Let Freedom Ring

Sun, 03/18/2018 - 19:59 -- RenaZen

Pen and a paper forces words to come strong. 

You wanted elevation now I'm forced to screen law. 

Comin’ in like a sheep in disguise.

To aid in the ignorance of my demise. 

To those I idolize. 

To those I heard cries. 

Stand by. 

For the screens develop images of fear to distain. 

For soon the world will come to know our name. 

Developing fear in me. 

To keep me blind to my diplomacy 

"Let freedom ring!"

For fear is not free. 

But hindrance for those that look like me.

And you ... And you .... And you 

Come one, come all. 

700 years is enough y'all 

I know there is more to life than this, there is more to life than this.

To feel the imagery in the heads of activists. 

Seeing what we could accomplish. 

Would be oh like walking in array or assorted flowers.......bliss. 

Oh hear me now. 

Because my lips crash with thunderous words, intelligence, and purity.

Unlike the media let's choose courage over fear, mind over matter

To MAKE freedom ring. 

Like Martin Luther we stand as Kings.

Dum suppressed, with Kindoms for less. 

We need more reality. 

Because we have the power.

Let the words of encouragement ring for hours.

Black women we need you. 

Black community we need you. 

Let's spread life for all those who beseech you. 

Let freedom ring! Let freedom ring! 

To roam free at last.

Thank God almighty we are free from past! 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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