Letter to Grandpa

Mon, 01/29/2018 - 16:04 -- jmp299

A Letter to Grandpa



How do I say goodbye?


I remember the days spent at your ranch,

They fill me with joy-

and with guilt.


Joy for the times spent up and down the lane,

The joy around the table,

Your gruffness, and kindness, the cats that’d sleep on your lap.

The wild cats you fed on the porch.


You were so patient,

In your gruff, grandpa way.


I never sat down to listen.

I hold guilt for the stories never heard,

The time I didn’t spend.

The things I didn’t learn.


If only I knew then I wouldn’t have you now.


Would I have sat at your knee a little more often?

Asked for stories, and written them down?

Would I have asked about your parents?

and what it was like when you were growing up?


I know I’d ask them now.

Grandma gave your coat to Dad.

It still smells like you.

He sang at your service,

Everyone loved to hear him.


I hope you heard him, too.


I’m working hard, I’ll get my degree.

I’ll share music with my children,

the way you once did with Dad.


I hope you’re still with us,

Though I know it isn’t the same.

I miss you, Grandpa,

I hope you will forgive me.


I love you Grandpa.


With love,

Your Ornery Bug.

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