A Letter to the Current Generation

Dear Current Generation,

There is one lesson if you were to apply
To your everyday life, you could not deny
The results thereof would set you apart,
Mark you for success, provide a head start
That few in our society ever obtain,
Though with it comes undeniable gain.

“What could this secret be?” you inquire.
“What must I do if I aspire
To attain this leg up, pull ahead as you say,
Give myself the advantage in such a way?”
The secret is simple, the message profound -
Think things through for yourself. Shall I expound?

It’s common practice to float along,
Led on by those whose opinions are strong -  
To follow the crowd whatever the cost,
Scarcely looking up until all is lost
And you find yourself wondering how you ever strayed
So far from your goals with the choices you made.

Common sense simply is common no longer.
It seems common nonsense has now grown stronger.
Choosing what’s popular over what’s right
Describes our condition – a truly sad plight
Which is at the root of many problems we face.
Originality it threatens to erase.

Turn the situation around by making up your own mind.
Think things through, and afterwards, take time to decide
What makes the most sense, whether popular or not.
Act accordingly, and you’ll end up in a better spot.
A positive influence is what you will be -
An inspiration to others. Just try it and see!

This is my advice to all who will listen.
Test it out and as a diamond you’ll glisten,
Attracting others to the simplicity found
In exercising wisdom, the benefits of which abound.
Commit to doing so. Don’t delay.
Be the change. Begin today.

Somebody just like you
Who strives to live out this principle in all they do

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