Let Me Go...

I hate the way I fell for you... slowly, then all at once, like you pulled me down into a deep trap and told me I could never leave unless you let me. Let me go... I can't be here anymore. Because you've moved on and you try to make it okay but you truly have not let me leave this trap you pulled me into at 14 and I am stuck at 16 and you are content and I am broken... and this is not enough anymore, so either gouge out my heart physically this time or let me lift away from your dark abyss because I'm tired and you're exhausted from trying to keep me alive so please understand that it's truly not me it's you and that I love you but I cannot be trapped anymore... and take this flower you gave me in the beginning and lay it across someone else's chest because it's wilting and my only aspiration in life is to see things grow and it will wither away if it stays with me... so, let me go and this time don't let it happen slowly, then all at once...

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