A Letter You Don't Need to Read

Looking back to the words I never say,

I realize now that it will never matter either way,

Whether you hear them now or not,

I've finally made it through the rut,


I'm stronger now even if I didn't tell you that you hurt me,

I'm better now even if I never said I missed you,

I'm a person that you would have never of guessed I'd be,

But it doesn't change a thing if you learned that,

Because I'm never going back,

I'm looking forward,

I'm moving on,

I might have had regrets but they don't bother me anymore,

My future is brighter now that I don't feel the way I did before,


So I guess I just wanted to say that,

I just wanted to state a simple fact,

I don't care if you read this and I don't care if you don't,

Cause even if you reply,

I'll be too busy living to listen to your lies,

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Hi! Great poem! My one suggestion would be to maybe make the first stanza into 2-3 stanzas, not just one block. One other thing that really has nothing to do with the quality of your poem - if you want to have a chance at winning the life in a letter scholarship, you might want to change the title of the poem to something more eye-catching, unique, and descriptive, that makes readers want to click on to your poem. Good luck and happy writing!


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