Let Darkness Dance


United States
41° 16' 17.6232" N, 86° 37' 14.8584" W

The hands of time slowed down and opened onto a scene.

There stands a man with his shadow casted over a small form.

Intimidation is the scent that sweeps across the room but the dancing flames of the candle light is what consumes their gaze.

He spoke, asked her what she wanted and for the first time that night she ripped her gaze away from the candle, looked up at his silhouette spoke truth:

You. I only want you and everything that you are or ever will be.

He looked at her- taking in her small hunched form, lowered head and chuckled, amused by her.

He walked over and crouched in front of the young girl, taking her chin between his thumb and index rasing her head.

He looked into her eyes, hearing her breathe catch and said:

"You silly girl, you don't understand what you're asking for"

He walked back towards the candle extending his shadow once more over the girl and extinguished it as it burned on its last wicker- casting both of them in darkness.



This is more of a story that was forming in ymy mind one day and I just took a portion of it and twisted it into the poem you before you.

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