Let's Pretend

Let’s play a game


Let’s pretend that we’re lying on the grass

Staring up at the bright blue sky

And making wishes on dandelion clocks

That float away in a summer breeze

We’re telling stories with the clouds

And finding dragons chasing fairies

Chasing unicorns chasing princesses

Locked in towers guarded by more dragons

That fight a knight in shining armor


Let’s pretend that we fall silent

As the clouds roll overhead

And the silence isn’t strained

But pleasant



And we don’t need to say anything

But we silently wish at the same moment

That we could run away together

And play “Let’s Pretend” all the time


Let’s play another game


Let’s pretend we’re floating in the clouds

And playing with the creatures we’d seen

Let’s pretend we’re weightless

And have glorious wings

That carry us from cloud to cloud

And let us dive down to earth for a moment

But can bring us back to the skies

Just by wishing we could


Let’s pretend we’re unstoppable

Let’s pretend we have no cares

No worries

No fears

No responsibilities

And all we have is “Let’s Pretend”

To worry about

And when one game ends

Another one quickly begins


But that game gets boring


Let’s pretend that we’re tired of wings

And we’re tired of adventures

And we just want to go home

We just want to go back to the hillside

With the dandelion clocks

And the overgrown grass

That we picked at and threw in each other’s faces


Let’s pretend we want to go back to the life we knew

Let’s pretend we come back to earth

But we keep our wings

So that at a moment’s notice,

We can play “Let’s Pretend”

And be back in time for dinner.



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