Letter to Cold

Wed, 03/26/2014 - 12:18 -- Channy
How often do you come around anymore without me requesting you?
How long will you stay before leaving abruptly once again,
because you can’t stand the warmth of a familiar touch.
Are you here to comfort or harm me?
Your flip flop emotions on visits when you’re at your best
And when I’ve emptied my closet just so you don’t get near me
Your breath makes my hairs stand on end 
And your touch cuts me better than any knife could.
Burning me as if I’m near your sister, fire.
Or is this your unexpected visit?
When I’m welcoming you with open arms after the sun danced down my back
And you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone to engage me in your company
When your invisible breath from the over takes what heat’s left of me
And when your touch sends goosebumps down my skin that I’d like to hold on to for just a little longer.
I wonder if I should be resentful
or Joyous every time I feel your presence?
because I don’t know if you’re here to comfort or harm me. 


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