Lies Resurfaced


United States
33° 51' 9.5976" N, 80° 21' 17.0244" W

When you think all is right and nothing can go wrong
Life tests you again to see where you are most strong

Ever heard a lie being told, but you already knew the truth?
Said they wouldn’t lie to you, but it didn’t come through

No asking questions because all things will turn for bad
But the lie still lingers so you doubt what all you had

The truth no longer seems real, by far it cannot be
Standing in the way of my trust and true iniquity

The hardest part about it, you put all your faith in them
Only to find out the lies resurfaced were the one within

No telling what’s real, no telling what’s fake
The lies I hear are no mistake

Purposefully hidden for one’s own lie
Take back the trust, it will not survive

Close to your heart, you feel the power untrue
Unfolding in the light where I once trusted you.

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