Letter to my Teacher


I once went to this party, Ma'am

I thought it would be fun

You told me to be safe, ma'am

So I took your warning, for once


I saw someone staring, Ma'am

He seemed very kind

He offered me a drink, Ma'am

So I drank it in no time


As the night went on, Ma'am

The room began to spin

So he led me up to bed, Ma'am

The last I remember of him


I woke up feeling dazed, Ma'am

My memory was thin

My clothes were on the floor, Ma'am

That's when reality sank in


I called my parents to get me, Ma'am

They took me for a test

All the tests were negative, Ma'am

Except one, worse than the rest


And now I'm back at school, Ma'am

The nightmare, I thought, was done

The cops took him away, Ma'am

But my horror had just begun


He said he didn't do it, Ma'am

He said I told a lie

But I am a voiceless nobody, Ma'am

So no one heard my cry


Soon the teasing began, Ma'am

The giggles, smirks, and teases

Now I am a target, Ma'am

For no particular reason


One day in the bathroom, Ma'am

Crying in the stall

I came out to find a girl, Ma'am

She threw me into the wall


Now I feel so lost, Ma'am

Confused, dazed, afraid

I wish I could go back, Ma'am

And change what happened that day


They tell me to be strong, Ma'am

They tell me to hold on

Others say I'm not worth it, Ma'am

Those tell me I don't belong


I made a small mistake, Ma'am

Was it really all my fault?

Why'd this happen to me, Ma'am?

I did nothing to him at all


I can not live like this, Ma'am

No longer can I fight

For now I'm too weak to prevail, Ma'am

I can not live this life


I feel it coming closer, Ma'am

The end is coming near

I will end it soon, Ma'am

Maybe then they'll see my tears


I have one last thing to say, Ma'am

One last, little plea

Eventhough they didn't care, Ma'am

Please, don't forget me.



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