To bleed is perfectly O.K; as long as you miraculously heal the savagely vindicated wounds of patriotic comrades injured in war,

Overwhelmingly diminutive is perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure that the severely maimed slithering on soil; attained a status more invincible than the Himalayas,

Being a bedraggled beggar was perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure that all mothers diabolically kicked by the hideously conventional society; metamorphosed to the most opulent beings on this boundless Universe,

Reducing to a bundle of inconspicuous ash was perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure to procreate countless more entities of your kind; marvelously philandering under resplendent rays of the milky moon,

Painstakingly slow is perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure that your gruesomely debilitated compatriots; raced like a tornado past the finishing line,

Staying insurmountably famished was perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure that; all those satanically starved; replenished their bellies with exotically enticing food,

Dithering to a mute shadow was perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure that; the seed of perpetual humanity blossomed into an impregnable tree,

Pathetically dark is perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure that; all faces enveloped with disease and sooty dust; transformed into the most mesmerizing silhouettes; on this earth,

Utter dumbness is perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure that; the voice of each deplorably tyrannized; poignantly reached the ultimate harbingers of solidarity
and peace,

Ludicrously drowning is perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure that; all those innocent children lost; safely reached their formidably secure abodes,

Indefatigably weeping is perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure that; a perennially proliferating smile; lit up the faces of all those besieged with traumatized
agony and inexplicable pain,

Aimlessly sky gazing is perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure that; a wave of insatiable ambition enveloped all those rendered jobless; and disdainfully slavering without a firm purpose in life,

Sacrificing the love of your life was perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure that a wave of unconquerable love; united every broken heart in the swirl of compassionately revered relationship,

And relinquishing breath wholeheartedly is perfectly O.K; as long as you ensure life in every dead thereafter; creating infinite of your kind; every time the earth was born again; and again and again.


Romance indefatigably and with piquant enchantment; to your most unassailably integral mountain; of in-born strengths,

Dance ingratiatingly and with tantalizing charisma; to your most fabulously impeccable repertoire; of in-born strengths,

Fantasize intransigently and with incessant fascination; to your most fathomlessly intrepid ocean; of in-born strengths,

Gallop patriotically and with unflinching brazenness; to your most invincibly blazing Sun; of in-born strengths,

Donate benevolently and with unequivocal humanity; to your most spellbindingly colossal kaleidoscope; of in-born strengths,

Listen ardently and with insatiable fervor; to your most gloriously glimmering fountain; of in-born strengths,

Sleep sensuously and with blissful contentment; to your most blisteringly dynamic goalhouse; of in-born strengths,

Laugh wholeheartedly and with ebulliently emollient gusto; to your most divinely unsurpassable armory; of in-born strengths,

Sing harmoniously and with unprecedented artistry in your voice; to your most ubiquitously endless river; of in-born strengths,

Walk flamboyantly and with an unfathomable urge to reach philanthropic targets; to your most gloriously synergistic cocoon; of in-born strengths,

Philosophize humbly and with ecstatically untamed belief; to your most poignantly celestial stream; of in-born strengths,

Discover gallantly and with overwhelming enigma; to your most resplendently twinkling sky; of in-born strengths,

Serve irrevocably and with the unconquerable spirit of mankind; to your most passionately Omnipotent idol; of in-born strengths,

Invest judiciously and with astounding pragmatism; to your most grandiloquently intrinsic castle; of in-born strengths,

Write candidly and with intricately silken graciousness; to your most irrefutably honest treasury; of in-born strengths,

Pray fearlessly and with a wave of benign calm enveloping the soul; to your most scintillatingly sacrosanct candle; of in-born strengths,

Evolve intriguingly and with incomprehensibly bountiful vigor; to your most beautifully tranquil civilization; of in-born strengths,

Breathe compassionately and with the overpowering elixir to lead life; to your most stupendously fortified fortress; of in-born strengths,

Love immortally and with impregnably never dying tenacity; to your most celestially vivacious river; of in-born strengths,

Over and above all; Live symbiotically and with the relentless aspiration to conquer an infinite deaths; to your most magnanimously bestowing lamp;
of in-born strengths.


True satisfaction lies in feeding the devastatingly deprived; not in ruthlessly snatching the last morsel of food from their pathetically starved stomachs; just to tantalize your spuriously non-existent buds of baseless taste,

True satisfaction lies in educating the ludicrously illiterate; not in barbarically extricating their last iota of discerning consciousness; just to meaninglessly tingle the soles of your; sordidly treacherous feet,

True satisfaction lies in uplifting the disastrously maimed to the ultimate destination of their choice; not in savagely excoriating the mercurial conglomerate of flesh and bone on their staggering body; just to uselessly placate your skin; with
bombastic warmth,

True satisfaction lies in philanthropically assisting the blind to cross the rambunctious street; not in invidiously climbing over their hapless shoulders; just in order to meet your boss on the other side; before your manipulative colleague could,

True satisfaction lies in becoming the profuse source of sound for the unfathomably deaf; not in ecstatically occupying their horrifically debilitated eardrum; just in order to profoundly mystify your commercial senses; with the carpet of darkness inside,

True satisfaction lies in speaking vociferously for the horrendously dumb; not in insidiously maneuvering their innocence towards the diabolical gallows; just in order to save your murderously stinking life,

True satisfaction lies in rescuing the innocuously orphaned infant drowning uncontrollably in the satanic waters; not in using his impeccable countenance as a lifeboat; just in order to reach invincibly to the other side of the; gloriously shimmering shores,

True satisfaction lies in placating the dreadfully dreary senses of a fatigued traveler; not in perennially resting and parasitically feasting on his wavering shadow; just to pacify the already supremely satisfied elements in his blood,

True satisfaction lies in sowing seeds of invincible peace in resplendent soil; not in mercilessly massacring fathomless forests of beauty with swords of heinous corruption; just in order to embellish your pompous castles; with biscuits of
extra silver,

True satisfaction lies in; marvelously becoming the voice of the tyrannically molested; not in ominously snatching every word before it even crept up their nimble throat; just to be thunderously heard; by all powerhouses and kingdoms in the world; alike,

True satisfaction lies in; benevolently embracing all those old and despondently struggling; not in satanically plucking out the tender hair from their witheringly fragile bodies; just in order to fill in the bald portions of your; inconspicuously frigid wig,

True satisfaction lies in; enveloping all those uncouthly trembling in bizarre cold in blankets of eternally mesmerizing humanity; not in parasitically sucking even the most infinitesimal droplet of poignant blood from their body; just in order to fill in your empty glasses of solitude,

True satisfaction lies in; disseminating unprecedented happiness in all those despicable hutments besieged with inexplicable gloom; not in extinguishing the slim flames of hope in their interiors; just in order to illuminate your disgustingly sleazy world; of ghastly lechery and crime,

True satisfaction lies in; uninhibitedly freeing all those savagely incarcerated in chains of treachery; not in tumultuously inflicting all your frustration of the day upon their miserably diminutive caricatures; just in order to spuriously relax the surplus tension; in your overwhelming agitated nerves and bones,

True satisfaction lies in; incessantly endeavoring to coalesce all discriminating religions into the immortally impregnable religion of humanity; not in perpetuating malicious feuds in civilizations melanged with symbiotic solidarity; just to snobbishly appease your taste buds; at the sight of viciously raining blood,

True satisfaction lies in; indefatigably marching on the invincible pathways of benign unity; not in maliciously shattering the fortress of mankind; just to impart that baseless bit of extra reinvigoration; to your foundations of non-existent prejudice,

True satisfaction lies in; astoundingly proliferating newness to synergistically continue God’s chapter of priceless existence; not in venomously annihilating the innocuously divine; just in order to pugnaciously survive; for a countless more lifetimes,

True satisfaction lies in; benevolently sacrificing every iota of rhapsodic breath to nourish unequivocally spell binding goodness; not in sinfully burying a robustly sparkling organism infinite kilometers beneath drab soil; just in order to stand with laughably meticulous precision; upon your own dwindling feet,

And true satisfaction lies in; perpetually bonding broken hearts all across the fabulously fathomless Universe; not in malevolently stealing passionately palpitating beats with gay abandon; just in order to keep your body; pathetically and forever alive.


A poem is; an everlasting ocean of poignant empathy; that envelops you in winds of insatiable euphoria and tantalizingly rhapsodic caress,

A poem is; a marvelous compilation of majestic art; cascading like the most opulent river of happiness; in your times of morbidly murderous gloom,

A poem is; a cloudburst of tumultuously piquant emotions; forever and irrefutably ensuring that; you kept gallivanting ahead with the delectably pristine ardor of life,

A poem is; a fathomless canvas of vivacious color and ingratiating charm; deluging every cranny of your ludicrously impoverished existence; with all mesmerizing goodness; stupendously overpowering the atmosphere,

A poem is; a wave of glorious royalty that romantically sweeps across your dreary nerves every dawn; titillates you into fireballs of untamed imagination; all throughout the fabric of the voluptuously enchanting night,

A poem is; the most grandiloquently flaming epitome of triumph; harboring you in its invincible belly of endless fantasy; nourishing each iota of your blood; like a sacrosanct mother,

A poem is; a boisterously humming bee of ecstatic jubilation; diffusing the profound sweetness of mystical existence; on whichever path you chose to
philanthropically tread,

A poem is; an unfathomable myriad of enigmatic undulations; intriguingly weaving through unsurpassable joy and inexplicable gloom in life; alike,

A poem is; the most embellished form of written expression; catapulting you to infinite kilometers above the divinely conglomerate of celestial clouds; to bask in the unprecedented glory of priceless learning,

A poem is; an incomprehensible mountain of intrepid philosophy; the most turbulently ebullient portrayal of the mind; body and blissfully philandering soul,

A poem is; a symbol of ubiquitous harmony; uniting civilizations irrespective of caste; creed or color from all across the fathomless planet; in its invincible blanket of humanity; alike,

A poem is; an unequivocal path of righteousness that transpires you to wholeheartedly pursue your gorgeous curtain spread of benevolent dreams; your spice to passionately embrace life and lifeless sleep; romantically and alike,

A poem is; an unrelenting thunderbolt of perennial desire; encapsulating your diabolically dwindling bones; with the eternal fervor to exhilaratedly leap
forward in vibrant life,

A poem is; the sacrosanct constituent of a writers imagination; his intransigent propensity and heavenly fodder; to compassionately lead a countless more
exotic lives,

A poem is; a boundlessly ardent craving for harmonious bliss to impregnably descend; incarcerating all those disastrously devastated; with the incredulously
ingratiating melody in its rhythm,

A poem is; a resplendently twinkling sky of perpetual yearning; showering its rain of unparalleled enthusiasm; upon every quarter of this earth; besieged with horrifically debilitating darkness,

A poem is; a magical whirlpool of fervently diffusing breath; that instills Omnipotent life; even in the most languidly ungainly and satanically maimed,

A poem is; a tantalizingly seducing princess; grandiloquently culminating into a mist of fascinating desire and astoundingly bountiful grace; on every iota of space; she blessedly blended with,

Over and above all; A poem is; the innermost fulmination of the immortally throbbing heart; transcending well above the boundaries of conventionally parasitic form; rule and structure; every true artists desire to take indefatigably breath for; abnegating his last trace of life for it; only to rejoice with it perpetually in realms of Omnipresent heaven.


I preferred standing barechested under sweltering rays of the Sun; profusely basking in a pool of gloriously golden sweat,
Rather than rotting away like a piece of dilapidated dirt incarcerated well within the dungeons; in fear of how the world would look outside.

I preferred plunging intrepidly into the vindictive; valiantly clashing my sword in the supreme exultation of defending my priceless integrity,
Rather than listening to unsolicited abuse as the days unveiled by; petrified to venture outside in fear of being uncouthly assassinated.

I preferred swimming in full fledged fervor against the tumultuously turbulent waves of the ocean; taking the rhapsodically tangy spray full throttle on my cheeks,
Rather than sitting like a disheveled banana on the shores; ruminating unsurpassable number of times; upon the aftermaths after being devoured by the sharks.

