Life as a Cereal Bowl

Sometimes I feel like something is wrong with me,

Or things are not what they’re supposed to be.

I am like an upside down cereal bowl.

I keep all the negative out- I lock up my soul,

But the cereal and milk cannot flow inside.

All the nutrients and blessings flow around me outside.

I need to trust others and set my life right.

I need to be confident and not fear the bite

Of the ones out to hurt, to deceive

Or the pain of the loss of loved ones who stealthily leave.

I hope the blessings of my soul overflow

Like seeds that fruitfully grow

That my words may not be empty words on a page

So the slaves to sadness around me can be released from this cage.


However insecure I may secretly be,

I hide behind this curtain in order to protect me.


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