Letter To My Sister

Don't fall for the rich

Please do not be deceive by the ice on their wrist

It’s not genuine

They prevaricate while you concentrate

Kids are not worried about how their going to graduate

Climate change made babies duplicate

Baby daddy likes to demonstrate

to other girl how he like to copulate

Now you wonder why you stayed

He has money in the bank

All your family out of state

So what made you stay?

You couldn’t pick up the phone to call mom? Anyways

Cheating was just a way for him to tell you GO WAY

But you stayed

So one day baby K

Got sick so you went to get her an examination

Only to come home to find he was screwing Lady Asian

Mind multiplication

Told you that you were nothing without compensation

You were nothing to him but an over population

But noncooperation

Turned in to hospitalization

With a note saying “you’re but an infestation”



This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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