I preferred clambering up the treacherous slope of the mountain head on against the exuberant breeze; with the soles of my robustly sturdy feet the only respite,
Rather than waiting countless decades for a golden helicopter to descend; catapult me to the absolutesummit within lightening flashes of the eye.

I preferred walking boundless kilometers in the astronomically dense forest; searching for the glamorous fruits of nature which I savored even in my dreams,
Rather than wait like a frigidly parasitic mosquito on the ground; for destiny to place the fathomless festoon of berries; languidly in my lazy lap.

I preferred wholeheartedly embracing the euphorically crackling flames of fire; profusely relishing the flamboyant warmth that rejuvenated every dreary bone in my persona,
Rather than running a million kilometers away from the blazing inferno; dreadfully afraid of being scorched to the corpse.

I preferred blurting out whatever was fulminating in the topmost compartment of my mind; candidly expressing even the most infinitesimal iota of my feelings,
Rather than plotting a battalion of insidiously lethal ideas; like a trembling coward behind the back of my compatriots.

I preferred speaking the perpetual truth at the cost of my rubicund flesh; although it blended the sky and the earth together in the swirl of its irrefutably overwhelming agony,
Rather than camouflaging my words with the cloud of deceitful lies; manipulatively evolving every word I spoke.

I preferred to proclaim my love for my beloved in front of the entire acrid world; in the face of rebuke and the most severest penalty from the society for my act of unconventional audacity,
Rather than strangulating my senses painstakingly; bit by bit; as I watched them bonding her sacrosanct countenance with the mate of her choice.

And I preferred to die infinite deaths this very instant with my head held high; and the voice of my impeccably righteous conscience dictating me to execute every action of my existence,
Rather than leading a life slaving for another molecule of my kind; bowing down my persona to a diabolically lecherous entity; whom even the Lord had rejected since immemorial times.


My eyes popped out in overwhelming exasperation; my sockets dancing restlessly on the floor,
My lips distorted themselves to incomprehensibly horrendous contours; biting themselves satanically as the moon blossomed to a perilously sinister glow,
My hair stood up like thunderbolts of stringent electricity; blazing fireballs of despondency towards the sky,
My fists curled into an insurmountably formidable punch; aching to thunderously batter arid wisps of breeze painstakingly blowing around,
I am sure that my treacherous plight must be the same as that besieging you my friends; when we just don’t have; anything to do.

My sweat dribbled down in cyclonic frenzy; proliferating by the unfurling minute; into fathomless oceans clashing against the walls of nothingness,
My teeth locked themselves in an immortally peevish embrace; chattering countless times in an indefatigable search for spurious solace,
My skin developed boundless goose bumps of profound disdain; shivering incessantly in the inexplicable trauma lingering in placid air,
My ears heard a volley of sounds which were entirely non-existent; kept inexorably iterating tunes which hovered countless feet beneath the graves,
I am sure that my treacherous plight must be the same as that besieging you my friends; when we just don’t have; anything to do.

My yawn reverberated more diabolically than the demons; as I tossed unrelentingly on my lackadaisically strewn four poster bed,
My shadow fluttered miserably in the domains of hell; shrinking its robust proportions to more inconspicuous than an ant; in its quest for treading on the
My eyelashes withered ferociously towards unruly soil; wanting to rejuvenate themselves thoroughly in the fabulously rain soaked mud,
My throat blurted a myriad of obnoxiously hoarse tunes; permeating through the realms of normalcy with its relentlessly hysterical shrieking,
I am sure that my treacherous plight must be the same as that besieging you my friends; when we just don’t have; anything to do.

My stomach belligerently puked out foul matter from the inner most recesses of my intestines; contracting to as thin as an infinitesimal whisker; struck by body blows of mind-boggling desperation,
My fingers scribbled an unfathomable battalion of nonchalantly incoherent literature; swished menacingly to emboss the most hideously invidious forms in loose sand,
My neck swirled in infinite directions as the clock ticked; profusely confused by the happenings that unleashed themselves in the surrounding,
My heart sank all its beats in my acrimoniously pointed boots; my breath and soul searched frantically for the paths on which the Sun austerely shone in its fiercely flamboyant shine,
I am sure that my treacherous plight must be the same as that besieging you my friends; when we just don’t have; anything to do.


I could relinquish all my clothes this very moment; shiver hysterically as turbulent cloud covers of snow tumbled ferociously from the sky,

I could relinquish all my fantasies this very moment; stare in mockingly dumb ridicule towards abstruse bits of solitary air,

I could relinquish all my spurious pride this very moment; start hoarsely begging on the streets; with my profusely bedraggled hair cascading disdainfully over my cheeks,

I could relinquish all my overwhelming courage this very moment; surrender in meek submission to even the ants transgressing near the lavatory seat,

I could relinquish all my smiles this very moment; weep till times immemorial; even though the Sun outside glowed brighter than when it was born,

I could relinquish all my blood this very moment; mercilessly extricate the indispensably life yielding fluid horrendously from its very roots,

I could relinquish all my teeth this very moment; uncouthly abrading them against obdurate biscuits of acrimoniously thorny steel,

I could relinquish all my taste this very moment; surviving wholesomely on stale left overs of insurmountably decaying bread blended with the bland desert sands,

I could relinquish all my memory this very moment; frantically groping my way like a new born child amidst the myriad of boisterously whipping traffic,

I could relinquish all my daintily gifted features this very moment; brutally ripping apart each part of my robustly voluptuous skin,

I could relinquish all my astronomically earned wealth this very moment; licking the mud in insatiable hunger as the stomach cried beyond the realms of no control,

I could relinquish all my nerves this very moment; slithering in tumultuously painstaking agony as the vultures descended to confiscate my skeleton,

I could relinquish all my ambitions this very moment; loiter aimlessly with the sword of desperation penetrating me deeper and deeper by the unveiling minute,

I could relinquish all my prudently sagacious ability to think this very moment; incurring a billion bomb blasts incessantly in the corridors of my tenderly
palpable brain,

I could relinquish all my melodious voice this very moment; persevering to eternity to blurt even a single alphabet; although I possessed the most ingratiatingly fabulous island of rosy tongue,

I could relinquish all my dexterity this very moment; maniacally executing only an inconspicuous task for decades unfathomable; although the Creator had gifted
me with boundless virtues of this world,

I could relinquish all my body this very moment; lingering like an insipidly treacherous and gloomy spirit; although mountains of raw tenacity engulfed
each of my bones,

I could relinquish all my breath this very moment; incarcerating myself infinite feet beneath my burial ground; profoundly abdicating even the most minuscule trace of tangible life,

But I couldn’t relinquish you O! Beloved; for you were not only more precious to me than any other entity on this Universe; but my very reason to live; even if I was born dead for infinite lives.


Prejudiced are those who baselessly dramatize,
Majestic are those who voluptuously romanticize,
Cowardly are those who meaninglessly ostracize,
Marvelous are those who unrelentingly fantasize,
Dastardly are those who treacherously traumatize,
Penurious are those who vengefully victimize,
Magicians are those who enchantingly soliloquize,
Devils are those who uncouthly penalize,
Artisans are those who articulately specialize,
Demons are those who mercilessly cauterize,
Satanic are those who spuriously philosophize,
Traitors are those who insidiously aggrandize,
Enamoring are those who ravishingly tantalize,
Resurgent are those who unflinchingly patronize,
Resolute are those who perpetually idolize,
Brave are those who magnificently acclimatize,
Greatest are those who altruistically sacrifice,
Prudent are those who sagaciously apprize,
Turgid are those who ruthlessly baptize,
Ominous are those who manipulatively plagiarize,
Patrons are those who intricately recognize,
Harbingers are those who ubiquitously rationalize,
Samaritans are those who relentlessly nationalize,
Morbid are those who incessantly vandalize,
Surreptitious are those who perilously scandalize,
Astute are those who succinctly concise,
Diabolical are those who indiscriminately pulverize,
Ingenious are those who innovatively sensationalize,
Innocuous are those who resplendently eternalize,
Bombastic are those who pretentiously glamorize,
Holistic are those who worship Sunrise,
Uncanny are those who enigmatically mysticize,
Savage are those who menacingly exorcise,
Triumphant are those who intractably epitomize,
Failures are those who wickedly avarice,
Pertinent are those who indefatigably criticize,
Enthusiasts are those who uplift bourgeoisie,
Philanthropic are those who congenially harmonize,
Obsessive are those who dogmatically habitualize,
Lovers are those who tirelessly immortalize,
Insects are those who remorsefully advice,
Monotonous are those who unreasonably legalize,
Visionaries are those who sagaciously
Blessed are those who holistically collectivize,
Alluring are those who chant moonrise,
Abominable are those who ingloriously immobilize,
Victorious are those who honestly rise,
Exhilarating are those who ebulliently surprise,
Perfectionists are those who intricately synchronize,
Meticulous are those precisely systemize,
Persevering are those who chronologically itemize,
Devout are those who blissfully traditionalize,
Cold Blooded are those who barbarically polarize,
Dictatorial are those who chauvinistically mercerize,
Unpardonable are those who satanically brutalize,
Divine are those benevolently synthesize,
Charismatic are those who humanitarianly symbolize,
Vindictive are those who unsurpassably tyrannize,
Entrepreneurs are those who coherently channelize,
Anarchists are those who rougishly agonize,
Prudent are those who quickly summarize,
Lackadaisical are those who disdainfully mechanize,
Derogatory are those who worthlessly demoralize,
Abhorrent are those who frigidly desensitize,
Opportunists are those unequivocally maximize,
Insane are those who sinfully pressurize,
Enthusing are those who spell bindingly surprise,
Gimmick are those who sleazily advertize,
Gifted are those who unbiasedly memorize,
Humane are those who naturally mortalize,
Indescribable are those who incessantly demonize,
Remarkable are those who heavenly conceptualize,
Lackluster are those who nonchalantly neutralize,
Affable are those who wholeheartedly socialize,
Corpselike are those who purposelessly sterlize,
Unpredictable are those who atrociously disguise,
Melanging are those who synergistically franchise,
Intelligent are those who poignantly familiarize,
Discerning are those who perceptively characterize,
Fairies are those who unbelievably mesmerize,
Perfectionists are those who comprehensively totalize,
Martyrs are those who selflessly actualize,
Comrades are those who uninhibitedly solemnize,
Ungainly are those who truculently terrorize,
And The best are those who sportingly realize.


