Let Actions not the Mind


Digging deep down inside,

There's no place to ride,

I feel a since of emptiness,

that sometimes I can not hide,

Who cares about my up bringing,

I surley am not suprised,

Through ups and downs and loniness,

I still can not define,

the troubles that Ive been through,

I really wish you new,

threw therapy and mentoring,

I still feel likes its new,

will I ever come to an understanding,

that I am just as beautiful as you,

who know with the cards that has been dealt to you,

As you I mean me,

I feel like Im still stuck in a tree,

because lonliness and emptiness,

isnt to far from me,

One day I wanna be the best and let the whole world know,

its not about being rich,

its about the girl I know 

she is me for a fee she might be good and able,

as matter a fact,

 She is and shes quite fine and stable.

the morale of the story is keep your head up,

don't let your thought and insecurities keep you at duck,

there will be times in your life when your fed up,

but keep hope alive,

believe in your believer,

I believe with that I'll be an over acheiver,

god bless

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Very honest. It definitely kept me reading. I loved the ending.

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