Legacy of my Life Continued


remember when you said you would rather have your girlfriend than me?

well I hope that you are feeling stupid now as stupid as stupid could be

cause i'm on top now and noone is on top of me

Do you wish you could be

standing right here next to me?

Well you can't unless you can go back in time

and feed me those lies

for me to be able to believe you when I look in your eyes

and you tell me that I am your son and you will always love me

well now i know the truth

and the truth is always ugly

oh well what can I do

but live my life as best as I can without you

It's bad enough that I never met my dad

but losing you

made me not be able to feel sad anymore

Deep down inside my core

I always felt a little humiliated

and that part of me always felt more than a little mutiliated

but I sat down and I contemplated

I came up with the conclusion

That it is better if I left my heart gated

And sitting behind those bars my heart just waited and waited

And I felt it

I felt my ability to love disappear as it slowly faded

but I tell my self everyday that i'm lucky I made it

but you just sit back and listen to what you have created

cause I won't stop

I won't stop until my hunger for revenge is


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