At times a river of sensuously everlasting happiness; while at times an inexplicable thorn stabbing you with pints of traumatized anguish,

At times a mesmerizing cloud of blossoming prosperity; while at times an incorrigible impediment engendering you to preposterously stagger towards the aisles of hopelessness,

At times a fountain of unbelievable resplendence; while at times testing you against the most horrendously ominous storms; which unrelentingly seemed to have not the slightest of respite,

At times a euphorically surging bird flapping in the realms of ebullient jubilation; while at times inevitably making you trip towards the dungeons of frantically bizarre desperation,

At times a melodiously enchanting song placating even the most murderously diabolical of your nerves; while at times asphyxiating your visage; with precarious testaments of painstaking perseverance,

At times an ultimate harbinger of celestial peace; while at times marauding your brain with a boundless mountain of; compulsively crippling thoughts and prejudice,

At times a waterfall of voluptuously seductive glory titillating you till times beyond eternity; while at times an ominous maelstrom of intractable difficulty; penalizing you from every ostensible side,

At times a thunderbolt of ingenious innovation; while at times a disastrously insane wastrel; infiltrating you with daggerheads of insipidly debilitating nothingness,

At times a garden of stupendously enthralling vivaciousness; while at times an unsparingly acrid blade that menacingly greeted you; at every step that you transgressed,

At times a gorgeously enthralling paradise of bestowing scent; while at times an assiduously testing examination of the severest of odds; making you wither into a penurious shadow of disdainful remorse and neglect,

At times an ecstatic whirlpool of rejuvenating freshness entirely metamorphosing the complexion of your abominably bedraggled life; while at times a corpse of baseless tensions; depriving you of even the most infinitesimal wink of sleep,

At times an irrefutably triumphant medallion of blazing victory; while at times insidiously lambasting you with swords of monotonously mundane
commercialism and abhorrent malice,

At times the most candidly blissful reflection of your impeccable soul; while at times tumultuously besieging your entire countenance; with heinously incarcerating beads of impeding sweat,

At times the tantalizingly exotic carpet of the gregariously twinkling night; while at times a vociferously crumbling sea of disparaging despair; viciously hurtling you from your most unequivocally consolidated place in pragmatic existence,

At times a mountain of unconquerably Herculean strength safeguarding you against the most treacherously salacious evil; while at times an inscrutable cistern of black magic; invidiously transforming your every wish into a mirage of meaninglessness,

At times an unassailable inferno of divine righteousness transcending you above the most immaculate angels in fathomless sky; while at times a savagely tyrannical panther; instilling in you an insatiably unending flame of lecherous greed,

At times the most priceless elixir to ebulliently bounce in every instant of rhapsodic survival; while at times vengefully slapping you with whirlwinds of defeat; staring with uncouth barbarism in your innocent eyes,

At times a resplendently robust fruit culminating into rays of revitalizingly Omnipotent hope; while at times more slippery than the surreptitiously perilous eel; triggering you to plummet headon on a snake of slithering nonchalance,

And at times an immortal bonding of existence bountifully coalescing you with all those whom you pricelessly loved; while at times more sardonically bitter than venom could ever have tasted; such was the vacillating chapter of vibrant life.

27. 12.0 CLOCK

12.0 Clock. A moment when the voluptuous seduction of ingratiating blackness; enshrouded each frazzled nerve of mine with silken sensuousness,

12.0 Clock. A moment when overwhelmingly enchanting melody; whispered a tale of profound mysticism in my frantically insane and bereaved ears,

12.0 Clock. A moment when a carpet of rejuvenating serenity blissfully infiltrated into my lunatically manipulative life; celestially placating every inexplicably traumatic thought of mine,

12.0 Clock. A moment when the entire Universe outside seemed to be a mesmerizing paradise; with an unfathomable ocean of benign goodness; profusely encapsulating every ingredient of my tyrannically lambasted blood,

12.0 Clock. A moment when the resplendently milky light of the charismatic Moon titillated me till times immemorial; bathing me in a cistern of wonderfully enamoring beauty,

12.0 Clock. A moment when an unsurpassable garden of reinvigorating scent encompassed my disastrously staggering stride; triumphantly urging me to embed the
flag of philanthropic victory; on the path of righteous mankind,

12.0 Clock. A moment when tantalizingly cool breeze exuberantly brushed through my dolorously dwindling eyes; transpiring me to fantastically erupt in an unrelenting cocoon of; spell binding fantasy,

12.0 Clock. A moment of unbelievably rapturous delight; when the rustling of the vivacious trees; seemed like the eternal heavens had bountifully descended down,

12.0 Clock. A moment which metamorphosed the complexion of my beleaguered lips to a poignant crimson; triggering in me the insatiable urge to blend with all sensuously exotic beauty around,

12.0 Clock. A moment when aristocratic waves of tranquility; miraculously changed the definition of my haplessly shattering life; to a civilization of perennially blossoming freshness,

12.0 Clock. A moment that blissfully redefined every aspect of my monotonously mundane survival; enlightening each of my hopelessly crippling footsteps; with a reservoir of unconquerably heavenly newness,

12.0 Clock. A moment which regally painted the impoverished kaleidoscope of my dithering existence with an incomprehensible valley of vibrant color; making me wholesomely believe in the harmoniously benevolent principles of; priceless humanity,

12.0 Clock. A moment when the relentless stare of the vividly striped owl; tumultuously evoked me to conceive beyond the realms of the sparklingly
extraordinary; diffuse into a flower of innovative freshness; every unfurling minute of my existence,

12.0 Clock. A moment which impregnated my lackadaisically nonchalant life with astronomically unending spice; as the magnificently eclectic frequency of the atmosphere; lit a lantern of love through every vein of my persona,

12.0 Clock. A moment fabulously relieving me of even the most infinitesimal of tensions; deluging the canvas of my beautifully scintillating breath; with ubiquitously untamed euphoria,

12.0 Clock. A moment which royally catapulted me beyond all sinful apprehensions of pragmatic life; as majestically coalesced with the aisles of unending desire; for infinite more births yet to come,

12.0 Clock. A moment when there seemed nothing but the ravishing scent of the unassailably princely rose; as the petals of my lugubriously despairing life; bloomed full throttle towards the pathways of insurmountable excitement,

12.0 Clock. A moment when the breath that nondescriptly diffused from my nostrils; suddenly incinerated an invincible cloudburst of romantic passion; in the pathetically fading atmosphere,

O! Yes. 12.0 Clock. A moment when the stringently conventional society outside snored ludicrously; incarcerated well within the asphyxiating agony of quilts and spurious air-conditioner; while my heart had just commenced to sing the beats of love and life; as it was now fascinating midnight.


You could metamorphose into an impeccable saint; and then incessantly castigate it; for its salaciously treacherous and hideously ungainly intent,

You could step into the shoes of an immaculate angel; and then indefatigably rebuke it; for corrupting the fabric of the celestially blissful atmosphere,

You could transform into a bountifully blessing cloud; and then irascibly condemn it; for its baseless proportions of abhorrently stinking malice,

You could wholesomely blend with harmonious goodness; and then unrelentingly pulverize it; for its heinously malicious waves of insidious remorsefulness,

You could uplift your soul to the bountifully everlasting heavens; and then relentlessly ostracize it; for its lecherously vindictive swirl; that perfidiously infiltrated the fabric of innocuous humanity,

You could catapult to the summit of patriotically blazing freedom; and then unrelentingly abuse it; for its spell of disdainfully abominable commercialism and horrifically ghastly captivity,

You could blissfully traverse on a blanket of unequivocally scintillating pearls; and then unstoppably slander it; for being a pertinently perilous insect; satanically sucking blood from all living beings,

You could embellish yourself with flames of stupendously unassailable honesty; and then timelessly decimate it; for its waves of discordantly unwarranted prejudice,

You could reach the corridors of rhapsodically eternal paradise; and then intractably slash at it; for it being an intolerable impediment; that traumatically poisoned one and all; in their way to holistic righteousness,

You could drown yourself in the winds of enchantingly sensuous melody; and then ruthlessly crucify it; for its nonchalantly monotonous caress of the; radiantly blooming society,

You could become a fulminating ray of dazzling Sunshine; and then tirelessly exonerate it with your candid voice; for not functioning according to the principles  of the; Almighty divine,

You could transcend beyond the realms of benign goodness; and then unsparingly whip it; for diffusing a path of murderous war; all across God’s most ravishingly splendid continent,

You could dance in the aisles of marvelous empathy; and then savagely shoot it; for lethally disobeying the ideals of symbiotic existence; diffusing vindictive hatred in the hearts of one and all; alike,

You could chant the most sacred mantras on this Universe; and then unflinchingly squelch upon it; for its merciless ways of leading life; for the sinister darkness of ill will that it instilled in passionately palpitating hearts,

You could synergistically epitomize all resplendently beautiful on this colossal planet; and then tyrannically distort it; for being so brutal on all those innocuously wandering; under the carpet of heavenly life,

You could bask ingratiatingly in the glory of profoundly impeccable moonlight; and then intransigently demolish it; for its icicles of cowardliness; that degraded the existence of every organism alive,

You could intrepidly clamber up the slopes of exhilarating adventure; and then fearlessly bang it; for its stench of surreptitious badness; acridly pilfering into the lives of innocuous mankind,

And do what you could; rebuke it; perennially annihilate it; diabolically spit on its cacophonically bereaved soul; excoriate it apart into an infinite pieces,

But you knew as much as I did today; that it was the cardinal reason of our existence; with the rest of the planet following us unequivocally on the same footsteps,

For all those who proclaimed that they were fathomless miles away from it; still indispensably needed it; as every speck of luxuriously opulent cloth on their
bodies; every bit of resplendently replenishing meal in their famished stomachs; every bit of bullet proof roof sequestering their heads; was partly due to it; such was the power of hateful; yet pacifying money.


The greatest art was not in clambering unsurpassably coldblooded mountains; with overwhelmingly poignant and adroit precision; barefoot,

The greatest art was not in stupendously encapsulating the beauty of the fathomless cosmos; in threadbare sheets of barren paper; singlehandedly,

The greatest art was not in racing swanky cars on avalanches of heartless ice; dexterously swerving an indefatigable number of times to degrees of extraordinarily beautiful precision; naked bodied,

The greatest art was not in flying umpteenth kites at a single time; celestially maneuvering countless strings of infinitesimal thread in gusty sky; towering
on the tip of your big toe,

The greatest art was not in erecting majestically palatial edifices in lightening seconds of time; inundating boundless kilometers of arid landscape with indomitable concrete jungles; in just a single breath,

The greatest art was not in astoundingly memorizing limitless jargons of patriotically blazing literature; tirelessly reciting them to the entire planet; in just a single  flash of an eye,

The greatest art was not in adventurously diving to the rock bottom of the truculently stormy ocean; sustain life amidst the satanic battalion of sharks and crabs beneath; for times immemorial,

The greatest art was not in impeccably prognosticating the destiny of one and all on this endless earth; astonishingly chronicling even the most minuscule of event to yet unfurl; in bleary eyed dawn,

The greatest art was not in eclectically controlling an unfathomable horde of rampant serpents; fearlessly entwining them all around your scarlet cheeks; without the tiniest bead of sweat,

The greatest art was not in staring relentlessly at the profoundly blistering Sun; dazzling into a patriotic saga of Herculean bravery; handsomely unfettered,

The greatest art was not in emulating every conceivable voice on this enamoring Universe; with unconquerably marvelous artistry in the innermost chords of your throat; like supreme Omnipotence sweeping all evil,

The greatest art was not in grazing insurmountable flocks of innocuous sheep in a harmoniously single row; to the enigmatically magical movements of your nimble fingers; in blissfully unassailable unison,

The greatest art was not in weaving countless lines of gloriously imperial literature; fulminating even the most infidel ingredient of your blood; for the rhapsodically untamed ocean of your versatility,

The greatest art was not in devouring even the most sordidly acrimonious stones; digesting even the most hedonistically salacious of impediments; without a single burp,

The greatest art was not in inhaling every speck of exhilarating breeze on this invincible globe; inundating the cushion of your lungs with enchanting sensuousness; for infinite more births yet to unravel,

The greatest art was not in brilliantly standing first at every cranny of existence; Omnipresently solemnizing your diminutive countenance as the very best; till centuries even beyond your veritable time,

The greatest art was not in flamboyantly embellishing your dreary countenance with the most exquisitely fantastic satin on this planet; diffusing into a wave of indefatigably priceless color on every step that you intricately tread,

The greatest art was not in infectiously triggering everyone around you into whirlpools of insatiably hilarious laughter; metamorphosing every globule of
sullenness into an impregnable mountain of humanitarian smiles,

For as long as this exotically fructifying earth has existed; as long as God has chosen organism to diffuse into an unendingly exuberant sea of tangy breath; as long as symbiotically immortal love has blossomed in every holistic heart; the greatest art has always been and will forever be; leading each moment of survival to the absolute fullest; wholeheartedly accepting every shade of inexplicably fabulous life; just as it unabashedly comes.


