A Letter to Ophelia

Dearest Ophelia

I too spend my days wallowing in sorrow

Drowning in tears

Like you, I've a brother that cares not for me. 

Sweet Ophelia, I too am lost

For I gave my heart blindly

And it drove me to insanity. 

I know what it feels like 

To be shunned by those I love

And shamed by those I thought I loved

I know why you threw yourself to the water's fury

To escape the hold of the demons inside.

Ophelia, I too am gone

I am a hollow shell

Home to madness

I too sing songs to drive it away

I am a wilted rose

In a field of violets

But dearest Ophelia

You never saw the light 

at the end of the tunnel

Never found yourself

Within the confines of darkness

I know how it feels,

Darling Ophelia,

But I have fought

Tooth and nail

To keep the darkness at bay

And I can finally see the light.

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