The Life in Death

Tue, 05/07/2013 - 12:19 -- Karely


United States
33° 45' 9.6084" N, 117° 55' 8.5512" W

The tears blurred the vision in the young girl's eyes.
She knew not the paths which she crossed and yet,
Without turning back,
She ran into a frantic sprint far beyond regret;
Like a bird freshly torn from its cage,
She flew.

She stumbled into the sanctum of Nature,
Undisturbed by Man.

In the middle of the lonely field stood a flower impeccable in all aspects.
The rose beckoned the child,
Drew her in with the promise of perfection.
Its slender neck danced in the warm summer breeze

Leaves once towering over the flower fell and kissed the earth.
The mustard-colored bees emerged from the comfort of their warm hive to marvel at the rose's grace.
The grass dared not approach it for fear of neglect.
Instead it sat below, waiting for a single stroke of tenderness from the beloved rose.

The child stared with rich temptation at the flower.

Bathing in the spoils of the sun,
The rose stared back with the reflection of curiosity.

With tears in her beady brown eyes, the child became aware of her thirst.
Completely entranced, she started to make her way across the field.
Like a lion hunting its prey,
She began her approach with a hesitant prudence.
She breathed softly,
Rocking the earth in its cradle with her breath.

But it awoke in panic
And shook in fear as the child launched herself in a sprint;
Her heavy breath now shaking the earth with a violent tremble.
Her footsteps ruthlessly massacring the fresh leaves of autumn,
From every step protruding a blood-curling CRAAAACK!

The grass fell to a silent death.
Nature hushed.
The bees now gone,
And the breeze, stagnant with the bitter stab of winter.

The swift plucking brought an end to the flower's innocent grace.
The petals bled their life away,
While the wind howled in pain at its death.

Her eyes sparkled and her heart jumped as the faded petals caressed the lonely child:
At last her thirst was quenched.

Alas, the pale flower sighed its last breath,
Cried out to the child,
And slowly withered away.

But the child nurtured the corpse,
She held it under her nose,

Her cheeks lifted,
A smile emerged, and the tears subsided.


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