I didn’t know whether to plunge into the well of treacherously vindictive scorpions; or whether to hang myself insanely upside down from the cadaverously gleaming gallows,

I didn’t know whether to chop my skull into an infinite fragments with the merciless butcher knife; or whether to let every conceivable parasite on this boundless planet to uninhibitedly suck blood from my derogatorily diminishing veins,

I didn’t know whether to stand bare-chested in the way of the unrelentingly unsparing avalanches; or whether to lecherously drown to the rock bottom of the deep ocean; with an unsurpassable battalion of sinister crabs in my mouth,

I didn’t know whether to torch my skin alive in a gutter of insidiously adulterated kerosene; or whether to ruthlessly excoriate every iota of my nimble skin; from the top of my brutally emaciated bones,

I didn’t know whether to lethally gouge my eyes with ghoulishly blood coated thorns; or whether to shatter my entire countenance into a countless fragments; sadistically banging my body against the venomously cold-blooded rocks,

I didn’t know whether to bury myself alive infinite feet beneath sinking soil; or whether to surrender myself to every construable bit of disparagingly convoluted badness; on the trajectory of this gigantic planet,

I didn’t know whether to indefatigably sip vials of hedonistically ghastly poison; or whether to get gored full throttle; by the acrimoniously piercing thorns of the savagely marauding bull,

I didn’t know whether to barbarously slash the trembling veins of my palm with perfidiously criminal blades; or whether to make a ludicrously grotesque barbecue of myself for the unscrupulously wandering termites,

I didn’t know whether to lividly wither like a despondently crackled leaf; or whether to leap naked fleshed from the pinnacle of the sky; to crunch my every bone with stray pebbles and rocks on earth beneath,

I didn’t know whether to let the demons crucify me on the sacrificing altar torturously sucking every speck of my exuberance under the acridly sweltering Sun; or whether to raunchily take every pistol bullet that hurtled pugnaciously in serene air; right in the center of my head,

I didn’t know whether to timelessly incarcerate every cursed breath of mine in chains of isolation; or whether to tirelessly march through a graveyard of sickness; where the ghosts of disease made every instant of my life more crippling than an infinite deaths,

I didn’t know whether to lasciviously slit every patch of robustness in my throat with the satanic garden shears; or whether to truculently blast even the most inconspicuous element of sensitivity in my ears with perniciously ribald bombs,

I didn’t know whether to indiscriminately inundate every pore of my slavering body with unfathomably unforgivable bitterness; or whether to greedily slurp asphyxiating acid down my throat in incomprehensibly luxurious amounts,

I didn’t know whether to forever disappear into the corridors of bawdily nonchalant nothingness; or whether to continuously lick victimizingly threadbare dirt on the lavatory broomstick; like an irascible cockroach all my life,

I didn’t know whether to become a live carrion for the egregiously cannibalistic vultures; or whether to surprisingly come in front of a speeding truck; being massacred to a gory absolution without the slightest intimation or respite,

I didn’t know whether to limitlessly hurt myself like an uncontrollably prurient imbecile; or whether to jinx myself with the most uxoriously tyrannical spirits of fretfully decimating doom,

I didn’t know whether to baselessly howl the last chord of my throat till the threshold of infinite infinity; or whether to perch my diminutive form upon the belligerently flaming pyre; for an irrefutable isolation from the vagaries of this manipulatively prejudiced planet,

I didn’t know whether to eat ominously bellicose cyanide for dessert; or whether to forever snap my inconsequential reflection from the periphery of this fathomless earth; devastatingly fading into a corpse of lunatic darkness,

Her loss was so profoundly unbearable that I really didn’t know how to die; Her untimely departure was the most irreversible defeat that I had faced in the chapter of my truncated life,

And therefore; all that I intransigently sought for today; was a death more ghastlier than the most horrific of death could ever dream of or could ever be; such a penalizingly lambasting corner in the coffins of diabolical hell; where the absence of her divinely sacrosanct form would never ever make me cry again.

31. WHO SAYS ?

Who the senseless says that I insatiably craved for your wonderfully tantalizing smiles every instant; to blissfully lead the chapter of vivaciously beautiful life?
As a matter of fact; I inexorably drowned myself in the same; to profusely enjoy ghastly death to its ultimate fullest; till times immemorial.

Who the lackadaisical says that I unrelentingly yearned for your seductively rampant senses every instant; to bountifully unfurl the unsurpassably vibrant colors of life ?
As a matter of fact; I tempestuously drowned myself in the same; to insurmountably enjoy gory death to its ultimate fullest; till infinite more births yet to come.

Who the dastardly says that I unstoppably ached for your beautifully embellished eyelashes ever instant; to bask in the unshakably enthralling aura of timeless life ?
As a matter of fact; I wildly drowned myself in the same; to fathomlessly enjoy macabre death to its ultimate fullest; till centuries unprecedented.

Who the feckless says that I dogmatically wished for your majestically silken caress every instant; to trigger a boundless civilization of ingratiatingly exuberant life ?
As a matter of fact; I extravagantly drowned myself in the same; to limitlessly enjoy satanic death to its ultimate fullest; till moments unceasing and galore.

Who the preposterous says that I unendingly trembled for your melodiously enticing voice every instant; to uncontrollably bathe in a valley of euphorically fantastic life ?
As a matter of fact; I irrevocably drowned myself in the same; to profoundly enjoy ominous death to its ultimate fullest; till countless more world’s to come.

Who the idiosyncratic says that I indefatigably aspired for your charismatically electric sweat every instant; to fructify into the most eternally handsome fruits of spellbindingly enigmatic life ?
As a matter of fact; I irretrievably drowned myself in the same; to regally enjoy sadistic death to its ultimate fullest; till incomprehensibly inexhaustible of times.

Who the nonsensical says that I hysterically longed for your lusciously enamoring sweetness every instant; to fabulously bloom into the paradise of marvelously fragrant life ?
As a matter of fact; I unconquerably drowned myself in the same; to uninhibitedly enjoy barbaric death to its ultimate fullest; till boundaries and limits indefinable.

Who the decrepit says that I tirelessly hankered for your rhapsodically titillating blushing; to spawn into the most symbiotically emollient effulgence of blessing life ?
As a matter of fact; I indomitably drowned myself in the same; to prolifically enjoy hedonistic death to its ultimate fullest; till the time existence continued to thrive .

And Who the treacherous says that I maniacally slavered for your ardently fresh-bride love; to magnificently replenish into the whirlwind of perennially compassionate life ?
As a matter of fact; I irretrievably drowned myself in the same; to ravishingly enjoy bizarre death to its ultimate fullest; till earth blended wholesomely with azure sky.


The most treacherously ungainly manipulation miserably dithered to perturb me; as I unflinchingly marched on the path of blazingly scintillating righteousness,
But what was killing me more than horrific death every unfurling instant; was the amorphously devilish dungeon of; remorseful loneliness.

The most murderously bizarre conventionalism horrendously staggered to dent me even an infinitesimal trifle; as I fulminated into a gloriously embellished festoon of unhindered creativity,
But what was killing me more than cadaverous death every passing instant; was the truculently abhorrent corpse of; dastardly loneliness.

The most salaciously perverted of lunatics grotesquely failed to taint my conscience even a diminutive speck; as I eternally supported the cause of immortally fantastic truth till the very last breath of my impoverished life,
But what was killing me more than asphyxiating death every unleashing instant; was the barbarously coldblooded parasite of; lethal loneliness.

The most domineeringly chauvinistic egoists pathetically stuttered in trying to make me a quintessential part of their group; as I sat on the leaf of nature’s pristine vivaciousness for centuries immemorial,
But what was killing me more than crippling death every unfurling instant; was the egregiously bloodsucking leech of; satanic loneliness.

The most tawdrily titillating of vixens devastatingly staggered in trying to invidiously infiltrate my virginity; as I dedicated even the most fugacious moment of my destitute life; to the service of philanthropically resplendent mankind,
But what was killing me more than traumatic death every instant; was the lecherously venomous thorn of; simpering loneliness.

The most ominously macabre traitors endlessly lost in insidiously trying to purchase the unfathomably puristic sanctity of my soul; as I timelessly galloped in through the lanes of unconquerably brilliant righteousness,
But what was killing me more than irascible death every unraveling instant; was the sadistically truculent fog of; vindictive loneliness.

The most morbidly disparaging tricksters preposterously fumbled in fooling my innovatively discerning senses; as I victoriously clambered to the pinnacle of benevolently enlightening success; all throughout the chapters of my vibrantly eclectic life,
But what was killing me more than decrepit death every advancing instant; was the mordantly discordant voice of; bellicose loneliness.

The most hedonistically sultry betrayal disappeared into wisps of decaying oblivion; as it tried to sleazily perpetuate into my ecstatically spell binding aura of compassionate vividness,
But what was killing me more than pernicious death; was the pruriently prattling scarecrow of; deteriorating loneliness.

And the most ignominiously diabolical extinction inconsolably wailed; as it gruesomely decimated in front of my spirit of insatiably untamed and sensuously exhilarating adventure,
But what was killing me more than savage death; was the acrimoniously incarcerating prison of; delinquent loneliness.


The murderously monotonous tycoon got up with a sordid groan even before the cock could crow outside his bedroom window; to nonchalantly squabble his sanctimonious appointments for the morning,
While I snored like a gentle giant all day; evading every trace of ferociously atrocious daylight; only to profusely drown myself into a paradise of celestial poetry; all throughout the voluptuously star studded night.

The indiscriminately slandering tycoon got up with in a state of inexplicably ungainly shock; treacherously preparing his every bone to walk with his corporate comrades and with only a pair of shorts on his body; in the uncontrollably trembling wind of the winter dawn,
While I unrelentingly fantasized with my eyes perennially shut all blistering day; only to insatiably churn unfathomable volumes of poetry; in the heart of the ravishingly pearly night.

The derogatorily corrupt tycoon got up as even the most mercurial of ant tickled his foot; envisaging it to be his dreadfully dastardly boss; snapping his salary for the month,
While I romantically shut my lids to the sunshine drifting down the majestic hills all day; only to intransigently fulminate into a catharsis of heart rendering poetry; in the lap of the iridescently beautiful night.

The truculently chauvinistic tycoon got up and stirred the entire household awake; even as the yawn dogmatically refrained to leave his inexorably aching mouth,
While I innocuously sang and snoozed all day with the symbiotic beats of Nature Divine; only to spawn into an entrenchment of unassailably priceless poetry; in
the fabric of the sensuously enchanting night.

The maliciously grotesque tycoon got up to the first rings of his sleazily embellished mobile phone; for which he gave the most indescribable of abuse but still considered it more than his wife and the only measly mantra for his life,
While I cozily tucked myself under the caverns of unprecedented enthrallment all blazingly unstoppable day; only to magically inundate the atmosphere with eclectically vibrant poetry; in the miraculously healing rhythm of the spell bindingly panoramic night.

The perfidiously barbarous tycoon got up like frigidly colorless icecream; wholesomely brainwashed by the chill of his state-of-the-art airconditioner; and the
ostentatiously bizarre whisky that he had consumed to please his clients; the evening before,
While I surreally wandered like an unhindered prince through the ebulliently cascading waterfalls all day; only to euphorically erupt into a festoon of sacrosanct poetry; in the everlastingly effulgent cadence of the regally rain soaked night.

The obnoxiously white collar tycoon got up asphyxiating the throat of his adorable wife; perceiving it to be the whiplash of his maliciously decrepit senior; as his nightmare continued relentlessly mercilessly,
While I assimilated all benign goodness of this scintillating planet with my eyelashes curled all day; only to timelessly gallivant with the heaven of immaculate poetry; in the playground of the ecstatically moonlit night.

The invidiously blood sucking tycoon got up with a cleaver on his newborn’s throat; for inadvertently teaching him to uninhibitedly rest and reap,
While I fantastically obfuscated myself far away from the insipid vagaries of this planet all day; only to remarkably revel in the aura of godly poetry; in the heart of the ingratiatingly charismatic and vivid night.

O! Yes my life was infinite times more blessed than the satanically marauding and hollow tycoon; for although he had all laurels and wealth in this world to whimsically execute,
He eventually went to the Lord’s hell for diffusing abhorrently prejudiced unhappiness in every molecule around him; while I immortally lived even after death without even earning a single penny; in the breath of my Omnipotent poetry.


