Level 1

This is just the beginning, were far from the end
take your time to develope your a long way until you asend
leave the truth telling to the spoken
get your facts straight and stop spiting all this fiction
and try to keep your story lined up with your diction
stop stressing your vocal chords and just listen
the young master of spoken word is about to tell you what your missing
your stories are great and i admit they get me teary eyed
but thats not the same as making a grown man cry
or convienceing a hooker to change her life
its not enough until they realize they have a second chance
or that they do have a purpose and there life is worth it
it seems like your doing it just to get your 15 sec of fame in the cool
but spoken word is more than that its about telling the truth
its not about the rhyme scheme or the difficult words
its not about you, its about sending a message to the hurt or confused
its about the truth, its about showing that im no diffrent than you.

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