Life's got me drinking,smoking,dreaming, and hoping

wondering if the world has a spot open

Do I even fit in this world

Or should I end it and leave this world

If I don't reach my goals

Then my life will unfold

And I will be just another creature growing old

Ive been told that life on earth is hell

And the thought of that makes me want to write my farewell 

Trying to believe and waiting to recieve some kind of peaceful message from above

To that higher place is where I want to run 

I won't stop until I've shown every negative person what I can do 

My life, there is a meaning to it

vocies stay in my head telling me to just do it, 

that there is nothing to it

The thought of the future brings fear

I know it's near 

Music in my ears, with the melody bringing me to tears

Not just tears of sadness and madness, but happyness 

telling me it's okay to be afraid

and that it's okay to want something and to dream

Creativity is the way it seems

There is nothing that can stir me in the other direction

I will not stop until I've achieved  and perfected this thing called Life


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