Do you want to lecherously quaver like a miserably dwindling serpent; even though scarlet blood still circulated with insatiably untamed exuberance through your poignant veins ?

Do you want to prattle like an insanely macabre ghost; even though the most ingeniously innovative fantasies ebulliently fulminated in the dormitories of your wonderfully precocious brain ?

Do you want to crumble like a disdainfully infidel matchstick to lick threadbare dust on the floor; even though astoundingly fantastic muscle bulged from your legs and splendidly robust arms ?

Do you want to indefatigably inundate the atmosphere with irascibly impudent abuse; even though the winds of philanthropic benevolence profoundly encapsulated the chords of your bountiful throat ?

Do you want to implacably exude into vomits of dastardly diseased blood every now and again; even though the chemistry of your visage was tenaciously programmed to unflinchingly confront even the most truculently turbulent of storm ?

Do you want to indiscriminately massacre countless innocent in atrocious rage; even though the most benign principles of priceless humanity enshrouded you in blissful timelessness ?

Do you want to ruthlessly maraud every vibrantly enamoring wave of freshness in your persona; even though you were marvelously endowed by the Almighty Lord; to spawn into majestically artistic newness every unfurling minute of the day ?

Do you want to intransigently rot in obnoxiously cadaverous perspiration; even though the scent of insuperably glorious righteousness congenitally wafted from your holistic soul ?

Do you want to stupidly bark all invincibly priceless secrets of your life infront of your penalizing enemy; even though the citadels of irrevocably fascinating solidarity enveloped you like an immaculately fascinating prince ?

Do you want to barbarously immolate your very own mesmerizing kin; even though the paradise of fructifying sagaciousness profusely kissed you on every step that you nimbly tread ?

Do you want to look like an uncouthly blood-shot scarecrow; even though your countenance tirelessly burgeoned with the ointment of effulgently panoramic
mother nature ?

Do you want to lackadaisically submerge yourself into a corpse of diabolically pernicious depression; even though an ocean of unfathomably ebullient rhapsody fervently waited for you at your doorstep ?

Do you want to enroll yourself into the depravingly malicious classrooms of baseless obsolescence and morbidity; even though endless cloudbursts of enthralling fantasy tumultuously proliferated in the sparkling whites of your eye ?

Do you want to metamorphose yourself into a tawdrily libidinous spirit; even though unsurpassable gardens of everlasting prosperity magnificently sprouted from the innermost crannies of your nerves ?

Do you want to get criminally entangled in an unending labyrinth of invidiously sinister underworld complications; even though the gloriously embellished fountain of blissful humanity radiated copiously from your innocent eyes ?

Do you want to fall beneath the mortuaries of isolation in the eyes of your revered elders for profane misdemeanor; even though the bow of respectful graciousness perennially brandished your non-invasive soul ?

Do you want to keep ghoulishly staggering on cold-blooded stone for infinite births that the Lord granted you life; even though unstoppably blazing enthusiasm jubilantly circumvented each of your intricate senses ?

Do you want to savagely constrict your own limitless freedom; even though the voice of unequivocal uninhibitedness intrepidly leapt from your stupendously emollient personality ?

Do you want to fretfully dilapidate behind satanically gleaming prison bars; even though you had the impregnable aura to aristocratically discern between the good and flagrantly morass ?

Do you want to lethally snap the fangs of your very own existence in your fit of disparagingly idiosyncratic senselessness; even though an indomitable civilization of creative energy descended upon your altruistically unfettered stride ?

Do you want to project yourself as the ultimate fool on this earth muttering lividly grousing balderdash; even though the most commemorated symposiums of perspicacious knowledge; obeisantly knelt forward for your imperial signature ?

Well; if your answer to the all of the above is yes then you should definitely drink a bawdy barrel of it; but if you really desired to lead life like an unconquerable king with the ones you immortally loved; then forever say goodbye to devilishly decrepit alcohol.


Don’t ever let it obnoxiously deter you; irrefutably transcend its cowardliness; with the voice of eternally glorious truth; instead,

Don’t ever let it pathetically maim you; insuperably conquer its idiosyncrasies; with unflinchingly intrepid determination; instead,

Don’t ever let it treacherously pulverize you; blow its infidelity away like an inconspicuously frigid matchstick; with the power of Omnipotent
benevolence; instead,

Don’t ever let it ruthlessly suck you; irretrievably char its unmanliness; with the philanthropic melody of symbiotic existence; instead,

Don’t ever let it devastatingly tyrannize you; wholesomely triumph over its blackness; with the light of blazingly unassailable oneness; instead,

Don’t ever let it mordantly dishearten you; aristocratically sideline its diabolism; with the winds of scintillatingly charismatic camaraderie; instead,

Don’t ever let it hideously slap you; irrevocably freeze its satanic insinuations; with the Omnipotent mantra of regally proliferating humankind; instead,

Don’t ever let it maliciously prejudice you; jubilantly jostle its deterioration; with the spirit of intriguingly enchanting exuberance; instead,

Don’t ever let it painstakingly dither you; perennially challenge its heinousness; with the everlasting sunshine of brilliant optimism; instead,

Don’t ever let it baselessly empower you; implacably annihilate its goriness; with the lamp of panoramically vibrant newness; instead,

Don’t ever let it derogatorily corrupt you; nonchalantly shrug its insipid meaninglessness; with the boundless sky of sacredly burgeoning patriotism; instead,

Don’t ever let it invidiously strangulate you; majestically overwhelm its wailing; with the melodiously fructifying fruits of amiably marvelous existence; instead,

Don’t ever let it truculently dictate you; inexorably dominate its acridness; with the resplendently enamoring vividness of mother nature; instead,

Don’t ever let it malevolently slander you; inimitably silence its obsolescence; with the fabric of impeccably magical originality; instead,

Don’t ever let it indiscriminately trample you; eternally overpower its salaciousness; with the immaculately fragrant ointment of sparkling uninhibitedness; instead,

Don’t ever let it remorsefully shrink you; indefatigably restrict its feckless morbidity; with the wings of unequivocally astronomical freedom; instead,

Don’t ever let it intransigently lambaste you; spell bindingly extinguish its retribution; with unprecedented gorges of tantalizingly smothering artistry; instead,

Don’t ever let it enter your life; for it was the only thin line between you and the paradise of immortally bountiful success; the only gallows which barbarously snatched breath forever from your body even though you were synergistically alive; the only cadaverous demon which robbed you of all your fathomlessly endowed happiness; the only word which you never wanted to utter if you wanted to live,

And if you guessed it to be death then let me tell you that you were horrifically wrong; for it was a death more gruesome than veritable death; as it was a corpse
of 2 more alphabets than death; infact an unending graveyard called failure


Wholeheartedly use the knife; but not to ruthlessly massacre and preposterously kill,
Irrefutably ensure that you blazingly drove the treacherously salacious devil; fathomless kilometers away from your sacrosanct motherland; with its intrepid sharpness instead.

Wholeheartedly use the thorn; but not to hedonistically puncture innocuously mesmerizing skin;
Irrefutably ensure that you poignantly carved an unfathomable flurry of mystically embellished designs in impeccably whites sands; with its explicitly
blistering edge instead.

Wholeheartedly use the bludgeon; but not to lambaste immaculately intriguing scalps into infinitesimally pulverized ash,
Irrefutably ensure that you unflinching defended all those torturously divested; from the diabolical footsteps of the indiscriminately advancing devil; with its formidable strength instead.

Wholeheartedly use the abuse; but not to lecherously reproach the sacredly widowed mother,
Irrefutably ensure that you taught an ultimate lesson to the sanctimoniously sodomized politicians son; who kept even the most pricelessly divine entity alive at the tip of his cadaverous shoe; with its resonating whiplash instead .

Wholeheartedly use the scarecrow; but not to baselessly petrify the innocently wandering and blessedly blossoming child,
Irrefutably ensure that you insuperably sequestered fathomless fields of quintessential corn; from truculently infiltrating beats; with its amorphous uncanniness instead.

Wholeheartedly use the curse; but not to baselessly jinx the enchantingly newborn and vivaciously bustling with the first cry of vibrant life,
Irrefutably ensure that you perpetually froze derogatorily frigid corruption; in its very nonchalantly ghastly roots; with its acerbic sultriness instead.

Wholeheartedly use the venom; but not to hideously asphyxiate the staggering beggar’s already dwindling breath,
Irrefutably ensure that you decimated even the most evanescent trace of evil from the fabric of the painstakingly degrading and deteriorating society; with its inevitable aftermath instead.

Wholeheartedly use the storm; but not to perniciously drown compassionately embracing friends to the invidiously grassless rock bottom and the mouth of the
emaciated whale,
Irrefutably ensure that you unassailably overwhelmed even the most diminutive speck of abominable prejudice; with its rejuvenating waves instead.

Wholeheartedly use shit; but not to meaninglessly deluge the meadows of uninhibitedly righteous scent with an unsurpassable squall of preposterously
ungainly stench,
Irrefutably ensure that you indefatigably painted the irately bloodsoaked castles of brutally incarcerating anarchists; with its indescribably lascivious ostracism instead.

Wholeheartedly use the acid; but not to heinously victimize and char holistic entities into capricious chunks of bizarrely threadbare absolution,
Irrefutably ensure that you extinguished the murderous existence of all those mordantly infidel molesters; with its implacably fuming fire instead.

Wholeheartedly use the vultures; but not to ludicrously pluck at the skin of organisms; unequivocally marching as the harbingers of timelessly
benevolent humanity,
Irrefutably ensure that you entirely snapped the fangs of manipulatively parasitic ghosts; with theirunstoppably hunting beaks instead.

Wholeheartedly use betrayal; but not to devilishly separate two perennially coalescing and divinely bonding lovers,
Irrefutably ensure that you created unbreakable rifts between the horrific monsters of ghoulishly imprisoning hell; with its delinquently dolorous remorse instead.

And wholeheartedly use death; but not to criminally strangulate truthfully burgeoning and exhilaratingly united mankind,
Irrefutably ensure that you beautifully relieved all those inexplicably rotting in mortuaries of incurably maiming disease; with its limitless silence instead.

When the extraordinarily rich and bombastic slept in the afternoon; they called it relaxation of the most unprecedentedly blissful degree,
While when the same was done by a diminutively estranged beggar; the so called conventionally correct society; termed it as dastardly unemployment.

When the unimaginably rich and pretentious guzzled poignantly scarlet wine; they called it majestically untamed and compassionate aristocracy,
While when the same was done by a remorsefully collapsing beggar; the so called austerely conventional society; termed it as deliriously devastating drunkenness.

When the unfathomably rich and handsome shot innocent deer in the forest; they called it insatiably exhilarating and intrepid adventure,
While when the same was done by a pathetically bedraggled beggar; the so called stringently conventional society; termed it as cannibalistically unforgivable crime.

When the limitlessly rich and luxurious hurled a volley of indiscriminate invectives in blissfully open space; they called it the definition of unparalleled superiority,
While when the same was done by an infinitesimally slavering beggar; the so called devoutly conventional society; termed it as a gutter of unceremoniously
uncivilized trash.

When the unsurpassably rich and glittering put an impression of their thumb on spotlessly barren paper; they called it legacy at its unbelievably supreme best,
While when the same was done by the preposterously teetering beggar; the so called dogmatically conventional society; termed it as the worthlessly salacious pigstalk of treacherous illiteracy.

When the endlessly rich and powerful titillated themselves with tawdrily nubile vixen; they called it a mountain of insuperably gargantuan desire,
While when the same was done by the diminutively perspiring beggar; the so called legitimately conventional society; termed it as rapaciously ribald rape and debauchery of the highest decree.

When the inexorably rich and dictatorial produced a battalion of children of their own; they called it the law of astoundingly unstoppable proliferation at its ageless best,
While when the same was done by the miserably tearstained and hapless beggar; the so called staunchly conventional society; termed it as the jinx of devilishly merciless population explosion.

