Letting the Light in

Thu, 06/20/2019 - 22:40 -- carrong

Everything is swirling and spinning 

'round 'n 'round in my head

Their decitful kind eyes and sacchrine smiles 

lure me in but shun me all the same

For in their eyes I am who I am painted to be

Clay, to be modeled and shaped into their molds

In a plastic and leatherhard state

But only after firing are they surprised

The resilient greenware that emerged from the smouldering kiln

Hot to the touch and holds everything that they cannot


The levels and boundaries are forever changing

what they want to see reveals itself

But the true treasure is still stands

Finally taking the comfort and covers off so that the treasure is seen

Opening arms to embrace the unstable yet promising future

We cracked then shattered far beyond what could be pieced together

We stretched then grew into the glue to piece the shards together

But had enough for one piece

No longer merged together in an intricate pice

But simple and calm vessels ready to be filled by the uncertain future

Finally, at long last, we let the light in...


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