Let's make America great again

Fri, 05/05/2017 - 03:41 -- sndl

 need to be made in the great US of A a great democracy was ruined by greed and rich in a powerful way a democracy corrupted by the money sucking machine, taxes the middle class so hard in hopes of wiping the nation debt clean, we need to stop being ignorant and look at the facts after all it's a democracy and it's our job to act, let's build jobs and make smarter decisions as a nation, let's stop all the hate on other let's stop that rotation let's make peace with our neighbors and let's support higher education, let's make America great again without kicking out a family of refugees when they moved here so their kids could have a better place for things to happen, let's stop taking every insult to heart let's grow thicker skin and influence a positive change to start, America deserves a second chance let's come through so nothing in our way stands a chance, we are strong but only as a united nation hopefully these words will give you inspiration.

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My country
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