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Dearest Ophelia I too spend my days wallowing in sorrow Drowning in tears Like you, I've a brother that cares not for me.  Sweet Ophelia, I too am lost For I gave my heart blindly
There were 3 jars on the mantel  that gleamed down at me like heavenly orbs Ashes, Water, and Honey. Ashes - it was blue, with red dots round the rim -  and a tiny small photo of Henry pinned on front.
Why do you push me away When all I want to do is help? Please let me help take care of you, Since you cannot yourself. You used to be so kind to me, Now you won't let me in. I can't win.
I wept with years bleeding. I cried,
Once, they exchanged roses; red and yellow, red and white. Behold the fair Ophelia in the witch-hazel night  
My father was the constant sun of mine Placed in the center of my universe, Dictating daily toils, joys, and time, My seasons, too- though seasons deeper go Than gravity due to the sun, for as
I met the dear Ophelia Upon the western stair Through some columns of transport Into the wild air.
"If I should die before I wake," Fingers slip into the lake Queen Anne halo Floating lace "I pray the Lord my soul to take," Reeds do pull From leagues below Tendrils snaking to and fro "One world was not enough for two," Such eyes now clouding Th
A hard world we live in today It's almost like the ultimate video game But unlike a game there is no resetting No pausing And definitely No extra lives But these harsh realities are often ignored
If innocence were bottled up in human form, she would be the epistle within Her chestnut hair glistens underneath the morning sun Her dark eyes possess a thousand, mystifying riddles
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