~Legendary Blue Moon~

When we talk I never have much to say

When my voice is silent and soft you say

I'm your father, there's no need to be shy

But, you left me and I'm sad so I deserve to know why

That even while I hate you I don't wish ill on your life

There's no need to be worried

Useless to say that you're sorry

You weren't woried when you left

Wasn't sorry full of regret

Stop trying to fake remorse

You should be fired, you're bad at acting

Cuz I can tell that it's forced

Just be honest with yourself and me

When you left and wasn't penalized you were relieved

You dodged a bullet without so much as a bad memory

But I will always remember no matter how ancient the history

I just wanna remind you that you put me through so much misery

Playing with my emotions

Saying all the right words without the corresponding motions

You call me one day then don't answer the next

You sit there watching the phone ring every incoming text

You send me straight to voicemail like you're avoiding your ex

But, I'm your daughter and no matter how far you go

No matter what happens I just want you to know

That when I think of how you abandoned

Your one and only child

I get sick to my stomach and in my mouth I taste bile

But no matter how much i want to hate you

Really I just want to thank you

For revealing to me

The kind of man I don't want my son or husband to be

I used to cry; I used to grieve

But now I know nobody forced you to leave

Your appearance is something rare

But unlike a jewel

Your not hard to come by

Just near impossible to find

Like a legendary blue moon




This poem is about: 
My family


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