When the staggeringly rich and superfluous flirted as if mischievous young children; they called it the most celestially blessed culmination of the immaculately unassailable divine,
While when the same was done by the jaggedly disheveled beggar; the so called perspicaciously conventional society; termed it as insanely unsolicited balderdash.

And when the boundlessly rich and princely inhaled quintessentially emollient air every unfurling instant; they called it the ultimate mantra of symbiotically philanthropic existence,
While when the same was done by the obliviously decaying beggar; the so called irrevocably conventional society; termed it as a parasitically intolerable and cold-bloodedly murderous burden on the trajectory of immortal mother earth.


An idle palm; is the diabolically estranged and truculently cold-blooded murderer’s; favorite workshop,

An idle lip; is the treacherously decrepit and horrendously inexplicable sorrow’s; favorite workshop,

An idle foot; is the preposterously lazing and salaciously sucking parasite’s; favorite workshop,

An idle eye; is the wholesomely obfuscating and invidiously terrorizing night’s; favorite workshop,

An idle vein; is the dreadfully dangerous and cadaverously criminal cancer’s; favorite workshop,

An idle hair; is the malevolently prejudiced and lecherously tawdry dandruff’s; favorite workshop,

An idle mouth; is the disgustingly pompous and bizarrely delirious emptiness’s; favorite workshop,

An idle ear; is the drearily penurious and sardonically stagnant absolution’s ; favorite

An idle tongue; is the obnoxiously inane and iconoclastically ignominious abuse’s; favorite workshop,

An idle bone; is the brutally perfidious and uxoriously libidinous misanthrope’s; favorite workshop,

An idle wound; is the nonchalantly pernicious and bawdily infinitesimal worm’s; favorite workshop,

An idle tooth; is the threadbarely demonic and distraughtly dilapidated cavities’;
favorite workshop,

An idle flesh; is the impotently lackadaisical and menacingly incarcerating infertility’s; favorite workshop,

An idle spine; is the devilishly ostracizing and venomously debilitating boredom’s; favorite workshop,

An idle stomach; is the satanically strangulating and atrociously suppressing constipation’s; favorite workshop,

An idle shadow; is the insanely blood-curling and whimsically sporadic torture’s; favorite workshop,

An idle conscience; is the barbarously egregious and gorily excoriating lies’; favorite workshop,

An idle nostril; is the precariously pulverizing and perpetually silencing death’s; favorite workshop,

An idle heart; is the frigidly sabbatical and ominously shriveling traitor’s; favorite workshop,

And an idle mind; is the rapaciously maniacal and devastatingly massacring devil’s; favorite workshop.


As long as there was a relentless urge to drink the most enthrallingly ecstatic elixir’s of this fathomless planet; marvelously satiate the infuriatingly irascible sensations in the miserably parched throat,

As long as there was an ardent urge to intrepidly adventure through the mystically redolent fields of enchanting life; be mesmerized by the ebulliently passing winds to the most unprecedented limits,

As long as there was an unflinching urge to zip through fathomless bits of crystal blue space; feel tirelessly mollified by the sensations of enthralling newness timelessly wandering in the celestial atmosphere,

As long as there was an insatiable urge to get voraciously tickled in the ribs; by bountifully tantalizing seductresses; triggering a whirlpool of unsurpassable desire all throughout the fabric of the everlasting night,

There was a desire to exhilaratingly breathe; there was a desire to exist till times beyond infinite infinity; O! Yes there was spectacularly majestic life.


As long as there was an unprecedented urge to sight the limitlessly panoramic beauty of this perennially bestowing planet; replenish even the most infinitesimal of your beleaguered senses with its unbelievably stupendous splendor,

As long as there was an unparalleled urge to benevolently share; royally assimilate all goodness on this timelessly Samaritan planet,

As long as there was an irrevocable urge to tirelessly procreate; magnificently proliferate God’s most sacrosanct chapter of creation and effulgent newness;
till the very last veritable breath that you exhaled,

As long as there was an incorrigible urge to artistically evolve; intermingle even the most inconspicuous speck of your countenance; with the winds of magically bestowing poetry,

There was a desire to fantastically breathe; there was a desire to exist in astounding synergy with the belly of nature divine; O! Yes there was perpetually insuperable life.


As long as there was an intransigent urge to mischievously cavort through rain soaked mud; soar surreally through the mellifluously robust cocoon of silken clouds,

As long as there was an immutable urge to drown into the aisles of endless sensuality; let the boundless oceans of connubial bliss wholesomely transcend over your every priceless minute,

As long as there was an irretrievable urge to diffuse convivial laughter; philanthropically ameliorate sadistically whiplashed living kind; towards an
optimistically brilliant tomorrow,

As long as there was an infallible urge to handsomely replenish the wildly reverberating pangs of hunger in your stomach; with the miraculously healing
fruits of robust nature,

There was a desire to charismatically breathe; there was a desire to exist perennially bonded with your eternal beloved; O! Yes there was unconquerably emollient life.


As long as there was an inexorable urge to unveil your eyes to the rainbows of vivaciously burgeoning righteousness; forever quell diabolically insidious crime with the waves of ubiquitous peace and synergistic humanity,

As long as there was an irrefutable urge to clasp hand in hand and walk fearlessly forward; stand peerlessly tall to defend the cause of blazingly patriotic truth,

As long as there was an unending urge to embellish the body like a newly-wedded bride; live and let live like an unshakable prince; even though were about to abjure from every kingly pleasure of survival,

As long as there was an intractable urge to earn your very own livelihood; royally fend for your own body and bone; without being a salaciously decrepit parasite on lame orphanages and kin,

There was a desire to unchallangably breathe; there was a desire to exist forever huddled as a child in the impregnable lap of your heavenly mother; O! Yes there
was pristinely magical life.


Even the most insuperably Omnipotent of Sun had to intransigently burn itself first; before imparting boundless galleries of optimistically mitigating and enchanting daylight,

Even the most unbelievably voluptuous waves had to clash against the cold-blooded rocks first; before diffusing into an exhilarating odyssey of timelessly poignant froth,

Even the most iridescently emollient stars had to float in obscurely disdainful clouds and blackness first; before entrancing the entire Universe with an endless stream of spell bindingly cavorting twinkle,

Even the most indomitably towering mountains had to face the indiscriminate whiplash of gratuitously inexorable storm; rain and traitors first; before compassionately sequestering countless helpless in their invincible belly,

Even the most harmoniously synergistic of bees had to get unsparingly mobbed in their hives first; before exuding into the most bountifully fructifying of majestically golden honey,

Even the most prolifically talented writers had to cry a billion tears of eccentric frustration first; before evolving a whole new civilization of astoundingly blessed freshness; through each of their effusively ebullient words,

Even the most mystically serene forests had to bear the brutally agonizing roar of the untamed lion first; before wonderfully metamorphosing into a paradise of celestially impregnable sleep,

Even the most impeccably sacrosanct milk had to obnoxiously molest and pulverize itself first; before transforming into cisterns of unsurpassably heavenly and incredulously frolicking curd,

Even the most opulently diamond studded candle had to ludicrously melt itself first; before culminating into a beam of priceless hope; in the forlornly cadaverous and starless night,

Even the most unequivocally scintillating of mirror had to shatter itself into an infinite fragments of nothingness first; before it could reflect the most unbiasedly truthful and unconquerable image of eternal righteousness,

Even the most holistically ever-pervading goddess had to peerlessly cross the austerely blazing fires first; before proving to her husband that she was an
unparalleled apostle of unshakable faithfulness and humanity,

Even the most beautifully burgeoning soil had to disastrously puncture itself with seeds first; before miraculously sprouting into the royally untainted fruits of unflinchingly mesmerizing humanity,

Even the most melodiously resting mind had to uncontrollably fantasize first; before incredulously mollifying each of its restlessly howling dormitories with inevitably gratifying siesta,

Even the most compassionately inhaling sheep had to mercilessly shave their skins first; before ubiquitously imparting entities of every fraternity; with unconquerably convivial warmth,

Even the most stupendously fragrant roses had to face the onslaught of a limitless vituperative insects on their petals first; before perpetuating an unprecedented gorge of egalitarian scent; in the hearts of one and all organism; sacredly alike,

Even the most articulately ingratiating magician had to drown himself into a spell of tirelessly flawless concentration first; before spawning a hall of brilliantly unfettered magic,

Even the most irrefutably spotless conscience had to transcend over a trillion treacherously derogatory lies first ; before timelessly proliferating into an unceasing cosmos of Omnipresently bestowing justice,

Even the most pricelessly inimitable of inventions had to lick lugubriously meaningless dirt and shit first; before handsomely enlightening the entire planet with light of regally dazzling newness,

And even the most immortal of love and life had to embrace a fathomless deaths in the coffins of indiscriminately excoriating hell first; before blossoming into an insuperably ever-pervading atmosphere of prosperity; divinity and endlessly
symbiotic paradise.


Just philandering through the unfathomably embellished interiors of the palace; doesn’t make you even one iota of a prince at all,
He who might be breathing in an infinitesimally dingy hole; but yet obeying the principles of timelessly unequivocal and synergistic simplicity; epitomizes gloriously unparalleled kinghood; is indeed the truest king.

Just adorning your fingers with the costliest of rings and glittering diamonds of the earth; doesn’t make you even one speck of a prince at all,
He who might be walking barefoot without even a roof to sequester his scalp; but yet beautifully bonding with every fraternity of living kind handsomely alike; epitomizes brilliantly insuperable kinghood; is indeed the truest king.

Just unrelentingly rolling through mountains of unsurpassable gold while nonchalant snores emanated from your mouth; doesn’t make you even one whisker of  a prince at all,
He who might be wandering without a cloth on his uncontrollably shivering body; but yet kissing the sacrosanct soil which had pricelessly evolved him; epitomizes unshakably royal kinghood; is indeed the truest king.

Just endlessly partying in under waterfalls of the most opulent of wine; cavorting with the most emolliently tantalizing fairies on this earth; doesn’t make you even one shadow of a prince at all,
He who might be without a mercurial morsel of food in his stomach; but yet altruistically offering every droplet of his blood to mitigate hedonistically tyrannized humanity; epitomizes unassailably peerless kinghood; is indeed the truest king.

Just uncontrollably massacring everything that came into your hands; at your own whimsically eccentric will; doesn’t make you one impression of a prince at all,
He who might be profusely drenched in nothing but ordinarily colorless sweat all day and night; but yet holistically frolicking with and indefatigably admiring the panoramic treasures of Nature divine; epitomizes impregnably unflinching kinghood; is indeed the truest king.

Just fostering a cornucopia of the most sagaciously rarest literature in the world; unceasingly smoking the highest quality cigar in your library while countless slaved for you outside; doesn’t make you one grain of a prince at all,
He who might be sporadically hurled in by the unsparingly violent sea tides; but yet harnessing each alphabet of his writing with the fragrance of unconquerably blissful truth; epitomizes triumphantly eternal kinghood; is indeed the truest king.

Just making the entire planet dance at the tips of your snobbishly sullen fingers; using disastrously nuclear and atomic power to its vindictive best; doesn’t make you one breath of a prince at all,
He who might be inevitably nearing his dreaded corpse; but yet fervently working towards uniting the acrimoniously estranged planet into the religion of unbreakable humanity; epitomizes celestially effulgent kinghood; is indeed the truest king.

Just adorning your spurious skin with the earth’s greatest perfumes; toasting to your feckless success while countless licked the squalidness of your anarchist shoe; doesn’t make you one ingredient of a prince at all,
He who might be hoisting unimaginable tonnes of garbage on his head for indispensable survival; but yet compassionately parenting every infant dreadfully orphaned on this globe; epitomizes wonderfully ebullient kinghood; is indeed the truest king.

Just inhaling the most sensuously untainted flowers in your palatial gardens for a second; and then making them the mincemeat of your toweringly decrepit feet;
doesn’t make you one wink of a prince at all,
He who might be unstoppably bleeding under the attack of sadistically cannibalistic parasites; but yet ardently leaning forward to protect the divinely redolence of his selfless mother till his very last breath; epitomizes indomitably perpetual kinghood; is indeed the truest king.

