Letting Go of Liz


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Searching for real and for truth

My heart is genuine In people it looks for hints and clues to who they really are

When open hearts meet the connection's surreal

Vibes of goodness bounce off of one another

Allowing all generalizations of humanity to be false, for just a moment.

This interaction is what I live for - the thing that brings hope when every single odd is yelling failure, How fascinating.



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem is very genuine because life presents many

there are people whom are true and those who are false

always distinguish btwn the two and live life happily

nice poem-really enjoyed it


thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it :)

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

no problem

check out my other pieces and give me feedback


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


  Only the bravest dare to show the world how deep their heart goes, who they are beyond who they think they are. You learn things doing that. Maybe they're afraid of what they'll learn.

  Fascinating is a beautiful word.


I agree with you.

And thank you, I've  learned to replace failure with fascinating .. it really helps to put things you think are diffifut into perspective.


  You're welcome.

  There is really no such thing as failure. A lot of things don't actually exist, if you think about it. At least, that's what I think.

  Perspective is important. Sometimes you only begin to see after you've stopped looking. Look somewhere else for the answer.


Wow. You are so brave to say this. This is very true, when we look for a friend, or meet someone we think can be one, we keep pursuing them so that we can try to feel that connection, even if there are so many things screaming "red light!" in our face. Letting go of someone who has hurt us is challenging, and it is hard to trust people afterwards, but the important thing is to keep pursuing what we know is true and we know is good and moral. We shouldn't be afraid to love those around us who need it, but to also be cogniscient of human nature at the same time. This is an absolutely true and beautiful poem! I can relate to it very much. Thank you so much for sharing it!


Thank you! It was something I noticed about myself, after actually writing down what I was feeling and thinking helped me grow. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :)

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