While everyone fell asleep

I stayed awake

Writing until my hand ached

Letting it all out

The paper can’t judge 

I wrote until my hand couldn’t hold the pen

And my breathing was hard from the tears

Then I shoved it in my desk

Hoping it wouldn’t come to someone

Having to read the words I wrote


The words stay there in that drawer 

For months to come

More and more paper added each night

Sometimes just a sentence

While others look like essays 

Each one different 

But all tear-stained 

And capturing the pain


I tried to get rid of them many times

Telling myself I was exaggerating 

But I couldn’t part

My soul was written on those scraps

And I had to keep it around just in case 


Just in case 

It all became too much

And I gave in 

Those letters would be there 

To show the world I tried my best to stay afloat


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