A Letter to the USA

Dear America,

    I am not racist, nor do I embrace it. But what’s up with this racism, which is coursing through this nation. We are becoming more separated, probably from all the hatred. We aren’t being kind to each other, nor are we treating others as if they were our own brother. We must change our ways, otherwise we will revert back to the pre-civil war days. Politicians are focusing on problems like guns and drugs, instead of trying to set straight young thugs. And let me just say organizations like the KKK are not all that okay. Not only that, people saying black lives matter all day long, but don’t all lives matter don’t you understand me son. However, the black lives matter movement still brings up many great points especially the violence that is being enforced in the US’s police force. Sorry that I am so heated, it’s just I cringe at the thought of people getting beaten. We must ban these crimes against humanity in Liberty Hall, because I believe AmeriCAN change for the better of all.


        Your equality seeking son,

            Max Ginsberg


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My country
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