A Letter to My Hearing Loss

Dear Hearing, 


It’s been almost ten years since I’ve heard from you. 

The discovery of your abrupt disappearance etched into my memory. 

I know now, that it was only a matter of time before you left. 

But I was a girl just trying to fit in. 

And when you left, 

That was all anyone could see. 


Anger came and comforted me. 

Anger made me bitter to the world that was so oblivious, guiltless. 

Yet I blamed your loss on everything but us. 

I know now we simply weren’t meant to last. 

It was a hard thing to learn. 


Losing you was a dark time, a silent time. 

It was ceaseless because I cannot remember the sound of my mother’s hushed lullabies. 

I cannot recall the sound of the wind

Rustling through the trees. 


I cried so many tears for you. 

I cried too many tears for you. 


It’s been almost ten years since you have left 

and I am no longer bitter. 

I want to thank you. 

Since you have left I have learned a whole new language, 

a wonderful culture, 

a different way of listening. 

I have learned to live without you. 

Do not doubt that I miss you wholeheartedly. 

But I don’t need you 

Nor do I want to. 

I’m free. 




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