A Letter to my Denis


United States
38° 54' 18.9936" N, 76° 58' 53.7168" W

When I look at you all I see...
Is the story of your eyes,
The reflection of your soul,
The smile on your face,
The lips of yours.
That speak words full of possibilities,
Because every time you speak you make me wonder more.
If I was right, yet wrong when I thought who you “are”.
It makes you wonder what I think...
You’re the type of guy any chick could want,
You’re the perfect combination of flavors,
A taste that could set my mind running,
The sweetest candy that I’d love to taste,
To wonder what could be.
And if you could send me to outer space,
Could you make me travel a star night sky?,
I want to know what could happen,
Yet you make things hard to see.
Could I be part of your “today” and be gone tomorrow,
Or could you be part of my “today” and be gone tomorrow.
Could we be a lesson more?,
Because you’re too good to be true.
So every time you’re near me,
I wonder,
Wonder what could be,
Between you and me,
What if you were to make me smile,
What if you were to make me shake,
Smile from ear to ear,
If it’d be easy for me to take...
To take a trip to a land I haven’t seen in years.
You’d think I’m confessing my feelings for you,
In a simple poetry like this, but in honesty its more of my fears.
Yes, I’m afraid to know what I could feel.
I’m speaking to you in words, I couldn’t say.
Because I love the story of yours,
The way you are,
The way you think,
How noble you can be,
Regardless of what you cross,
I love the way you stay calm,
Even during a cloudy, rainy day.
You’d think, I’m spilling my heart out to you,
Yet I’m not.
But if you ask me what I think,
Then its all of this put together with my emotions.
Yes, they lie to me at times,
Because I can’t control what I feel.
But today I’m sure I’m not wrong,
Trust me when I say,
That you are one of the first,
I care about you in a way I can’t seem to understand,
No I’m not telling you I love you,
But I know I care about you, more than I could explain.
That since we’ve met,
I wanted to confirm my theories,
My theories about you,
No, you couldn’t be my science rat,
Because you’re much much more than any lousy rat.
You’re worth more than anyone could afford.
When I stepped into your world,
I couldn’t help but find myself surprised,
Surprised to a world I wasn’t expecting to see.
When I met your dear Emily,
Your dear Christian,
I felt myself think,
How cute it is to have two little ones look up at you.
In their eyes I see the stare I once held,
To the only guy I ever looked up to,
My uncle, the idol in my eyes.
Their eyes full of love,
Full of admiration,
It only showed me more of how amazing you could be,
When you opened yourself to me,
You only made me want to know more,
To get as deep as I could be,
Because I wanted to see how much you held inside.
With the days we’ve spent together,
I understand there is still much more to you,
More to you then I expected.
With this I close my poem to you,
My dear sir, although It’d be more of a letter.


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