Life is a Big Game


United States
34° 3' 57.3588" N, 84° 40' 36.768" W

Life is a big game
That has a certain set of rules
Some of them might be lame
Some of them might have holes
If you would like to win that game
You have to set yourself completely loose
Just don't make yourself a pray
By not following the rules
I'll pay for it someday
It will stab me in the back
Until I get the point
And save my back from a big crack

It's a big maze
Once I get in I'm in that game
I'm only going to be amazed
The rules, they never change, they always stay the same!
Then everything will go so glazed
I won't even know my name
For now I got seized
So what I have to do is free myself
That game has a right to seize
To get me back I'll have to aim
So I can get the dice out of its claws
If I succeed, it will burn and disappear

It's like the lotto
If I get lucky I will win
There is only one winner, so good luck
I never know where it might lead
It's very unexpected and mysterious
You always have to wait for the results
It's like a candy box
Once I put my hand in I cannot withdraw it
Then I would take the candy out
If the candy is good, my life will begin
It it's not, it will stab me with a knife
The definition of whole thing is "Life".

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