Let me write.

Let me write till my fingers are numb, 
Because endurance in pain always produces beauty. 
Let me bleed into the pages of my existence,
You see my lips have bled through the dark of the day.
I turn the page everyday but the plottwist doesn't change. And I'm stuck. 
Let me write till my lover holds me tighter, 
I want to feel his embrace.
Just to feel accepted in his method of suffocation. "Just squeeze me tighter and never let me go so I know, so I know that you love me."
Let me write till the violent ocean waves become a soft melody in my head.
I love the way fragrant words hug my soul and how they both fall in love instantly as they come together to create music in one accord. 
Let me write, just let me write.. poetry. 
Because this is exactly what poetry is;
It's the raw beauty birthed out of pain, it's the bloodshed of every war in one's mind and soul, it's the escape route that never fails, it's the yearning of love in the eyes of the broken and it's the way words collide painfully to and fro in our souls to make music and when it leaks onto paper, we call it poetry. 
So let me write because if I don't, I may just die. 
This poem is about: 
Our world



This.... This is absolutely amazing 


Wow, thank you.. I'm humbled ☺️

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