And just floating in the aisles of silken luxury for times immemorial; liberating the hideously entrapped sensuality in your body to the most unprecedented limits; doesn’t make you one cranny of a prince at all,
He who might be truculently shattered to an infinite pieces by the disparagingly conventional society; but yet solely following the innermost tunes of his heart
and ubiquitously disseminating the spirit of immortal love in every organism alike; epitomizes fathomlessly perennial kinghood; is indeed the truest king.

42. TIME

The more you tried to stringently control it; the more it rampantly slipped away from your invincible grasp,

The more you tried to irrevocably stop it; the more it uncontrollably sped past the corridors of unceasingly unfathomable infinite infinity,

The more you tried to chauvinistically govern it; the more it inevitably took an insuperable grip upon even the most inconspicuous element of your destiny,

The more you tried to irretrievably compress it; the more it rebounded back towards the aisles of boundless eternity; forever and ever and ever,

The more you tried to truculently asphyxiate it; the more it uninhibitedly gallivanted like a majestic lion; for whom sky was the only veritable limit,

The more you tried to transcend beyond it; the more it left you a billion kilometers lagging behind; the instant you dared alight your nimble foot,

The more you tried to invidiously poison it; the more it sprouted afresh in a countless rejuvenatingly new forms; from a countless directions which you could never ever perceive,

The more you tried to chauvinistically incarcerate it; the more it unequivocally flew in the skies of unparalleled freedom; for centuries and moments immemorial,

The more you tried to torturously tie it; the more euphorically it leapt towards the paradise of Omnipotently silken freedom; magnificently attuning all humanity to the pragmatic essence of blissful existence,

The more you tried to bury it fathomless feet in the graveyards of hell; the more it profoundly perpetuated its insuperable grip upon every echelon of blessed living kind,

The more you tried to hedonistically distort it; the more it evolved into its unbelievably redolent grace; with the heavens of unassailable truth
written all over it,

The more you tried to abhorrently erase it; the more it unflinchingly burgeoned; into a fountain of invincibly redolent sagaciousness,

The more you tried to uncouthly repel it; the more it intractably embedded itself to every quintessentially happening aspect of your vibrant life,

The more you tried to make it derogatorily sedentary; the more it tirelessly ticked; not resting even an ethereal instant even after every organism on this earth had wholesomely extinguished,

The more you tried to satanically bribe it; the more it unstoppably blazed into an unprecedented gorge of patriotic truth and triumphant selflessness,

The more you tried to salaciously recycle it; the more it iridescently blossomed into unending newness; for moments beyond an infinite more births yet to unveil,

The more you tried to dastardly retract it; the more it jubilantly galloped towards the chapters of victoriously enchanting proliferation; eternally continuing God’s enthrallingly wonderful creation,

The more you tried to cold-bloodedly murder it; the more it spawned into bounteously everlasting prosperity; enlightening every organism alive with the
magic of spell binding optimism,

The more you tried to lethally silence it; the more it boisterously permeated the true spirit of endlessly God-gifted existence; to continents fathomlessly diversified; far and wide,

O! Yes and try as hard as you could; you simply wouldn’t be able control it; you simply wouldn’t able to stop it till the time you breathe and even after; for that’s how it has forever been; that’s how it is and by the grace of God shall forever be; O! Yes believe it or not; but that for you is royally unconquerable time.


Can you ever dare to call enchantingly mesmerizing fantasy; as dastardly unemployed; even in the most inanely bizarre of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call timelessly burgeoning innovation; as ghastily unemployed; even in the most treacherously delinquent of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call unsurpassably untamed sensuality; as murderously unemployed; even in the most sadistically remorseful of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call ubiquitously compassionate brotherhood; as salaciously unemployed; even in the most tyrannically incarcerating of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call blissfully symbiotic environment; as abjectly unemployed; even in the most hedonistically cadaverous of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the rhapsodically eternal seawave; as derogatorily unemployed; even in the most nefariously perverted of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the impeccably unconquerable lap of the divine mother; as satanically unemployed; even in the most torridly truculent of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the Omnipotent clouds in the sky; as maliciously unemployed; even in the most acrimoniously venomous of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the redolently Omnipresent rose; as lethally unemployed; even in the most cold-bloodedly bludgeoning of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the magically fructifying dewdrops; as preposterously unemployed; even in the most demonically unceremonious dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the resplendently shimmering stars; as debasingly unemployed; even in the most deliriously lugubrious of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the mystically rubicund cheeks; as brutally unemployed; even in the most sardonically castigated of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the pristinely newborn child; as perfidiously unemployed; even in the most brazenly idiosyncratic of dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the vivaciously exuberant peacock; as ignominiously unemployed; even in the most invidiously sinister of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the aisles of everlasting paradise; as vituperatively unemployed; even in the most egregiously embittered of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the seductively crimson crested nightingale; as horrendously unemployed; even in the most cannibalistically prurient of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call priceless streams of quintessentially perennial water; as horrifically unemployed; even in the most nonchalantly slavering of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the impregnably cardinal blacks of the eye; as lackadaisically unemployed; even in the most insidiously squandering of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the invincibly sequestering mountains; as unabashedly unemployed; even in the most perilously withering of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the Omnipotent seeds sown in emollient soil; as baselessly unemployed; even in the most profanely deteriorating of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the unceasingly enlightening rays of the Sun; as pugnaciously unemployed; even in the most capriciously flagrant of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the perpetual caverns of life-bestowing breath; as dangerously unemployed; even in the most ominously disoriented of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call royally peerless artistry; as fecklessly unemployed; even in the most haughtily sanctimonious of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the religion of unassailable humanity; as regretfully unemployed; even in the most obsoletely livid of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the crops spawning miraculously from mother soil; as diabolically unemployed; even in the most corruptly sodomized of your dreams ?

Can you ever dare to call the heaven of immortally insuperable love; as parsimoniously unemployed; even in the most unscrupulously wastrel of your dreams ?

Therefore how the hell can you ever dare to call a poet whose every ingredient of crimson blood is composed of nothing else but all of the above, and an infinite more astoundingly benevolent sensitivity; as threadbarely unemployed; even in the most hatefully stagnating of your dreams ?


My eyes were a wholeheartedly open book; anyone on this gargantuan planet could read them; could explicitly decipher the emotions in their impeccable whites,
But the ultimate impression on their moistened periphery; was the immortal image of your Omnipotently blessed life.

My lips were a wholeheartedly open book; anyone on this fathomless planet could read them; could fecklessly frolic and insurmountably tantalize them,
But the ultimate kiss on their rubicund contours; was the unconquerably truthful imprint of your altruistically peerless life.

My palms were a wholeheartedly open book; anyone on this gigantic planet could read them; could joyously trace the sensuous folds of succulent skin curled delectably within,
But the ultimate destiny on their humble trajectory; was every perennially fructifying moment of your philanthropically symbiotic life.

My shoulders were a wholeheartedly open book; anyone on this limitless planet could read them; could uninhibitedly perch upon them to give holistic reprieve to their pathetically exhausted legs,
But the ultimate strength on their obeisant bones; was the unequivocally blazing tenacity of your righteously emollient life.

My perspiration was a wholeheartedly open book; anyone on this tireless planet could read it; could joyously splash it towards the regale curtains of emerald sky,
But the ultimate fragrance in its gregarious sparkle; was the benevolently persevering energy of your inexhaustibly proliferating life.

My face was a wholeheartedly open book; anyone on this insuperable planet could read it; could embellish it with the jewels and paraphernalia of their choice,
But the ultimate smile on its innocuously unfettered exteriors; was the victoriously effulgent stride of your timelessly endowing life.

My skin was a wholeheartedly open book; anyone on this endless planet could read it; could salaciously make it a nimble prey of their rapaciously uncontrollable desire,
But the ultimate sensation on its diminutively wrinkled persona; was the indomitably untamed enchantment of your spell bindingly artistic and surreally titillating life.

My shadow was a wholeheartedly open book; anyone on this ever-pervading planet could read it; could feast in its gloriously mollifying tranquility to shield the blistering rays of the unsparing afternoon Sun,
But the ultimate euphoria on its inscrutably elongated silhouette; were the infinite shades of tirelessly benign freshness of your marvelously aristocratic life.

My conscience and breath were a wholeheartedly open book; anyone on this unstoppable planet could read them; could bask in the glory of their divinely
unadulterated exhilaration for an infinite more lifetimes,
But the ultimate signature on their quintessential fabric; was the symbiotically humanitarian bonding of your pristinely unassailable life.

And my heart was a wholeheartedly open book; anyone on this countless planet could read it; could surreptitiously pilfer its passion to delightfully ignite their every salaciously impoverished night,
But the ultimate love on each of its unnervingly ardent beats; was the impregnably Godly breath of your panoramically perpetual life.


Music is an enchanting reverie which never ends; inundating your dying soul with perpetual happiness,

Music is a mesmerizing bird which keeps soaring endlessly through the mystical clouds; nostalgically transiting you back into realms of impeccable childhood,

Music is a resplendent star in the cosmos; which incessantly keeps rejuvenating withering lives from the brink of despairing extinction,

Music is a tantalizing whisper which astoundingly proliferates in the mind as each second unveiled; truly escalating the spirit of existence,

Music is a poignant panacea for the most inexplicable of ailment; profoundly blending the rhythm of the passionate heart with all the goodness prevailing in
the atmosphere,

Music is a wave of euphoric rhapsody; which washes away all those sins; you may have inadvertently stumbled upon,

Music is a profusely redolent rose; uninhibitedly disseminating its scent to whomsoever who wanted to inhale it,

Music is the invincible ladder to ebullient success; propelling you to rise from the obnoxious ashes; everytime you horrendously faltered in your step,

Music is a vivacious rainbow; deluging mundane survival with compassionate loads of vibrant color and charm,

Music is a captivating fountain; bestowing each life it besieged with a festoon of emphatic melody,

Music is the most effusive form of expression; stirring the most inner most recesses of the conscience to unbelievably unprecedented limits,

Music is more gorgeous than the voluptuous shadow; unfurling an unsurpassable tale of tantalizing mystery in each of its tunes,

Music is the most immaculate sound which a tangible organism could ever emanate; the most sacrosanct tune; which perpetually unites one and all; alike,

Music is a seductive trail that leads to the most marvelously tingling fantasy; a dream which only the angels in the heavens could coalesce with and conceive,

Music is a indomitable protagonist; absorbing even the most infinitesimal trace of acrimonious hostility; in the swirl of its tenacious pulse,

Music is a magnificently surreal cloud which relentlessly rains; blessing the lives of countless with the essence of its sacred grace,

Music is a velvety feather which not only triggers an untamed exultation in breathless identities; but rekindles them to lead a myriad of infinite more exciting lives,

Music is the religion you believe in; the language in which your very first ancestor used to merrily converse,

Music is the solitary ray of dazzling light in the preposterously morbid tunnel; engendering you to emerge victorious in the Herculean struggle called life,

Music is an arrow which hits its target completely blindfolded; rises as the uncrowned prince; even as the entire planet headed towards inevitably disdainful destruction,

Music is an intriguingly innocuous child; that stays forever young even after undergoing an incomprehensible battalion of deaths,

Music is the insurmountable spice which foments even the dead to rise from their graves; dance in stupendously sultry winds in the throes of moonlit midnight,

Music is the most wonderful entertainment bereft of a single penny; and yet amazingly reinvigorating the entire system with blissful synergies that the body had always desired,

Music is the sparkle of ones eye; the glow which every personality radiates in the most divinely contented stage of life,

Music is the whistling air you breathe; the ecstatic spurts of energy you expend while trespassing on every path of life; the celestial flurry of smiles on your countenance as you are enthralled by the creation of God,

Music is indeed the reason why you live; the reason why you will always choose to love; or shall we say music is the irrefutable food for life.


