It's awesome when you get to laugh about the stupidest things with your best friend.
It's awesome how you get to share everything about yourself to 1 person, and they accept and love you for who you truly are.
It's awesome how even though humans are the dominant species, we still get to study and appreciate the other worlds around us.
It's awesome how different the world is because we can experience new cultures.
It's awesome how even though we remember our biggest memories the most, we can still experience the little things in life, like a sunset.
It's awesome how for 1-4 hours we can be transported to a different place and experience things not even thought possible(aka the movies).
It's awesome how against the slim chances, we were born on this planet now so we can live for the moment.
In the end, it's awesome that we get to enjoy everything from the big to the small moments in life, so that one day, if we find ourselves Ina dark place, we can look back at our memories to find the light that will illuminate the pathway for the rest of our lives. 
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Our world


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