Let me tell you about dying


United States
35° 39' 47.2068" N, 78° 40' 46.5024" W

Regret holds no meaning to what I felt
Something greater was born
What I'd done made me melt
As everything inside me was torn

When the sudden realization came to me
That nothing really had to be this way
It was far to late to heed
It was time for me to pay

Tears welled in my eyes
Surely I did not want to die
It neared the time for goodbyes
What I did I could not deny

Pleads from a ghost voice
To somehow change my choice
Shame hung over my head
I couldn't change it, I simply went to bed

In that sleep my life found meaning
In the warm light, safe and healing
No worry or fear
Nothing to cause any tears

There I knew that everything was alright
Dying was just another part of life
I've never felt so close and right
All the worlds problem and strife

Nothing would hurt ever again
Not in this light, despite my sin
The meaning of You changed for me
Surely the book had something lost recently

All I felt was love, there was no anger
No hate for me and who I'd become
Nothing close to a manger
But still the beat of a heavenly drum

That day I did not die
Though life had not much more time
Something was breathed into me
Someone believing in my mellow chime


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