Life and Soul


Her heart had lain dormant for a while,

Licking its wounds and building barriers anew.

Building barriers stronger than before,

To cage the heart

That had its first bitter taste of love,

To capture the heart

That was timid

Yet hungry for more. 

But he had awoken the heart

That had long been still.


He had risen hopes anew,

Hopes of freedom,

Hopes of release from her self-imposed incarceration,

Hopes of a careless forever with a newfound love.


This hope,

This love, 

Started small and then exponentially grew,

Until her heart was forced to grow

To accompany it,

And was gratefully obliged

To break through the rebuilt barriers 

That now were too weak

To serve their purpose.



She was free.


Free to love again,

Free to live again,

And free to give again her heart

To he whom deserved it most.


All of this he caused.

And she loved him for it.


She loved him for the words he spoke,

For the emotions he gave,

But mostly she loved him because he loved her

With all the purity and devotion that she had desired.


Before she knew his love

Her life was a twisted knot.

He had untangled her 

He had set her free.

He was her life.

He was her soul.



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