A letter and the five senses

Using the five senses
Is that all I do
The wind can rush on by but do you feel it too
Animals cry for their mothers
Yet I don’t see anything wrong with that
Storms always have two stories 
Yet they are only half matches 
Lighting a flame to see the light
But the darkness is stronger when you don’t use your eyes
Elementary children are sometimes the best listeners
Nothing has clouded them unlike the ones who look over them

River slowly erodes rock
And children
A childhood seems to be the one thing that breaks the lock
Knowing now what was known then
The voice that has been hiding isn’t going to be kept in
Even though the sun is shinning
The light is the only thing that is cared about
When tress, grass, vitamin d, the heat is there too

Yelling, screaming, fighting
Slowly fall to piece in time
Time is only a measurement 
Derived to give us some sense of mind

Hello my name is
Do you think it is alright to hit home runs thirty three percent of the time

A masquerade ball is best fitting
How do you do
Saying one thing but condoning the other
Is that how easy it is to do
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
You are always in the limelight 
But the only life that is given is after life have been taken

So become a martyr of the cause
Flowers bloom and wilt but don’t get very far

Pavement against skin
No remedy to this cause that has been brought in 
Though my mum told me
Speak the truth even if your voice shakes
Just where is my cricket tonight
Where have you been all of my life
Or does the voice of the others tell the truth
And I just deny
Maybe this is my last


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