Let love be


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Don't judge me for what I've done
What I did
or my past mistakes
Don't believe what you've heard
from them who heard it from he
or she whom they told
but believe in what we have
Don't let past mistakes affect us
the love we have
the moments we shared
let it be
let it go
don't ruin what made us happy
from the day we met til' today
those feelings still remain
So lets take today to reminisce
on the good days
that will forever remain the same



Your poem is very rich. There are few poets who are able to tell stories without using much imagery and you have successfully done so! This poem speaks of love and its politics-- the politics of love. I specifically favor the theme of your poem (or what I believe it is), and that is to accept people for whom they are TODAY because our yesterdays do not always paint a clear picture of present character.

Great poem! Thank you for sharing! :)


thank you for the support

Rose Luree

your poem is so beautiful and true.


Beautilfully written.


Thanks. More to come.

Stephanie D.

Excellent poem.


Great message. Why should we go listening to people about something that happened in the past stirring up drama in one another's lives. We should think of all the good moments we had with that someone special and celebrate each other for all God knows...we could be gone tomorrow. I like this poem and its great message my friend. Keep writing on my friend!


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I enjoy your poem.  I like the fact that it's very conversational.  It was as if I was  on the receiving end and I've shared this experience with you!  Thank you for that.

Shaya Young

Loved it! Awesome!!!!


a lively poem i have never read. Full of wit and sound of poetry.

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