Thu, 02/19/2015 - 03:38 -- Kibe

Late i see you cry

Lest i feel it haunt me

Soon you'll be far from me

And the only time i see you

Is a few moments a days

lest the guilt attacks me-

I didnt sy goodbye:

Lest i doze, tears burning me

And a faint fire is lit in me.

Lest i cant remember my words

My thoughts are swallowed in you.

lest i pray

And i dont forget you:

I ask the Lord for one thing

And thats you!

But its foolish, i know

Because i know i cant get you back 

I had my moment and i lost it:

Lest i bang the wall

And i hurt myself:

And i want to do it more and more

At least it takes the pain away.

Lest i fall alseep

And all i breathe is the scent of your hair

And i cruise on all our memories

I recall your sweet laughter.

You made my life different-


And i dream of you tonight,

Lest i talk at night

And i think i say I LOVE YOU

And i know its true.

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