Let's Call It Love


Let's Call It Love

Swearing? That’s not allowed.

Your bra strap is showing, what are you a prostitute now?

This is a church, not the street,

Did you think you could come in like that, and not take any heat?

You disagree with us and our rules,

That’s fine, but get out of our way

You’re not welcome here, so please don’t stay.

The Baptists don’t want me, so maybe the atheist will,

They could use the help, there’s always some religion to kill,

That Jew is your friend? They teased,

Darwin wouldn’t be pleased

You better go, see the Muslims if you really want a show,

They might be able to tell you what you really want to know,

So to the mosque I went,

And there they all were with their heads bent,

They prayed to the Allah they read about in the Quran,

But one of them made eye contact, and I’ve heard they were terrorists

So I ran away, and pretended not to care, not even just one bit,

I sat on the sidewalk, my head in my hands,

Why do all these religions have so many rules and demands?

Everyone hates the other and I just don’t understand,

They all want to worship, and they all think they’re right,

But don’t they tire of this relentless fight,

Why can’t they just leave each other a lone?

They all speak of love, but by how they act you would’ve never known,

This is America, can’t they worship as they please?

Enough of this hypocrisy, enough of the judging, I’ve got an idea,

Let’s start a new religion, where all are welcome,

Let it not matter where you come from,

Let’s start a new religion, let’s call it love.








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