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One seems to cry and falls
The beliverance is but all
The sorrow and pain
Burns faster the the acid of rain
Your heart is broken
Your feelings are frozen
Your will is but all gone
Your hope is smashed
Your desire
Is blazing in fire
The powerlessness
Makes you cry
Your tears freeze
Your words are as of breeze
The torment is real
You have met and sealed the deal
Your life is crumbling
As your emotions are fumbling
The past is rough
The pain so tough
You want to die
Because you think life is a lie

As a new light shines
The suns rays of hope
Your tears cleared
Past anewed
The desire saved
Your truth
The light
Of a summerless bright
A new hope comes
In form of your heart
Your heart is repaired
Your mind is cleared
Your wounds are bandaged
Your love is replaced
Life seems to have heard your cry
As for why it won't be denied
Your suffering isn't yours alone
Your pain is no more to be atoned
Your life is sacred
Never to be taken
You must believe
That you will be relieved....


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