Lessons From a Teenage Hypocrit (Slam on Expectations)

Sun, 09/29/2013 - 16:18 -- ZB90


Remember not to party,

And never come home too late;

I know this seems kinda corny,

But i don't mean to hate


Remember to always study,

But not the night before a test;

Try to not stay up too late,

And you'll surely do your best


Remember there will always be bullies,

And what they say just doesnt matter;

So don't stoop to their levels,

What they say is only chatter


Remember to never lie,

And cheating is not honest;

Drugs are never cool,

Enspecially when you're the gonest.


I don't mean to shout or preach,

I just mean to teach;

So just suck up some of this logic,

As if you were a leech


I've never been perfect,

I doubt I ever will;

But if you want someone honest,

I bet I'd fit the bill


I admit when i am wrong,

Or when it's all my fault;

I broke some of the rules,

That I wish I had been taught


I wrote this for the future,

Please learn from my mistakes;

I just want to see how it feels,

To give instead of take


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