Let Death Go

I continue to look at you

While I'm practically 

Begging you not to do it again
I can't keep seeing this 
You continue to try to plunge the knife 
Deep at the core of your heart 
Scared I'm trying to talk you out of it
But you cry out , it's the only way
The only way you'll be happy 
But I repeatedly shake my head 
I say , you have me 
I'm here 
You're a beautiful being 
And I need you here with me
Your life is worthwhile 
Your grip begins to loosen
I continue telling you
The things that make you beautiful 
That makes you unique 
Because suicide isn't the answer 
It'll never solve your problems 
So stop running 
And let me help you embrace your problems . 
Because I'll never leave your side . 
This poem is about: 
My family


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