When I was just born; freshly emanating the first cry of my life,
The world outside seemed an obsolete haze to my eyes; which searched frantically amidst all alien; for my place in this vast globe.

When I grew up a trifle; the bones impregnated in my persona now molding their way beneath my skin,
The world outside seemed to be as raw as the ethereal rays of vespered dawn; and my eyes were lost in profusely absorbing the magnificent beauty of this enchanting Universe.

When I bounced and frolicked in the lawns of kindergarten; just learning to
converse with my elders,
The world outside seemed to be stupendously blossoming to my eyes; and I inadvertently stumbled upon more than a million things every unfurling minute.

When I catapulted into my teens; the crimson blood incarcerated in my veins circulating faster than thunderbolts of white electricity,
The world outside seemed an island of untamed romance to my eyes; with my heartbeats insatiably longing for the ultimate love of my life.

When I stepped into the corridors of robust youth; a fleet of exhilarated muscle now leaving a poignant impression on my rubicund flesh,
The world outside seemed a manipulative playground to my eyes; with an insurmountable desire to earn my own bread now overwhelming everything else prevailing in the atmosphere.

When I bonded into threads of holy matrimony; taking a sacrosanct vow in front of the Creator; to walk stepby step with my newly embellished bride,
The world outside seemed a blend of fantasy and pragmatic reality to my eyes; with each hour at work; tumultuously reinvigorating my desire to spend countless hours under compassionately fiery breath under pearly midnight.

When I procreated new blood of my own; a flurry of God's most mesmerizing creation nestling innocuously on my shoulders,
The world outside seemed a fabulous paradise to my eyes; and even though I was unfathomably penurious; the innocent voices of my children catapulted me
infinite kilometers beyond blissful heaven.

When I inevitably had to taste disdainfully crippling old age; the color of my skin now painstakingly withering towards thin wisps of remote oblivion,
The world outside seemed an acrimonious thorn to my eyes; with the very people whom I had fostered in my times of Herculean strength; now trampling indiscriminately over my integrity.

And when I was about to take my last breath; horrifically writhing in unsurpassable agony to bid my last adieu to this planet,
The world outside seemed like when I was just born to my eyes; everything so fresh; everything so hazy; everything so me; and even though I died; I felt that the chapter of existence had begun once again.


For careers in computers; a profound understanding of intricate hardware and software; was an indispensable prerequisite,

For careers in dentistry; a sagaciously comprehensive insight into the intriguing chemistry of teeth; was an indispensable prerequisite,

For careers in teaching; an elaborate perception regarding the subject to be taught; was an indispensable prerequisite,

For careers in modeling; a stupendously enchanting countenance with streaks of blistering flamboyance; were an indispensable prerequisite,

For careers in journalism; a discerning eye comprehending myriad strata's of the society; was an indispensable prerequisite,

For careers in palmistry; a mystical analysis of the handsomely enigmatic bifurcations of the palm; was an indispensable prerequisite,

For careers in commercial business; prudently sound grasping of the laws of management compounded with skills of astute manipulation; were an indispensable prerequisite,

For careers in gardening; a fabulous conception of the fraternity of soil and water used; as an indispensable prerequisite,

For careers in acting; an undaunting attitude to face the camera; blended with emotions fulminating from the innermost soul; were an indispensable prerequisite,

For careers in sky gazing; an overwhelmingly abhorrent dislike for leading life coalesced with incredulously profuse nonchalance; was an indispensable

For careers in speed racing; an outrageous propensity for treacherous terrains; alongwith a penchant for adventurously tingling danger; was an indispensable

For careers in boxing; a battalion of muscle intrepidly ready to confront the mightiest of onslaught on this earth; was an indispensable prerequisite,

For careers in advertising; an innovative cognition of clients and vacillating brand market images; was an indispensable prerequisite,

For careers in the army; an unflinchingly indomitable spirit to relinquish breath for the nation every moment; was an indispensable prerequisite,

For careers in the hotel kitchenette; an insatiable conception of ingratiatingly delectable cuisine; thoroughly tickling the unsurpassable no. of taste buds; was an indispensable prerequisite,

For careers in swimming; an insurmountable passion for the ravishingly undulating waves coupled with the tumultuous exhilaration of relishing natures most precious gift on your skin; was an indispensable prerequisite,

For careers in calligraphy; an inexorable dexterity of the knotted finger to consistently emboss grandiloquent alphabets; was an indispensable prerequisite,

For careers in truth; an irrefutable obeying of the righteous voices of impeccable conscience; was an indispensable prerequisite,

But for careers in love; there was simply no prerequisite required; for all you needed was a heart that passionately throbbed; a soul that romantically wandered; a breath that cascaded compassionately like never before; and believe me you'll make the best career ever conceivable on this planet; infact the most cherished career called love.


Even if infinite eyes of mine made a single blind person see; I would consider my life to be endowed,

Even if infinite ears of mine made a single deaf person hear; I would consider my life blissfully divine,

Even if infinite legs of mine made a single maimed person run; I would consider my life higher than the sacrosanct skies,

Even if infinite smiles of mine made a single orphan oblivious to the definition of pain; I would consider my life richer than all wealth assimilated on this planet,

Even if infinite voices of mine made a single dumb person speak; I would consider my life to be as celestial as the dancing fairies,

Even if infinite muscles of mine made a single deprived person strong; I would consider my life in perfect synchronization with the divine master who had created it,

Even if infinite teeth of mine made a single old person scrupulously chew his meals; I would consider my life achieving the ultimate it had been created for,

Even if infinite hair of mine made a single shivering person regain his warmth; I would consider my life more tenacious than any storm,

Even if infinite shadows of mine made a single person brutally widowed find a home; I would consider my life as sacred as the lap of my heavenly mother,

Even if infinite salutes of mine made a single person shamefully slithering on the ground feel like a king; I would consider my life the most cherished gift wandering on this Universe,

Even if infinite tears of mine made a single satanic person accept the chapter of humanity; I would consider my life a beautiful flower whose essence never withers,

Even if infinite fantasies of mine made a single mad person wholesomely blissful; I would consider my life a paradise on which the angels tread,

Even if infinite tunes of mine made a single lost person remember his impeccable childhood; I would consider my life more privileged than countless more births
to unveil,

Even if infinite droplets of my blood made a single wounded person bounce back to euphoric life; I would consider my life to be the most treasured gold on this fathomless earth,

Even if infinite days of mine made a single slaved person see brilliantly infallible beams of sunlight; I would consider my life in splendid harmony with the marvelous fruits of mother nature,

Even if infinite kisses of mine made a single lecherous person savor the goodness of care; I would consider my life bereft of the tiniest of acrimonious thorn,

Even if infinite hearts of mine made a single monotonous person love; I would consider myself more blessed than the saints meditating for years in obsolete wilderness,

And if infinite breaths of mine made a single dead person rhapsodically galloping under the sky and fully alive; I would consider my life more marvelous than Omnipotent spirit of existence and complete.


Don’t place me in a morbid graveyard; dolorously inundated with perpetually lifeless souls,
Keep me instead in an island replete with boisterously bouncing children; effusively releasing themselves every instant into the full spirit of mesmerizing existence.

Don’t place me in a hideously diabolical dungeon; brimming perilously to the soil with treacherously lifeless cobwebs,
Keep me instead in a fathomless field blossoming with scented flower; profusely diffusing their heavenly odor to catapult me into a world of insurmountable fantasy.

Don’t place me in disdainfully monotonous chains of pragmatic life; with each unleashing second punctuating me like a thousand insidious needles all over my nimble body,
Keep me instead in a torrential cloudburst of exotic fantasy; voluptuously unfolding its boundless shades after the Sun had disappeared to give way to the
grandiloquently star studded night.

Don’t place me on the luminous dial of the incessantly ticking grandfather clock; reminding me every moment of the time left until my abdication of breath,
Keep me instead in the lap of my mother; which made me immortally feel that I was only an unscrupulous child ever since the time this earth was created.

Don’t place me in freezing caves harbored in the heart of the avalanche; metamorphosing passionately crimson blood in my veins; into stoically white ice,
Keep me instead for perennial decades in the arms of my beloved; triggering infernos of untamed desire in each strand of my skin; as the Sun blazed like a dynamite in vivaciously blue sky.

Don’t place me in abhorrently obnoxious pages of medieval literature; crippling my wandering mind with a mind-boggling labyrinth of innumerable dates,
Keep me instead in fabulously seductive tunnels of poetry; propelling me to soar like a handsome eagle through mists of desire; even as I lay on the brink of absolute extinction.

Don’t place me in a well deluged with greazy oil; inevitably fomenting me to trip on every step I alighted,
Keep me instead on a euphorically rhapsodic carpet of enchanting grass; on which I rolled till times beyond creation; dreaming about all the mesmerizing beauty on this planet.

Don’t place me behind the match box shaped table of mahogany; clerically signing a thousand letters every day; till the last day of my survival,
Keep me instead abreast the mystically swimming sharks; fighting fanatically for each of my breath; and yet at the same time profoundly savoring; the true essence of precious life.

And don’t place me like a parasite on the doorstep of my parents; right since the first cry of my birth tothe final draught of air I exhaled,
Keep me instead O! Almighty Lord on my own feet; immediately after I galloped past the threshold of immaculate childhood; illuminating the eyes of my kin with fireballs of pride; for the son they had so dearly harnessed with their very own blood.


Try impregnating it between L & VE; and you have the most enchanting word ever; in this fathomlessly sprawling universe,

Try adding just a solitary digit to its rotund persona; and you have a numeral which exuberantly commences the chapter of mystically enigmatic numerology,

Try rolling it down the hills with a thoroughly jaded stick; and I am sure you would catapult back into memories of nostalgically impeccable childhood,

Try hurling it in free space; and it traversed magnificently like a majestic eagle; royally flirting in the air; before landing on the stupendously voluptuous carpet of  verdant grass,

Try embossing it after the last digit of your parsimonious check; and witness the impoverished account swell to dynamically kingly proportions,

Try slipping it over your countenance; and it
engulfs you for times immemorial; in its invincibly fascinating grip,

Try writing it infinite no. of times on a barren page; and you suddenly have the paper staring back at you; profusely pepped up with volatile life,

Try shouting it hysterically down the boundlessly deep gorge; and you inevitably feel a wave of tantalizing freshness; encapsulate your profoundly frazzled senses,

Try overwhelmingly concentrating at the face of a new born child; and you'll find its innocuously charismatic impression wandering in abundance,

Try compressing it just an inconspicuous trifle; and you'll get a line as straight as an arrow; ready to perpetuate infinite kilometers above the gorgeous clouds,

Try blowing a euphorically melodious whistle which stirred insurmountable chords of seduction in the morbid winds around; and you'll see it appear on the perfectly open contours of your lips,

Try placing it over every 1; and you'll find the integer simmer in unfathomable ardor; with poignant empathy radiating till times beyond eternity from its caricature,

Try molding countless rings of it in rampantly asymmetrical rows; and you'll soon evolve a delectable tunnel which; rekindles the passions of your diminishing soul,

Try glimpsing it on the time piece of the disastrously crude bomb; and you'll hardly have time to reminisce the glorious moments of your life; as the contraption blasted through walls of senility; propelling obnoxious smoke to curl up menacingly towards the sky,

Try sketching it on a lackadaisically rustic bored face; and you'd naturally diffuse into spurts of uninhibited laughter; as the entity miraculously metamorphosed into a clown,

Try viewing the gargantuan Universe through it; and you'll find everything beautifully in focus; marvelously harmonious and synchronized like never before,

Try embodying it after every feasibly conceivable sentence; and believe me this infinitesimal dot; was enough to put an immortal end to it for decades unsurpassable,

Try embracing it at any juncture of your life; and you'll feel the wave of pretentious pompousness wholesomely disappear from your visage; realize your diminutive presence in front of the Almighty Lord,

And inspite of all this; if you still ridicule that the number I was talking about was just a big zero; then I irrefutably invite you to think again.

The End .


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